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Ready to start packing for your upcoming Montana fly fishing trip? Here's a pointer on how to make the process as efficient as possible: try to bring what you need and nothing more. ... moreThough that may be easier said than done.
The dilemma facing every parent: what is the optimal age to take your first kids fly fishing trip? Take them too early and they either lose interest or drive you mad. Offer to take ... morethem too late in life and they’ll never have those years to look back on. You’ll miss out on those fabulous bonding moments and possibly lose them to electronics forever!
There are simply those occasions when fishing the usual waters just won’t do. Unexpected water flows, heavy boat or foot traffic, hoot owl restrictions, you name it, sometimes ... morewe just need another option. For those of you that are solid on foot and don’t mind a little hike there is a very special place nestled away in the hills above Ennis, Montana. Stop by the fly shop before you leave town.
When planning a fishing trip, there are three things to consider, the weather, crowds and fishing. Ideally, most people want perfect weather, no crowds, and killer fishing. You also ... moreneed luck to get the perfect day of fly fishing. In Montana, we have three primary seasons for fly fishing, spring, summer and fall.
Montana is one of the top destinations for a fly fishing trip. But, being prepared can make the difference between having an amazing Montana fishing vacation and being miserable from ... morethe weather.
Sitting here watching it snow outside, wind about 40 mph out of the north. Hard to imagine, but my mind still turns to fly-fishing. It may be nasty now but in a few days’ temps ... moreare supposed to soar into the high 30s, low forties. That ought to clear the ice out of the water, and might even be enough to get the fish “sparking.”