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The warm winds are a coming, ice is melting back, time to let the mind wander from knee deep powder to knee deep water. A long piece of water has opened up, on the west side of Ennis ... morelake. Some fresh water seeps coming up are keeping the ice at bay, and the food chain is slowly coming to life. Went down yesterday with Shawn and my wife and were pleasantly surprised. We were casting a small grizzly buggar out on the ice twitching it off, letting it fall to the bottom then stripping it in super slow. Water is cold in both the lake and river; fish aren’t in the mood to do anything fast. Patience is the key. Let them take a good long look at I it. Shawn and Anni each had a couple of fish before I “got with the program” Once I got the right combination fly and technique I caught up in a hurry, One beautiful 21 in rainbow.

It's game on out there. Ice is coming off everywhere and the fishermen are emerging from their winter slumber. On the way to Bozeman saw 4 or 5 drift boats on the lower Madison one boat had a fish on. The 2016 fishing season has begun. Heading up river tomorrow to see if the fish are awake, higher up. Tight lines everyone!
Start Access Site:
Monday, 15 Feb, 2016
Fish Caught:
4-8 fish
Upper Madison River - The Upper Madison has been good fishing up around Three Dollar Bridge, Raynold’s Pass Fishing Access and between the lakes. But the snow is around three ... morefeet around the river so it takes some work to get to the river. This weekend will warm up providing some good fishing opportunities. Small zebra midges are working well. Look for holes and deep runs as the water is a bit thin and the fish will be sharing the water. Expect more midge hatches as the weather warms. Another cold front is coming in next week so which should slow things down again. Up near the slide, on warmer days, look for midge hatches.

Lower Madison River - The Lower Madison has been fishing quite well. The recent break in the weather has helped increase the opportunities. The Dam has also been good fishing with Zebra Midges, Czech nymphs, Ray Charles as well as Mayfly nymphs. In the mornings they tend to be deeper with the fish eating on near top in the afternoons. We are also seeing small dries do well when fish are looking up. Look for deeper slower holds to produce. Crayfish patterns are always a good lower Madison option.
Fishing Water Report:
Monday, 1 Feb, 2016
Fish Caught:
1-3 fish
Upper Madison River Fishing Report - A winter storm has rolled in with temperatures dropping into the teens mid week and then warming into the low 40’s on Saturday. The bigger ... morefish are feeding more on the overcast days with Nymphs being the most effective. Medium-small dark stonefly patterns with worms, eggs, midge pupa or small attractor patterns have been working great. If you get a hatch, then Midges on top is a good bet. With the fish trying to exert as little energy as possible, look for them in the slower waters including behind rocks, deep, and inside seams and pools.

Lower Madison River Fishing Report - This storm that has moved in should make for some excellent fishing the next week. But, ice has formed around the edges so be careful. Pheasant Tails, Rubber Legs, Midge Larvae, Pink Nymphs, Worms, and Eggs have all been good. Make sure you are fishing the bottoms, especially in the deeper holes. Look for the midges to hatching along the edges. Look for tail water fisheries for consistent fishing action.
Fishing Water Report:
Tuesday, 15 Dec, 2015
Upper Madison River Fishing Report - The fish are down low so make sure you are scraping the bottom. There are some browns late in spawning but mostly that is over. Big stoneflies ... moreand rubber legs are getting action. If it warms up, you may want to try out your favorite streamer.

Lower Madison River Fishing Report - Because of the below zero nights, ice is forming where it is slow and shallow so be careful. As it warms later this week, the midges will begin to catch proving some prime winter fishing. Fishing below Ennis Dam has been working in the deeper holes but stay away from below Blacks Ford as it is unfishable. Streamers with small nymphs floating on or near the bottom can get you some action.
Fishing Water Report:
Tuesday, 1 Dec, 2015
Fish Caught:
1-3 fish
Upper Madison River Fly Fishing - Up high and in between the lakes still has good streamer fishing. This winter weather will also get fish wanting some high calorie meals. Using a ... morestonefly imitation with a small mayfly will bring fish to the net, but use a short section of fluoro off of your leader and your dropper will increase your chance at catching fish. A mega prince or purple hureless are good stonefly options trailed by a lil' spankers and size 18 mayfly nymphs are your best bet. streamers are producing fish as well. Look for slower deeper runs and reds as the browns are spawning. The water is at winter flows and is super for wading, you can get to any spot you want. You can still float if you have a raft.

Lower Madison River Fly Fishing - Fishing is getting back to normal now that they have stopped fluctuating the flow out of the dam. It has been a couple days now without any changes and you can get back to dead drifting or swinging soft hackles and crawfish. In the seam line, keep an eye out for fish to be feeding on emerging midges. The coming days are going to have some increasing winds so the adults will be blown off the water. Get a few drifts thru each spot you fish. More fish are wanting the flies put right in front of their face. Check out our blog on a Perfect Day in the Gardens.
Fishing Water Report:
Sunday, 15 Nov, 2015