By Jaclyn Child

I am excited to introduce to you my husband and your guide for a day on the River.  The work, dedication, and passion David has for the sport, or as he likes to call it the art, of fly fishing is astounding.  David knows fly fishing. Almost every day he is either fishing the Yakima River, steelhead rivers, local creeks and lakes, or our fabulous Grandma’s Lake. When work, church, family, or other obligations keep David from fishing he's tying flies, looking at fly fishing magazines, watching fly fishing shows, or looking up the latest fly fishing info on the Internet.  David has been a fly fishing fanatic since he was 13 and this is his fifteenth season guiding professionally.  He has been featured in various magazines including Fly Fisherman and the American Angler, Northwest Sportsman, newspapers, and radio programs and on the Northwest Outdoors TV program.  He has the stamina to put in a ten to twelve hour day guiding without letting down for a second.  I've been on a trip with David where he has literally dragged a boat full of four people up the river because the current was too strong and the anchor wouldn't catch at a hole that he knew was teeming with fish.

David graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelors in Geography and Land Studies and a minor in Environmental Studies.  In addition, he has completed a Master's of Science degree in Natural Resource Management.  David has finished two internships, one with Yakima Counties Surface Water Management Division working on the Yakima Subbasin Plan and Salmon Recovery Planning, and the other working for a private fisheries consulting firm working on spring Chinook salmon redd counts, hook and line sampling, and fish diet analysis/comparisons on the Yakima.  David has worked as a Fisheries Biologist at Grant County PUD and as a Field Biologist working with Cascade Aquatics L.L.C. in Ellensburg.  He has worked on various fisheries studies, most of which involve field work on the Columbia, Yakima, Cle Elum, Naches, Teanaway Rivers and various creeks.  David worked with the North Yakima Conservation District (NYCD) coordinating the Yakima Tributary Access Habitat Program (YTAHP) for 2 1/2 years.  David completed his thesis with large support from the NYCD.  His thesis involved a study assessing potential side channel habitat and water quality in the Selah floodplain of the Yakima River (this was thesis idea number 5 and it was a keeper).  In 2008 David opened, DC Consulting L.L.C.and we're excited to offer our clients assistance with environmental research and natural resource management.  DC Consulting L.L.C. is supported primarily by the Yakima Basin Joint Board, a consortium of irrigation districts, municipal water users and irrigation companies.  Dreamflyfishing.com/"Life is But a Dream" Angling Co., will now be a division of DC Consulting L.L.C.  Don't worry David is still fishing and guiding on his days off.  If you're wondering how he does all this (I live with him and I wonder) its simply a part of David's character.  David has always excelled at everything he does no matter how many other things he has on his plate.  Despite the many demands put on his time as a guide he will give you everything he's got and more. 
We are your connection to professionally guided fly fishing trips throughout Eastern Washington. Let us guide you on a drift boat trip down blue ribbon sections of the Yakima River. ... moreFor something completely new, let us introduce you to one of our private lakes. We also offer many walk and wade trips to streams throughout Eastern Washington. If steelhead fishing is your passion let us introduce you to a few Eastside rivers. We also offer drift boat trips down the lower Yakima River for smallmouth bass.
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