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Thursday, 12 May, 2016
Spring fishing has brought out the hatches, especially the midges and blue-winged olives. Some anglers are also using terrestrial patterns like ants, crickets and hoppers with a scud or shrimp trailer or a streamer with a trailer. Match the hatch on the surface or try nymphs and streamers deep along flow seams and shorelines. The water is a bit murky from muddy waters flowing through the dam, so streamers are a good choice. Try sculpin, rainbow or brown imitations followed by scuds, zebra midges, soft hackles, San Juan worms, etc. Set the hook with any change in the strike indicator. Spin fishing is almost always good. Marabou or hair jigs (Zig Jigs) in earth-tone colors are always a good option in shallow or deeper water. Try crankbaits like Rapala Husky Jerks or Xraps in deeper water. Brightly colored spoons and spinners will also entice fish.
Fishing Water Report
Melting snowpack from the Wind River Mountains give rise to the Green River, Wyoming’s second longest. After flowing south over 700 miles, the Green enters into the Colorado River ... moreand is considered by many to be this river’s headwater. Supposedly named by 16th century Spanish explorers for its clear color, a mystery since most people say it looks quite the same as the murky Colorado, the river ran basically unimpeded until the early 1960’s when the Fontenelle Dam was completed. One year later another dam was built in Dutch John, Utah, which flooded the scenic, red-rock Flaming Gorge for nearly 90 miles, creating a deep-water fishery famous for its monster lake trout and trophy browns.

Despite man’s effort to tame the Green, over 150 miles of the river still run free. Set between the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Bridger Wilderness area, the remote river basin has retained its rugged, pristine, scenic beauty. Locals joke that there are more elk, bear and deer in residence than people, a fact attractive for those seeking an authentic, fly fishing experience. Fishing is thought to be best during the late summer and fall seasons when there are prolific mayfly and caddis hatches and trout is plentiful, including the native Colorado River cutthroat.

Pinedale, a small resort town on US 191, is the primary hub for the upper Green River, attracting anglers from as far as Jackson. Another small town, Green River located on I-80, services sportsmen along the lower portion of the river. Fly shops are in abundance and guides are widely available at both locations. 
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