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Monday, 13 Feb, 2017
Gold. That’s what prompted the first stampede of outsiders into the Yukon Territory. Skookum Jim Mason, Tagish Charlie, and George Carmack, are credited with discovering the yellow ore that not only created great fortunes, but opened a pristine haven for anglers.

Fishing the Land of the Midnight Sun

Gold. That’s what prompted the first stampede of outsiders into the Yukon Territory. Skookum Jim Mason, Tagish Charlie, and George Carmack, are credited with discovering the yellow ore that not only created great fortunes, but opened a pristine haven for anglers. In 1896, along a remote area of Rabbit Creek, the sleepy little northern town of Dawson City awakened. News of the find spread rapidly, and by the spring of 1897 the Yukon gold rush was on, forever changing the territory’s image. To this day, treasure seeking tourists make a long, summer pilgrimage up the Alcan highway to try their luck. While the Klondike gold fields top the list of attractions for most visitors, a few, well informed anglers come only to fish. And, they are well rewarded for their efforts. Considering the size of the Territory alone, a land mass larger than Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands combined, Canada’s Yukon Territory is nothing less than a sport fisherman’s paradise.

Not Just Gold Fish!

Yukon topography is vast and varied. Avid anglers can select from large lakes with hundreds of miles of shoreline, roaring rivers or small mountain streams. Name your game fish and chances are you’ll find it here.

Trout in the 40-50 pound class live in Yukon waters

In fact, the encyclopedic list of species found in Yukon waters reads like a "Who’s Who” list of the world’s most coveted fish. Here at Grizzly Creek Lodge our clients can target the most prized of all – feisty lake trout, huge northern pike, and the beautiful arctic grayling - all a short boat ride from our dock.

Moose are a common sight at Grizzly Creek Lodge

Remote But Accessible - Travel Options to the Yukon Territory

We’ve come a long way since the gold rush of the late 1800’s. Then fortune seekers from around the world encountered terrible hardships on their long journey to the Klondike. For many, if not most, the conditions proved too harsh and they never reached their destination. Fortunately, traveling today is much more convenient. Both Air Canada, and Air North offer multiple flights every week into Whitehorse, the Territory’s capitol city.

Summer sunset at Grizzly Creek Lodge

Frequent non-stop flights from Edmonton, Calgary, or Vancouver make it possible for travelers to access the Territory in just a few short hours. Anglers with time limitations can choose to fish locally around Whitehorse. Or, if you’re more adventurous and have the time, you can arrange to head into the backcountry. For instance, Alkan Air offers a scheduled flight three times a week from Whitehorse to Watson Lake, a picturesque little town in the remote southeast corner of the Territory.

Summer view from Grizzly Creek Lodge

Hopping aboard a short 45-minute float plane will bring you to our Grizzly Creek Lodge, a civilized oasis in the wilderness. Grizzly Creek Lodge, the only lodge in this remote region, provides the opportunity for an authentic backcountry fishing experience.
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Fishing Waters
Toobally Lake is one of the most remote destinations for anglers. Deep in the heart of Yukon Territory and accessible only by sea plane, the lake offers pristine views of untouched ... morewilderness and frequently hosts native moose and grizzly bears along its shores. The legendary Grizzly Creek Lodge offers guided trips on and around Toobally Lake and the Smith River in one of Canada's finest fishing locations.
Game Fish Opportunities:
/ Angler
7 days
Our Exclusive 7 Day Fly Fishing Trip is the ultimate in Yukon Fishing. Each fisherman will get their own exclusive guide to help catch a Trophy Lake Trout. Eager anglers can expect ... moreupwards of 50 Lake Trout per day. We offer this exclusive trip to only 4 fishermen per year in 2017. The trip dates are June 1st-7th and then June 7th-14th. These are the best fishing days of the season and are reserved for this exclusive Canadian fishing adventure.
/ Angler
7 days
Enjoy a week in the rugged Yukon wilderness. Our 2 to 1 fisherman-to-guide ratio means you'll have the guidance and expertise you expect from a worldclass Canada Fishing Adventure. ... moreYou can spend your day catching trophy canadian lake trout and giant norhern pike on flies, or go on the pursuit of arctic grayling to reel in an amazing catch. Our guides have the experience and patience to help you catch your next Trophy Fish. Come as clients, leave as friends.
/ Angler
5 days
The finest fly-in fishing in Canada! Spend five days trolling or casting for big lake trout, fly casting for arctic grayling on the Smith River, or fishing for huge northern pike at ... morea hike-in Yukon lake. There are many adventures to choose from each day! Twenty years of experience helps us deliver the best fishing experience, evidenced by the fact that 70 percent of our clients are repeat customers.
Grizzly Creek Lodge offers world class fishing adventures in Canada's Yukon Territory. We take a limited number of anglers each year, and our specialty is fly fishing for big lake ... moretrout, arctic grayling, and northern pike.

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