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FLOAT TRIPS NEAR PARK CITY UTAH Fishing from a drift boat is a great way to access many remote miles of river efficiently. We offer guided drift boat trips on the Upper Section of ... morethe Green River. These trips are available for a full day only and require some travel. Lodging and limited dining are available in the town of Kemmerer, Wyoming which is a two hour drive from Park City. The boat ramp is an additional 30 minutes from town.
Guiding On the Green River: I love the Green River and have been fishing it monthly for the last seven years. The emerald waters and amazing canyon atmosphere make it a place to remember ... moreeven if the fish are not cooperating. But that seldom is a problem with over 14,000 fish per mile from the dam to little hole. These fish are very healthy and stunningly beautiful. Making the Green River the ultimate destination for any angler to enjoy.

How Guiding works

To be a guide on the Green River you need hold a current river guide license issued by the state of Utah, and to be hired on by an outfitting company who holds a current river permit. There are some great company’s and good guides in the area. I currently guide out of Spinner Fall Guide Service and take all of my trips through this company.

Your Day On a Guided Trip
We meet at 7:30am or 8:30am in Dutch John, Utah. We go over conditions, gear, fly’s and what to expect for the day. You provide your rod, reel, leader, and I will provide fly’s and accessories we will use throughout the day.

We load up in a company vehicle that takes us down to the boat ramp.

We take the boat off the trailer and get or rods rigged up and start our float.

The Green River offers great fishing for a variety of techniques. Depending upon your preference we can fish drys, nymphs, dry dropper, or streamers. I am very open to fish any of these and will help you understand the skill needed for each of them. I will not force you to to fish a certain way, I know this is your trip and will help you achieve your expectations.

When the time is right we will pull the boat ashore and have a river side lunch that is often grilled chicken, brats, burgers, or sandwiches.

After lunch will will finish our float and with sore arms and new memories reach the boat ramp to end our float.

Our vehicle will be shuttled by a shuttle service and be ready for us at the ramp.

I will then load the boat on the trailer and will drive back to the meeting location in Dutch John.

Overall a full day guided trip is between 8-9 hours and everything is simplified for us to really focus on the fishing!
Fishing Waters:
We offer float trips on the world class waters of the Green River. These are full day trips only. The Green River is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Park City, therefore an over night stay ... moreis required in Flaming Gorge, UT.
Fishing Waters:
Whether you are coming to fish or spending a week in Park City plan a couple days for fly-fishing on the Green River. We are avid fly fishermen and have been fishing the rivers around ... morePark City Utah all our lives. We encourage, support and practice catch and release fishing. There are several streams and rivers in northern Utah. Fly-fishing trips range from half day to three day over night river float trips. We have fly fishing equipment for rent if needed. Full day trips include lunch, soft drinks & water. Local overnight trips include two meals the first day and last day, three meals on other days. We can help make room arrangements at Red Canyon Lodge, Flaming Gorge Lodge or supply tents for camping during your fly-fishing experience on the Green River.

We can put together a “cast and blast trip” where we pheasant hunt one day and fly-fish one or two days: stay in the new remodeled 2 bedroom Snow Country condo in downtown Park City. Use your imagination, we can create an experience you’ll always remember.

LOCAL FISHING: There is good flyfishing 15-minutes out of Park City and even more within 2-hours. The Provo and Weber Rivers are very close, with several others east of Park City. We know where to go and what time of year to be there. Please take a day to experience the outdoors surrounding Park City. You can flyfish any season on the scenic Provo River because it doesn’t freeze due to temperature control.
Fishing Waters:
Fishing Waters:
  • Professionally guided float trip down one of the most scenic river sections in the world
  • Gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Water and soda
As you lay in your tent pondering and reviewing each fish you caught earlier that day, you can hear the low relaxing noise of the river as it continues on its’ course. You remind yourself ... morethat you get to do this for one more night and two more days. You look to tomorrow with hopes that the fishing will be as good, not sure how it could be. Then your mind jumps to the four course meal you just ate, you wonder how they got all of that food into camp.

You wake up to the smell of bacon and coffee and the sound of the river working the edge of the bank, you know it will be a fine day as you anxiously get you pants on and get moving. 

“And this is why overnight float trips are a summertime staple: Schedules are lax. Fishing days are long. Whatever mystery enchiladas the Dutch-oven reveals taste better when shared with friends. And with several uninterrupted days on the water, the experience is all about full immersion.” - Geoff Mueller-Senior Editor at The Drake
Fishing Waters:
  • Professionally guided float trip down one of the most scenic river sections in the world
  • All flies necessary
  • Gourmet lunch and drinks
Single day float trips down the A and B sections of the Green River provide some of the most prolific fly-fishing in the world. These sections are known worldwide as premiere trout ... morestreams, and the epic fishing is just half of it. The scenery in these sections is awe inspiring. The clarity of the Green River, the vast amount of wildlife around the river, the red rock cliffs, and peaceful quiet are just few of the many lures that make many people call this one of their favorite places visit, vacation, and fish.

The Green River below Flaming Gorge dam boasts a very large 15,000 trout per square mile. This fish population is extremely healthy and large Brown and Rainbow trout are common. These sections of the river are considered a Blue Ribbon fishery and produce some of the best fishing that can be had.
Fishing Waters:
  • Expert guide
  • Flies, tippet, and leader
  • Drinks
  • Lunch and snacks
Only two-and-a-half hours from Park City, the Upper Green is a spectacular trout fishery. Park City Fly Fishing Company is one of few outfitters that guides on the Upper Green River ... morebelow the Fontanelle Reservoir. This particular part of the Green River drainage is home to some of the largest and hardest fighting fish you will ever have the privilege of trying to catch. Park City Fly Fishing Company offers float trips on the Green River from March-July and mid-September to the end of October. You will consistently have chances at fish in the 18-22” range, with an occasional chance of a much larger fish just around the bend.

The Upper Green River is a high-desert fishery with the feeling of tranquil solitude. With the Wind River Range in the background, it makes for some spectacular scenery. On your float, it is not uncommon to see a variety of wildlife such as moose, deer, pelicans, bald, and golden eagles. This fishery is remote and will at times test your skill as an angler. It is a small price to pay when you realize you haven’t seen another boat all day and have the chance of catching a fish of a lifetime. Let the experts at Park City Fly Fishing Company show you what we consider one of the best fisheries in the country. Advanced booking is encouraged to secure prime dates.

Because many of our clients fly in from out of town, we provide all the fly fishing equipment you will need. Clients are welcome to bring their own gear. All equipment is high quality and includes:



Fly rod and reel

Terminal tackle

Split shot



Of course, all trips include cold or warm drinks depending on the weather. All full-day trips also include snacks and a delicious lunch.
Fishing Waters:

Fly Fishing Trips 

is a great place for a fly fishing trip. With plenty of guided fishing trips to choose from, it’s easy to plan your fly fishing vacation. Close proximity to excellent fly fishing rivers and an abundance of knowledgeable fishing guides make one of the top fly fishing destinations.

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