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The Gallatin River has been fishing well with the forecast for a warm-up this weekend. This should provide even better fishing. The ice has been breaking up siring up food from the ... morebottom. This has been providing some good fishing. The open canyon and valley stretches of waters up to Big Sky are fishing very well. The winter stones are hatching so nymphing seems to be the best. Small black stonefly nymphs are working the best. It is best to jump from one deep run to another. Look for currents that are steady enough to bring food to trout yet not too strong.
Fishing Water Report:
Monday, 1 Feb, 2016
Fish Caught:
1-3 fish
Last week the fishing was quite good with the warmer weather. But with the storm that has rolled in, the temperatures have dropped into the mid 20’s making the fishing conditions ... morea bit more challenging. The fishing itself has been very good. Make sure to layer up during the week if you are going to be out there. Towards the end of the week the temperatures should move up in the 40’s with sun on Saturday. Some good Midge hatches may materialize during this time. Watch out for the ice build up during the week. The valley is where we would fishing on the Gallatin River. The water temperatures are more stable. Nymphs are our best choice with Stoneflies and Midges. Look for the Fish to be in deep pools and large seems. On Saturday you may also see some fish rise to Midges.
Fishing Water Report:
Tuesday, 15 Dec, 2015
River ice is building up with the lower temperatures so be careful on the Gallatin River. Find a safe place to wade fishing that is stable. The lower water is pushing the trout into ... moredeeper pools, runs, and foam seam lines. Make sure to hit every inches when you find a good spot as the trout don’t want to move much at this time of year. Midges, streamers, and blue-winged olives are your best bet.
Fishing Water Report:
Tuesday, 1 Dec, 2015
Because of the significant change in weather, the fishing has been slow recently. Ice is developing along the shore so be careful. Looks like possibly snowy weather for the next few ... moreday, so fishing mid-day will be your best chances. Be patient and hit every inch of a foam seam line or deep hole. The fish don’t want to move much in the winter so you have to put it right on them.
Fishing Water Report:
Sunday, 15 Nov, 2015