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Joe first picked up a rod on the banks of the ever so mighty Tin Cup Creek outside of Darby Montana. At the age of 12 he was literally hooked, in the back of the head, the ear, and ... morethe face. It’s amazing how a few dozen 6 inch Trout can alter the course of a boys life.

Joe is passionate about catching fish. He has journeyed far and near in his pursuit. He considers fishing to be the delivery device of life’s greatest gifts his friends, family, and memories.

Since his days on Tin Cup Creek Joe has fished as far South as New Zealand and as far North as Alaska. His love of adventure and extensive travel experience make Joe a great resource for our destination packages, our lodge, and any of our clients searching for new journeys.

Joe is a Seattle native where he currently resides with his wife and two young children. He has a house full of girls and cannot wait until they are ready to become part of the family business.

Favorite Trout Rod – 509 LL Series
Two Hander - Old Brown 7136
Favorite Washington Waters - Yakima, Klickitat, Methow, O.P. , Lake McMurray
Favorite Waters outside of Washington – Belize, Chile, Florida, Mexico, SE Idaho
Favorite Fish – Big ones that bite
One Liner - "Who loves you Baby?"
It all started at age nine when his Dad handed him a UPS fresh Cabelas kit rod. From then on, his bike was the Ford and the SF Snoqualmie was the Madison. Resident Coastal Cutthroat ... moretaught him all the basic stream skills anyone just had to know and growing up on the Northwest's native trout couldn't have been any more nostalgic. Every beaver pond and trickle in the Upper Snoqualmie Valley was explored, and a thirst for adventure was ignited. At sixteen he got his ford, and it was game on. He explored the stillwater scene heavily on waters like Lenice, Nunnally, and the famous Seeps and with his old man's boat in tow explored and learned Eastern Washington's reservoirs with Smallmouth in mind. Banks, Potholes, and Lake Roosevelt have been good. Beach fishing sparked an interest and the Puget Sound became and still is one of his favorite fisheries. His favorite trout's anadromous form was the target more often than not, and many wonderful days have been spent on the salt, including a good number on the state's north coast, Neah Bay, targeting migrating Coho and Black Bass on the fly.

CJ is a Coast Gaurd Rated Captain and a licensed Washington guide. We call him The Predator. He is second in command at Black Bear Lodge for big wild rainbows, he is a senior guide, he helps you catch 'Steel' with ease on any of the many rivers we chase chrome, a Yakima expert and he is always positive....

Favorite Two hander-Vt2 8139
Favorite One Hander-RPL 590
Favorite WA Waters- Anything draining into the greater Columbia Basin....Olympic Peninsula
Favorite Water outside WA-Western MT.....YNP
Favorite One Liner- Steelhead are where ya find go find one!
Ricky reminds you of the boy next door. Don't let that appearance fool you as his fishing and casting prowess is top notch. Quite frankly, his two hand rod skills are borderline world ... moreclass. He has an awesome demeanor about his approach to the day and he is as nice as the day is long in June. Well versed in all tactics with both the two hander and the single hand rod, we are happy to have his prowess on our team. Ricky spends most of his time with us on the Olympic peninsula, Yakima and Klickitat.
Kevin Mahaney grew up in Ellensburg and has been fishing the Yakima river and it's tributaries all of his life. After attending Central Washington University for two years, Kevin moved ... moreto Driggs, Idaho to ski and fish bum before he returned to Washington where he completed his degree in business marketing at Western Washington University. While Kevin attended Western he was the marketing intern for Fly FishJournal, one of the industries premier fishing magazines.

During his break from school in Idaho's Teton Mountains, Kevin was able to devote more time to his passion for fly fishing on waters like the Henry's and South fork's of the Snake River. Because of this experience Kevin brings a technical approach to The Evening Hatch that includes an unsurpassed knowledge of hatches and how to catch big trout on dryflies. Along with his ability to catch fish, Kevin brings his pastwork experiences in the customer service and fishing industries together to teach anglers of all skill levels, especially those new to the sport, how to up their game. Kevin is absolutely one of the most personable and likable people you will ever meet, in or out of a fishing boat.
Trey has lived a long and illustrious carreer in fly fishing. He is most well known for authoring 'Steelhead Fly Fishing' and 'Blue Water Fly Fishing'. He has been an advisor for countless ... moreequipment manufacturers including but not limited to, Thomas and Thomas, CF Burkheimer and Sarcionne. Aside from his incredible prowess in actually catching fish and then writing about the insight in doing so, Trey is a masterful teacher.

He was part of the 'cutting edge' of Steelhead and Blue Water flyfishing. He was making shooting heads before 'shooting heads' were cool. He has fished ALL OVER the WORLD with too many places to name.

Aside from all of that, Trey is a 'nice guy'. We are fortunate to have him on our crew in an advisory/host capacity and most of all a good friend.
The head guide and owner of the company is, Jack Mitchell. Jack is married to his best friend, Jennifer who can fish along with the best and has a very successfullyReal Estate brokerage ... more- Dryside Property

Father to three beautiful children; Lauren, Kelsey and Justin.

Jack started fishing at the early age of one. The first 16 summers of his life were spent fishing at Neah Bay, with his parents and grandparents as "Kelpers" - catching and selling salmon caught in the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean.

Prior to the families years at Neah Bay, Jack's grandfather owned a very well known fishing resort on Camano Island called Camp Lagoon, where he hosted thousands of people on fishing excursions.

During his 16 years at Neah Bay, he spent 4 years as a bait boy on the top two Charters Services. When he wasn't in the boat fishing the ocean he was by foot and/or bike fishing for sea run cutthroat in numerous local creeks on the reservation.

After high school Jack went on to college at Washington State University and was on the 7 year plan for his BA in Sport and Recreation Management. While at college he fished, hunted and played a large amount of Rugby, hence the 7 year plan. Soon after graduation he found himself in Ellensburg and realized that his love of fishing had brought him to the right place.

His fishing trails have led him to Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and South America. In Chile, he explored many watersheds that until a few years ago had hardly ever been fished. Jack guided in South America for a total of 7 winters. The Evening Hatch started as a small dream in 1988 and since the company has grown from a small red pick-up, an Achilles raft and doing a seasonal 30 trips a year, to a year round operation facilitating over 900 guided river days a year. Our services range from day trips to all inclusive programs featuring our very own post and beam lodges in two locations and our 'Heart and Soul' waters include the Yakima, Klickitat, Methow, Upper Columbia and Olympic Peninsula. He has guided from Southern Chile to Washington and fortunately fished more watersheds then most. His favorite fishing is a greased line for steelhead with a two hander. He started the credited fly fishing class at CWU in 1994. The class is still ongoing and very popular. He has spoke on the topic of fly fishing at sport shows, clubs and seminars

Jack, The Evening Hatch and his guide staff have been featured in numerous media publications over the years. .

The company goal is and always has been to have fun on the water, provide you with an enjoyable fishing experience, teach you some new technique, and create appreciation for the wonderful resource; We thank you for your continued support.

Licensed Washington State Freshwater Guide- License #32047
US Coast Guard Captain - License #000007007

Clackacraft Pro Staff, Thomas and Thomas Pro Staff, Simms Ambassador

Favorite Two Handers - 12'9" DNA Thomas and Thomas, 12'6" Sage TCX , 13'7" #7 Guideline Lecie
Favorite Trout Rod - #5 NS 11 Thomas and Thomas
Favorite Washington Waters - The Klickitat, The Upper Columbia, The Yakima
Favorite Waters outside of Washington - The Dean River, British Columbia; The Rio Pico, Chile
Favorite Fish - Steelhead
Favorite One Liner - Nooiiccee!
Jeff and Jan are our Lodge Managers. Married now for 14 years, they bring a creative touch to both lodge locations. We refer to Jan as 'Mother Jan' and let me tell you, she will not ... morehold back in letting you know what needs to be done. Love these two; Yes they work for us, but more than that they are friends, salt of the earth and REAL people. We are incredibly fortunate to have them in the family.

Jeff has been around the fly fishing game for a LONG time. With over 28 years in the Industry participating in all dimensions of operation from 17 years in Tierra Del Fuego, 7 years in the Kola Peninsula as a guide to 8 years in Colorado guiding on the famed waters to owning a Fly Shop and to now managing both Black Bear Lodge and The Steelhead Ranch, Jeff is a seasoned veteran. Aside from all of that, he has raised more Klick Steelies on a dry fly than anyone I know!

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