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Tue, 5 Sep, 2017
Calibatis hatch still going strong and good pods of rising fish every morning. Weather has been pretty consistent. Ennis Lake usually stays glassed off until 2:00 or 3:00pm. There ... moreare usually bugs on the water until the wind comes up. If you still haven't had enough you can go out in the middle and free drift beggars in the wind.

Lots of fish in the lake this year, but they are very hard to catch. You have to go down to 5x and the timing has to be perfect. You have to put it down soft and right on the money. Madison river fishing Co. has some very realistic calibatis patterns which seem to help. But overall it is not a game for children. Great eye candy though.
Sun, 7 May, 2017
Ennis lake is starting to warm up and so have the fish. Fish have been starting about noon then it slows down late afternoon. Not a lot of bugs on top yet, but you can catch them on ... morenymphs. Recent warm weather has started a bit of runoff. Lake is still crystal clear. That doesn't mean some color is going to kill fishing. Sometimes they like a little color.
Wed, 31 Aug, 2016
Calibates hatch still going strong on ennis lake. Good numbers of fish still working on the surface , but are getting smarter. Last week a size 16 pheasant tail couldn't miss. Now ... morenot so much. Actually did better on a size 18 blond parachute Adams. On the surface. Seems like less people lately. Thoughts are turning to shotguns and bows. The hatch usually starts around 9:00 or 9:30. Bugs peak around. 12:00. Then the wind usually comes up by 2:00 and shuts the whole thing down. Upcoming cold weather could Change thing s mayflies don't like cold weather. We will see.
Wed, 13 Jul, 2016
The lake has quieted down with the recent cold front. The mayflys didn't like the cold weather. You can still find some fish out on the flats bobber fishing with nymphs. I think we ... moreneed a couple warm days to crank the food chain back up. Warmer days are in our near future should get food again.
Mon, 16 May, 2016
Everything is starting to color up the ups and down of spring runoff has begun. We fished Ennis lake day befor yesterday and the water color was definitely off. What I like to call ... moresteelhead green. We fished a long day, got the lake around 9;00 in the morning and got off around 6:00 that evening. Hooked about 15 fish all big, the largest was a 21 inch rainbow but all were over 16in, The MVP for the day was a size 8 crystal bugger fished slow and deep. We used a sink tip line and fished mostly in the mouths of the river channels coming in. Weed growth hasn't really started in earnest ,making the fish a little hard to find. We looked for deep banks and anywhere there was water flowing into the lake Anglers don't seem to like the dirty water as there has been little or no other fishermen on the water since water clarity has changed. The weather hasn’t been particularly inviting either Lots of north wind and rain . Burrr! But like they say in Montana “ no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes”
Fri, 18 Mar, 2016
Fishing was a bit on the “crisp” side with temps hovering around 30 degrees but the fish didn’t seem to mind. Once the ice melted off enough to get to the river mouths, ... morethe fish were happy to see us. We fished small black buggers down deep on a super slow swing and saw good action on both browns and rainbows. Outside air was cold and frozen guides were a problem but water temps stayed warm enough to keep the fish active. When faced with the frozen guide problem the best solution is to hold the rod down in the warmer water, which usually clears the guides in a few seconds.

We started late in the day due to the cold conditions and ice on the lake. March fishing most often starts late. Sleep in, big breakfast, then hit the water around 12 or 1 when the water warms up. Good news, we saw the first Blue Winged Olive ( mayfly ) of the year. This means the big show is just around the corner. We found two selective fish on the surface sucking down dries. Dry fly season is just around the corner. Weeee!
Mon, 15 Feb, 2016
The warm winds are a coming, ice is melting back, time to let the mind wander from knee deep powder to knee deep water. A long piece of water has opened up, on the west side of Ennis ... morelake. Some fresh water seeps coming up are keeping the ice at bay, and the food chain is slowly coming to life. Went down yesterday with Shawn and my wife and were pleasantly surprised. We were casting a small grizzly buggar out on the ice twitching it off, letting it fall to the bottom then stripping it in super slow. Water is cold in both the lake and river; fish aren’t in the mood to do anything fast. Patience is the key. Let them take a good long look at I it. Shawn and Anni each had a couple of fish before I “got with the program” Once I got the right combination fly and technique I caught up in a hurry, One beautiful 21 in rainbow.

It's game on out there. Ice is coming off everywhere and the fishermen are emerging from their winter slumber. On the way to Bozeman saw 4 or 5 drift boats on the lower Madison one boat had a fish on. The 2016 fishing season has begun. Heading up river tomorrow to see if the fish are awake, higher up. Tight lines everyone!