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Hi There, my name is Alex West and if you're looking for a BC fishing guide you've come to the right place. I'll be your guide on this adventure! With 15 years fishing Vancouver Island ... moreRivers I've learned to love and respect salmon, steelhead and trout, and to of course catch them. 

From an early age I've been learning the best techniques to landing trophy fish and I enjoy sharing this with others. I fish year round but when winter hits the island I'm in full time fishing mode. I've fished all over the world (including Costa Rica- see picture!) but I'm so lucky to call Vancouver Island home and I'm glad to always say I'm a BC fishing guide. No matter where I go fishing enthusiasts the world over know BC is the place to be if you love fishing.
East Outlet Guide & Fly Shop at Wilsons On Moosehead Lake offers a variety of guided trips with something for everyone to love! Master Maine Guide, Scott Snell, has been an area ... moreguide since 1989. Growing up at Wilsons since 1983, has provided him the opportunity to live and play in the area, gathering knowledge and experiences most envy!

The North Maine Woods is known for its difficult terrain and trophy animals. Scott knows these woods like the back of his hand. He offers guided hunting trips for deer, grouse, woodcock, and if you're lucky to win the lottery draw, Moose!
Registered Maine Fishing and Recreation Guide Justin Ottmann is back with us this year and is ready to fish! Having fished the East Outlet with since the young age of 8 he knows the ... moreriver like the back of his hand!
Our newest member of the guide fleet, is Colby Snell. Living here, fishing, hunting, and following his father around all of his life made it an easy decision for him to become a fourth ... moregeneration guide. We are excited to continue to grow the guide side of the business and add new adventures to our offerin
My father taught me a valuable lesson when I was just starting out my hunting career, he told me that the day I stop enjoying the hunt, the chase, the challenges and the frustrations ... moreof hunting, is the day I must stop guiding all together. His reasoning was such, “what you are helping people achieve is an opportunity to live out the dream of a lifetime and that is why no matter what, you must love every single aspect of what you do, so that you can focus on making sure you give your everything to provide the best hunting experience possible for your clients. Eighteen years later I have never ever looked back with an ounce of regret. Hunting is my passion, it is a part of who I am, where I belong and what makes me whole.

Being born into a hunting family I understand the importance of passing on the generations of experience I have down to the future generations to come. That is one of the reasons we run a successful family safari company, so don’t be surprised if you see my children, beautiful wife, not so handsome brother or my parents at some stage during your trip as we welcome you into our home, our camps and our lives.

I tell all of my clients on the first day of their hunt that 99% of the things they see and experience will be things that relatively few people have ever experienced in their lives and that you should always make the most of it whether it’s a Mamba or an exceptional trophy as there is a good chance that it may only happen once.
Owner and guide Brian O'Connor has been fishing Montana's rivers for over 20 years. He has extensive experience fishing the Missouri, Yellowstone, Stillwater, and Big Hole rivers. ... moreHis experience includes all skill levels from first time fishermen, to experts and provides guided instruction that helps all skill levels improve their game while having a great time.

“I have been fortunate enough in my twenty years of guiding to study and learn many rivers of Montana so that when one river is not fishing well, it's never a problem to move to another. In today's fishing world, you must be diverse enough to provide not only an expert guiding service but also professional casting instruction. This results in our clients, enjoys the best possible fly-fishing adventure regardless of experience.”

Brian O'Connor
Brian Rosenberg is a licensed Montana outfitter and guide who loves guiding people who love being outside, fly fishing, and the outdoors. He likes to give them the tools to achieve ... moretheir angling goals and gain confidence in their skills all while having loads of fun in the process.

He has 15 years of experience as a guide on the Madison River and almost 25 years of fly fishing experience. Thats roughly 1500 days on the Madison River. Dedication to his craft has established him as a top quality guide in southwestern Montana. He has been called “one of the most knowledgeable resources for any fly fishing topic” by a colleague, “one of the most entertaining, knowledgeable and professional guides around” and “a true professional” by clients.
Matt grew up in Pittsburgh and after graduating from St. Michaels College in Vermont, moved to Dillon Montana. After a year on the Beaverhead River he found what he now calls home, ... moreEnnis Montana. He has been guiding the Madison River since 2004 as well as the areas surrounding rivers. This past year he also became a licesnsed outfitter on the Big Hole River.
Founder of FishWater Outfitters, Captain Braden Powell has built his life around the sport of fly-fishing. From his early beginnings on the New River in his hometown of Blacksburg, ... moreVirginia, Braden found his passion early in life. Drawn by the splendor of Montana’s legendary outdoor lifestyle and bountiful rivers of world-class fly-fishing destinations, Braden ventured west from the Blue Ridge Mountains to pursue his B.A. in Natured-based Tourism and Recreation Management from the University of Montana in Missoula.

Captain Braden Powell has traveled the world to guide fly-fishing ventures, including destinations from Montana, Idaho, Alaska, the Florida Keys and Patagonia Chile. His specialized seasonal business puts him in all the best locations to guide every kind of fishing enthusiast.

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