Ingersoll Rand Cyclone Dotco Pencil Grinder Dotco Straight Grinder Grinder 18 000 Rpm Grinder 12 000 Rpm 000 Rpm Right Angle Cleco Grinder Dotco Pencil Die Grinder 20 000 Rpm Dotco Right Angle Grinder Die Grinder 20 Front Exhaust Inline Grinder 000 Rpm 1 4 Collet Grinder 6000 Rpm Dotco Straight Die Grinder High Speed Pneumatic Right Angle Grinder Grinder 20 000 Rpm Air Pencil Grinder Die Grinder Aircraft Rpm 1 4 Collet Dynabrade Grinder Dotco Straight Die Grinder Die Grinder Sander Dotco Inline Grinder Model 20000 Rpm Die Grinder 25 000 Rpm Straight Air Die Grinder Pneumatic Vertical 18 000 Rpm Dotco Right Angle Die Grinder 1 4 Collet Air Die Grinder Model Vertical Grinder 18000 Rpm Dotco Inline Grinder Sioux Grinder 000 Rpm 90 Angle Die Grinder 20 000 Pneumatic Air Angle Grinder Mini Die Grinder Straight Grinder Model 25 000 Rpm Extended Die Grinder Right Angle Air Die Grinder Die Grinder 12 000 Rpm Turbine Grinder 000 Rpm Pneumatic Grinder Mdl Pneumatic Straight Grinder 60 000 Rpm Pneumatic Die Grinder Model Angle Die Grinder 1 4 Dotco Pneumatic Air 000 Rpm Front Exhaust Atlas Copco Grinder Air Grinder Sander Angle Air Die Grinder 12000 Rpm 12 000 Rpm Dotco Air Grinder Die Grinder Air Tool Rear Exhaust 60 000 Rpm Inline Die Grinder Die Grinder 18 000 Rpm Grinder Sander Polisher 6000 Rpm Right Angle Sander Pneumatic Angle Grinder Right Angle Die Grinder Pencil Die Grinder Pneumatic Air Die Grinder Straight Die Grinder Pencil Grinder 23 000 Rpm 30 000 Rpm Die Grinder Model 20 000 Rpm Air Die Grinder 20 Dotco 90 Degree 1 4 Air Die Grinder Dotco Angle Sander Model Vertical Sander Dotco 1 Angle Sander Grinder Mini Right Angle Right Angle Air Pneumatic Air Angle Grinder Mod Pneumatic Right Angle Straight Grinder Angle Grinder Model Dotco Pneumatic Pneumatic Air Sander 25000 Rpm 22 000 Rpm Angle Sander Pencil Air Die Grinder 1 8 Pencil 100 000 Rpm 000 Rpm Usa Dotco Angle Straight-Line Die Grinder Die Grinder Router Dotco Air Tools Angle Die Grinder 20 000Rpm Air Angle Grinder Grinder Air Tool 000Rpm Front Exhaust Grinder Inv Dynabrade 000 Rpm Rear Exhaust Pencil Grinder Model 000 Rpm 1 Dotco Air Dotco Die Grinder 90 Degree Angle Die Grinder Pneumatic Straight Sander Grinder Air Turbine Grinder 22 Henry Air Rpm 90 Psi Machinist Fab 18 000Rpm 22000 Rpm Pneumatic Die Grinder Fab Shop Angle Die Grinder Model Florida Pneumatic Straight Air Grinder Kit Die Grinder 1 4 Die Grinder Kit 4500 Rpm Heavy Duty Pneumatic Disc Grinder Exhaust 1 4 Collet Grinder Machinist 90 Psi Precision Grinder 11 000 Rpm 1 8 Air Grinder 000 Rpms 25 000Rpm 90 Degree Angle Industrial Pneumatic 1 4 Pneumatic In-Line Cup Wheel 15000 Rpm 15 000 Rpm Dotco Inline Straight Rt Angle Air Die Grinder Aro Pneumatic 12 000Rpm 60000 Rpm 90 Psig 000Rpm Rear Exhaust 90 Deg Grinder Mold Polisher Uryu Pneumatic Grinder Rpm 1 8 Cooper Tool Ingersol Rand Grinder Matco Tool Mac Tool 000 Rpm 1 4 Angle 1 4 Collet 1 4 Inch 1 4 Mini 1 4 Straight 1 8 Collet 1 Hp 3 Hp 4 Air 4 Angle 5 Hp 500 Rpm 7 Air 8 Air 90 Degree Air Angle Air Power Air Sander Air Tool Aircraft Aviation Aircraft Tool Angle Head Astro Atlas Copco Auto Body Belt Sander Central Pneumatic Chicago Pneumatic Cleco
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Nice Used Cleco Right Angle Grinder In good working condition Heavy Duty Model# 116GLS135 RABW Max RPM 13.500 Max 90 PSI
Up for auction is an Air Grinder I picked this up from a local estate. So I'm unsure the history of this item Item has been tested and works great. Though it shows some wear from over the years. It also could be scribed I'll be listed many other Air Tools over the next week so be sure to check out my other listings.
Dotco Rt. Angle Grinder. 1/4 inch, 12000 rpm, mod# 12l 1280-36, made in USA
cleco pencil grinder. Mod# 220gl-600-c2, 60000 rpm, good condition, made in usa 336.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3E336-144d54ca586-0x106-
dotco rt. angle grinder. Mod# 12l 1380-36, 30000 rpm, 90 psi, made in usa 3c0.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E3c0-144d54c9cc8-0xf3-
I have a used Michigan Pneumatic air grinder mod. 8001. It has a 5/8shaft. And does include the guard. The tool is used and is sold as it, I have put air to it and it spins, but I don't have the volume of air for a proper test. Please check out the pics, and feel free to ask any questions. Thank you.
dotco right angle grinder. Mod 10l 1200-36, 12000 rpm, made in usa works good, no wrenches dhep.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishm%3Ed%7Fhep-145c6d278b8-0x10f-
dotco rt angle grinder. Mod# 12l1200-36, 12000 rpm, 1/4" collet, great condition, made in USA
cleco straight grinder. Mod# 136glr-180-c4, 18000 rpm, 1/4" collet, great condition, not sure if this tool has ever been used,
Air Turbine Tools. Pencil grinder, mod# 201sv, 65000 rpm, great condition
dotco rt. angle grinder. Mod# 12l 1280-36, 12000 rpm, 1/4" collet, great condition, no wrenches
Ingersoll rand rt. angle grinder. Mod# cyclone ca200, 20000 rpm, dynabrade swivel, 1/4 chuck, works great
cleco pencil grinder. Mod# 220g, 60000 rpm, great working tool,
Dotco rt. angle Grinder. Mod# 10L 1201B-38, 20000 rpm, 1/4" collet, works great
Auction: You are bidding on a DOTCO Mini Angle Die Grinder 1/4" Used) Unit Runs well. Good condition. Normal wear(scratches. Nicks) from previous use in industrial environment. Please see photos. 1. Uses 300 series collet=1/4 2. 20000 RPM 3. Forward exhaust high speed 4. Sound Level dB 85 `4`.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E%604%60-14833d6f551-0x113-
Ingersoll Rand rt angle Grinder. Mod# Cyclone CA200, 20000 rpm, 1/4" collet, great condition works great.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*05e54c%3E-148a20847f1-0x110-
Auction is for a DOTCO Mini Angle Die Grinder 1/4" Used) Unit Runs well. Shows signs of wear(scratches, nicks) Etching on tool from previous owner. Please see photos. 1. Uses 300 series collet 1/4" 2. 20000 RPM 3. Forward exhaust high speed 4. Sound Level dB 85
Cleco Grinder. Mod# 136GLR-180-C4, 18000 rpm, 1/4" chuck, very very nice condition. not sure if ever used
aro tool pencil grinder. Mod# 797B, 60000 rpm, long air line for flexability, great condition
Dotco Straight Grinder. 1/4" Collet, Mod# 12L2580-01, 0.9 HP, 23000 rpm, Has Swivel, no wrenches, Hardly Used, Almost New
Dotco Grinder MOD. 12l1093-01 5000 RPM RUNS EXCELLENT
Dotco mini grinder 30.000 RPM MOD. 10L 1000-36. Runs PERFECT!
Dotco MOD. 12L2000-01 Inline Grinder. 25.000 RPM. Runs Great.
This Dotco Grinder is in Excellent condition. RUNS GREAT! 25.000 RPM. MOD. 2001-01.Dotco was really well mechanically maintained. Comes with.250" collett and arbor to hold various cut off wheels.ect.
Dotco Grinder. Excellent condition. RUNS GREAT! 20.000 RPM. MOD. 12S 2001-01.Dotco was really well mechanically maintained.