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This is a fully tested 12-124A 12 VDC power supply by Micronta This is the heavy duty version that puts out 2.5Amps. Power cord is excellent Tested with my Fluke meter(no load 14.0 Volts) Also operated my Bearcat scanner with this unit to test under load. Fluke meter not included! Works perfectly. Thanks for looking!
What you see is what you get. Powers up have not tested on anything 120Vac. 60HZ, 60 watts max output 13.8VDC-2.5A Please e-mail with any questions before bidding
In very good condition. Tested and powered up.
Up for bid- VINTAGE MICRONTA REGULATED 12 VOLT POWER SUPPLY CAT. NO. 22-124 120VAC 60Hz 60V used tested working. If you have any questions please ask BEFORE PURCHASE or BIDDING D id you know Ebay makes money on my shipping charges? What I charge in shipping Ebay takes a part of. I f you feel sellers ar e charging to much on ship ping. Just remember Ebay is taking a cut and I ha ve to pay for shipping on what is left. I f buyers voiced this to Ebay maybe they will stop and sellers could lower the price to what shipping cost without Ebay taking a cut. Thanks for looking. ag6 2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28c%3Eag6%3E2-144103d7c14-0xcf-
Nice shape. Weighs 3 pounds, marked T-Sin Elec Japan on bottom.
THERE ARE NO RESERVES ON ANY OF MY AUCTIONS I mostly sell records and books. But recently came across this bunch of Ham/CB radio stuff, as well as a few other odd things. I don't have any way of testing it so I am selling it all under the heading"for parts or not working. Some of it probably does work, regardless, I'm selling it all"AS-IS.No Returns. I know this will cost be several bids, but whereas I am in the dark about the operation of these items it seems the fairest way to go. A few of them have plugs, so I can see if those light up. Each item will be described as best I can. I'll weigh them and try to get as close as I can to keeping the S&H low. Standard shipping, but if any of it will fit in those cheaper Post Office boxes I will use that and refund some of the difference. This item is a: Vintage Micronta ... moreRegulated 12 VOLT Power Supply W/BOX"UNTESTED" Structurally it looks pretty good. Faceplate a bit dirty This one has electric cord and 2 wires attached. Plugged it in but no light came on. Not sure if it should without red and black wires connected to something. Because I cannot test it, item is being sold AS-IS, No Returns. This item weighs almost 4 pounds before packing. So standard shipping will be $15.00. Sorry, but I will not ship outside the USA. The fees on Ebay are getting crazy. Not only is there a 10% fee on sales. It also is applied to the cost of S&H. Add the listing fee and a $1.00 item costs the seller between.60& 80. This is why many sellers are charging more than $4.00 S&H for one record.passing costs along to the buyers. I'm trying not to do that. Also. The"FREE TRACKING" eBay offer does not apply to Media Mail. It is designed for higher cost shipping options. When one 45 is purchased I can use First Class Mail because it is under their weight restrictions, and that does qualify for the FREE TRACKING offer. I can purchase Tracking, but it only adds to the cost of S&H. Even though I can now print out the labels and let my
Excellent shape Micronta variable power supply 0-24V. 1A max. Made in US for Radio Shack, quality well made product. Very lightly used, maybe half a dozen occasions to power a transistor project. Great to have on bench for experiments or just to test battery powered devices at different voltage levels. Cosmetically perfect- no dents, scratches, rust, etc. Works perfectly. Buyer pays by Paypal in 3 days of end of auction and I will ship priority mail to the 50 states in 3 days of payment. International sales only through eBay's global shipping services.
Micronta regulated power supply In good slightly used condition 12VDC Power supply 60watts max. S&H 9.95 USA only
This is used. But in excellent like new condition.
You are bidding on a used Micronta 12 Volt Power Supply. The power converting supply is in used condition with plenty of wear please review pics. Please ask all questions before bidding and as always thank you for looking and have a great day.
Up for bids is the Micronta Cat. No. 22-123 variable DC power supply. Ratings are as follows: 0-24V. 1A max. Made in US for Radio Shack, it is a quality well made product. The power supply is very lightly used. Great to have on bench for experiments or for service work. Cosmetically, it is in good condition, with no scuffs, scratches, rust, etc. The front panel graphics are clean and in excellent condition. The meter works fine and its plastic cover is clear and in good shape. The binding posts and adjustment knob are also clean and in excellent condition. The unit has a handy switch which can be used to read either voltage or current on the meter. Internally limited to 1 Amp. The housing is clean and in excellent condition and the bottom is also clean with all(4) original rubber feet attached and in good condition. The line cord is also ... morea clean original. Bid on the clean power supply for your bench. It is useful for repair work, hobbyist use or even to charge up a battery. Bid on it for your own shop. The power supply measures 8 X 5 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches in size. Bid on it strictly"as is" due to age. NO RESERVE! E-Mail any questions and please view my other listings. Thanks for looking.
Up for Auction is a Vintage Micronta 22-124 12-Volt DC Regulated Power Supply. It ahows cosmetic wear but functions properly with no damage other than paint loss. 120vac.60hz 60 watt max.
Vintage Micronta Regulated 12 Volt Power Supply 120VAC to 12VDC Cat. No. 22-124 This item is a vintage Micronta(Radio Shack) Regulated 12 Volt Power Supply- converts 120VAC to 12VDC. Cat. No. 22-124. Please check out the pictures which show condition.
The Shack is gone. But this vintage Micronta 12 volt power supply is still with us and in very good condition at that. It powers up, the power-on light works and it produces DC voltage at load within range. It's gotten very little use over the years, so though vintage, it has plenty of hours left in it. I wish I'd kept more Radio Shack hardware like this. From back in the era when they sold quality proprietary electronics equipment. We geeks may not collect Krugerrands or Rembrandts. But we have our treasures. I hope you enjoy this one and I hope it appreciates for you. You deserve it! This auction is no reserve. So have fun.
This Micronta 12-Volt DC Regulated Power Supply comes with the box. The Radio Shack catalog# is 22-124A. It works fine.
Vintage Micronta Power Converter in good working condition. Tested(see pics) and puts out a steady 14.1 volts DC. Has a 2 prong AC plug. Also in good condition. Happy Bidding!