Counter Instruction Manual W Schematics Digit Frequency Counter Frequency Counter Timer Counter Id Hp 5335A Universal 3Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5335A Hp 5335A Universal Counter 5335A Universal Counter 100 Mhz Universal Counter Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Racal Dana Counter Counter Timer Model Eip Model Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter Programmable Timer Counter Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Universal Counter Option Hp 5315A Agilent 53131A Ghz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Option Universal Counter With Option 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Timer Instruction Manual Counter Gpib Frequency Counter 10 3 Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5328A Universal Counter Counter Calibrated 5328A Universal Counter Microwave Frequency Counter Opt Counter 26 53131A Hp Agilent 53131A Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter 10Hz 5315A Universal Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter 10Hz Hand Tally Counter Hp 5315A Universal Counter Hp 5345A Electronic Counter 5345A Electronic Counter 225 Mhz 53132A Universal 100Mhz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Opt Rf Frequency Counter Hp 5314A Frequency Counter W Option Digit Hand Cw Microwave Pulse Counter Microwave Pulse Counter Frequency Counter With Option Counter-Timer Instruction Hp 5340A Electronic Frequency Counter Multifunction Counter Hp 5314A Universal Counter Digital Frequency Counter Counter Dc Frequency Counter Instruction Manual Counter 4 Digit 5300A Hand Tally Hp 5245L Eip 545A Counter Test Counter 10Hz Hp Agilent 5335A Hp Agilent 5345A Microwave Frequency Counter Option Microwave Frequency Counter W Option Frequency Counter Instruction Hp 5328A Frequency Counter W Opt Counter Instruction Manual Freq Counter Hp Agilent 53181A Hand Held Tally Counter Counter Power Meter Counter For Parts Or Repair 100Mhz Frequency Counter Heathkit Frequency Counter Agilent 53132A Racal Dana 4 Digit Counter Electronic Counter Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Power Hp 5340A Frequency Counter 5300A Measuring Universal Frequency Counter Timer Frequency Counter Test Counter 30 Day Warranty Time Counter Counter Led Hp Agilent 5328A Universal Counter Frequency Counter Ghz Universal Counter Opt 010 5334B Universal Counter Hp 5300A Measuring System 100 Mhz Frequency Counter 5334A Universal Counter Racal Dana 1992 Hp 5334A Universal Fluke 1953A Counter Power Fluke Philips Beckman Model Systron Donner Durant Counter Opt 010 Nanosecond Universal Counter Tally Counter Fluke Pm Time Interval Nanosecond Universal Instruction Manual W Schems Systron Eip Counter Measuring System Eip Microwave Universal Counter Timer Ghz Frequency Counter 1 3Ghz Frequency Counter Mhz Universal Counter 6 Digit Counter Led Counter Preset Counter Frequency Counter 225Mhz 1 3 Ghz Frequency Bk Frequency Counter 225Mhz Universal Counter Resolution Timer Counter Hp 5316A Hp 5316B Dana Manual Takeda Riken Frequency Counter 10 Hz 5316A Universal Counter Universal Frequency Counter 1 3 Ghz Universal Opt 011 Durant Eaton 545A Microwave Frequency Counter Frequency Time 53131A 225 Mhz Mechanical Counter 18 Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter 5316B Universal Counter Counter Operation Frequency Counter Model Hp Agilent 53132A Fluke 1900A Option 010 Fluke Counter Racal-Dana 1992 Nanosecond Universal Timer Counter 120Mhz 80Mhz Frequency Counter 5245L Electronic Counter Philips Pm Berkeley Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Mhz Frequency Counter 1992 Nanosecond Universal Counter Hp Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Manual Tally Counter Microwave Counter Power Meter Universal Time Interval Counter Counter W Option Counter With Option Counter Operation Manual Clicker Counter Veeder Counter Counter Timer Instruction Manual W Schematics Counter W Option 010 Vintage Veeder Root Eip Microwave Frequency Counter Hp 5245L Electronic Frequency Counter 10 Digit Counter W Opt 225 Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Hand Counter Ghz Counter 5300B Measuring System Hp 5315B Board Pulled From Working Counter 5245L Frequency Counter Counter 10Hz-18Ghz 5335A 200 Mhz Universal Counter Option 030 Hp 5345 Electronic Counter Hp Agilent 5334A 5385A Frequency Counter
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Condition: New
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Rotary Switch. P/ N 5245L-95A (ALTERNATE P/N: 3100-0380). WHO WE ARE. Also known as P/N:5-41191-761.
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Condition: New – Open box
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Panel Switch Assy, P/N 5245L-19A.

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HP 5245L Electronic Counter
This unit is used and dose not come with a power cord. and shows ware"dings&scratches" on case the unit dose power up and and seems to function I.e. 00000000. do not have equipment to test further sorry. no return will be excepted. it is sold as is! Any extra packaging beyond a box alone. Must be requested& paid for upfront prior to shipping. Such As: padding bubble-wrap Styrofoam ETC. If no message about packaging is received with in hours after perches then item will be sent in a box alone. The buyer then takes full responsibility for the condition in witch it arrives. And can not hold necrotech789 responsible for any damages that occur to the item.All sales are Final Bulk perches items will require additional shipping fee's no packages over 50lbs will be shipped all shipping fee's are non-refundable they are a ... moreservice rendered fee and not subject to any refund or adjacent police's Web Sale Warranty/Price/Delivery Policies: NecroTec789 and all customers hereby agree: NecroTec789 offers no warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Of any kind, with any product or service whether express or implied. Every attempt will be made to accurately describe the products offered, NecroTec789 liability for any claim of any kind. Whether in negligence, contract, or otherwise, for any loss or damage arising out of, or connected with, or resulting from the supply of products hereunder, shall in no case exceed the price paid for such equipment, or service, minus any applicable packaging, delivery, or pickup costs. Shipping Charges Not Included in Quoted Prices in Initial Offerings. Any delivery charges arising out of equipment returns for service or adjustment must be paid by Buyer. No Warranty Coverage Of Any Kind is Offered or Provided for Sales by NecroTec789. All sales are final. And all items are sold As-Is, No Returns, No Refunds, No Cancellations. Seller may offer Exchange or Partial Refund at their sole discretion. Confirmation of Orders via Fax/Phone/Email may be
HP 5245L Electronic Frequency Counter with 5257A Transfer Oscillator
HP 5245L Electronic counter with 5257A Transfer oscillator. Unit powered-on tested only. Scratches. Dents, Scuff Marks on outside case. Faceplate has some scratches. All buttons, knobs, and levers intact, nothing missing. AS IS and Pictured. We do test the items to the best of our ability and state the known condition as we understand it to be. We do not always have the means to test certain items. Our reputation is very important to us. We do our best to honestly represent all listed items and ship within the designated times whenever possible. Please do not make assumptions as to what may or may not be included in the auction All items unless otherwise stated are sold as is. Do not hesitate to send us any questions or concerns. ASK before you bid. We will do our best to promptly and fully answer these queries to make your eBay experience ... morewith us as pleasant as possible. Items include only what is shown in the pictures and or or stated in the auction.
HP 5245L Electronic Universal Counter with HP 5257A Transfer Oscillator DC-18Ghz
Up For Auction- Hewlett Packard 5245L 50Mhz Electronic Universal Counter with a Hewlett Packard 5257A Plug-in- Extending Range to 18Ghz with Direct Read Out. My company purchased this counter from a AT&T surplus sale in 1991. We had a contract to install a microwave relay for a PBS low power TV station. It was required by the contract to use a 5245L to setup the receiver& transmitter channels. It has been stored since. It is in excellent condition inside& out. With only a few light scuffs. I hooked it up to a frequency generator& sent a sine wave signal of 1 Vpp at the following frequencies- 5Hz, 400Hz, 7500Hz, 9999Hz, 10,000Hz, 15,035Hz& 17,500Hz. The rusults are in the last photo. This counter is very accurate, The nixie tubes are bright, clear and have an even light output. All functions work perfectly. It has no alterations ... moreor modifications. The 5257A plug-in has a range from 50Mhz to 18Ghz with direct readout without having to use math to figure out the the count. The 5245L counter has a native range from DC-50Mhz and with the 5257A plug-in the counter has continous coverage from DC-18Ghz. At AT&T the counter was rack mounted so it includes the rack mount ears and power cable but I don't have the original feet or manual. The rubber feet on it now are just adhesive backed& can be removed. Preferred Payment Method: PayPal Shipping: $62.85- CONUS. Thanks For Looking- Thanks For Bidding
HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter
tsunami wake electronics View Our Other Items- Visit Our eBay Store- View Our Feedback HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter Condition: Used Description: This item has been tested and everything appears to work great. All lights and numbers are intact and working. The counter reading was accurate when connected to a signal generator. Items Included Items Not Included HP 5245L Counter Power Cord, Manuals or Accessories not pictured, Payment Information Shipping Information Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal, Payments must be received within 7 days. We do not accept payment from outside the US. Orders will ship after payment has been confirmed. We do not ship outside the US. We can't combine shipping on items with free shipping. We do not ship outside the United States. Shipping insurance included for FedEx shipments. Warranty& ... moreReturn Information All items sold are listed as accurately as possible and will shipped as described and pictured. Items listed AS-IS will be specified in the description and cannot be returned. All other items include a DOA warranty. Warranty does not cover mishandling. Misuse, or accidental damage caused by buyer. If the item you have ordered is damaged or not as described. Contact us within 7 days to request a return. All returns are carefully inspected upon receipt before issuance of refunds. Credits, or exchanges. In the event that a suitable replacement is not available. A refund will be issued. Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.
HP 5245L Electronic Universal Counter with HP 5267A Time Interval Unit
Hewlett-Packard 5245L Electronic Counter with Attacked Hewlett-Packard 5267A Time Interval Unit Serial# 716-13034 This item is being sold as-is. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Negative Feedback will be left for non-payment.
Hewlett Packard HP AH75 5245L Electronic Counter w/ Nixie Tubes
Brand: Hewlett Packard HP Model: 5245L Electronic Counter Voltage: 2 Amp SB 115V 1 Amp SB 230V Condition: Used- missing plug cover for plug in modules. Serial# 504-03214 Specs: 8 Nixie Tubes Included in Unit- Measures: Frequencies from 0 to 50Mfu. Periods from 1 p. sec to 10 seconds. Period averages from 10 to 1001000 periods, The ratio of two frequencies, The multiplied ratio of hvo frequencies. Test Report: Unit has not been tested. Warranty: AS-IS*Does not come with power cord.
HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter w/ 5256A Frequency Converter 8-18GHz
HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter w/ 5256A Frequency Converter 8-18GHz HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter w/ 5256A Frequency Converter 8-18GHz Details: Manufacturer: HP Hewlett Packard Model: 5245L 7-digit predecessor of 5345A Measures up to 50 MHz without plug-ins 100 mv sensitivity Includes HP 5256A 8-18GHz Frequency Converter Plug-In and Type N to SMA Adapter NOTE: This item is overweight(50lbs) for USPS to some countries. Please contact us if you are unsure. Condition: Good cosmetic condition with some signs of previous use(See photos for more detail) Tested: I powered the unit on. As pictured. This is the ectent of my ability to test this unit. Warranty: 14-Day Right-of-Return SKU: 392647 Please review our Help page for all of our Terms and Conditions before bidding or purchasing. By bidding or purchasing our merchandise. ... moreYou are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Questions? Send us a message SALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Only the pictured items are included in the listing. If it is not pictured or mentioned in the description it is not included. Place a bid only if you intend to purchase the item. If payment is not received within 3 days. The item(s) will be relisted at our discretion. PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payments are expected in a timely manner. Please contact us in the event that payment cannot be made within three days. Payment arrangements can be made. We accept: PayPal. All Major Credit Cards, and Bank Wire Transfers in USD(There is a $25 wire transfer fee) A 8.75% Sales tax applies to CALIFORNIA residents unless a resale tax ID is provided for our records. We cannot process the order until we receive sales tax or a copy of your tax ID. If you would like to pay using a credit card. Please call us at(408) 743-5609. Resellers Click Here* WARRANTY: Please see listing above for the warranty that applies to this item. AS-IS. No Warranty: When an item is stated as being AS-IS. The condition of the item is either unknown or has known issues(as stated in the description) a
Hewlett Packard HP 5245L Electronic Counter w/ HP 5261A Video Amplifier plug-in
TMG Surplus Click small picture to enlarge, ClicPicO Click small picture to enlarge. Description Offered for sale is a Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter with HP5261A Video Amplifier plug-in. The HP 5245L offers the basic 0-50 MHz range.The HP 5245L was an industry standard for over 20 years and is a useful counter even today. Measures frequencies from DC- 50MHz. Also measures period in the DC- 1MHz range(for single periods) DC to 300kHz(for multiple periods) A manual for the HP5245L may be seen. Please be aware that it is 270 pages. A manual for the HP5261 Video Amplifier may be seen at Condition Physical condition is good. It powers on and has passed an Electrical Safety Test to AS/NZS 3760 standard. It has not been tested further than this. There are no feet on this unit. Please note that some of the Nixie tubes do not work. Status ... moreThis item is for sale as" Powered on" Please see below for further details. Test Equipment Auctions 231 Osborne Avenue(enter via Clayton Road) Clayton South. VIC 3169 Australia Ph. 03 9265 7438 Fax. 03 9558 0575 International +61 3 9265 7438 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday- Friday. For pickups please call ahead. All our items fall under three categories; Tested and Working" Powered On" and"Untested" For all returns, return shipping costs must be paid for by the customer and original shipping costs will not be refunded. We endevour to provide images of the actual item but in some instances may use photos of another item(same model item) For this reason please treat images as a guide only. Tested and Working Items that are tested and working include a 7 Day. Return to base warranty. We accept returns if an item is not as advertised in the written description or if it fails to perform a function that is expected of it. Powered On If an item is listed as"Powered On" we mean that the item turns on and no faults are visible or audible. We will accept returns where an item does not power on. We cannot guarantee the functionality of the item. This metho
HP 5245L Electronic Universal Counter with HP 5262A Time Interval Unit
Description: This auction is for an HP 5245L Electronic Counter with a 5262A Time Interval Unit. It was pulled from a working environment and has been tested to power on. We do have the capabilities to test it beyond that. This comes with a 14 day non-doa warranty. What you will receive in your package? HP 5245L& HP 5262A Lister: mc Please Note: Due to the number or auctions and items we are working with. We cannot fully test the functionality of every item we receive. Nor can we check if an item will be compatible with a particular piece of equipment or software. We tested this item to power on only and it is covered by our 14 Day Non-DOA warranty, guaranteeing that it will power on when the winning bidder receives it. Other than that, we rely on the bidder's knowledge of the item to determine if it will meet their needs or not. ... moreCheck out my! Be sure to add me to your! by adding my eBay Store to your Favorites Commonly Asked Questions 1. Do we combine shipping? Yes we do(Please wait until you are done bidding. Then request the invoice from us and we will do our best to discount it. It is up to our shipper's discretion how many items he can fit in a box) 2. Do you offer local pick up? Yes we do and it is free on all items except palletized ones. There is a $10 handling fee for the larger items. We are available M-F from 9am-3pm for this option. Please bring in your paperwork with you. You do not need to call ahead of time. 3. How soon will you ship it? We ship within 1 business day of payment received. Our orders are pulled at 8am so if your payment is received after that. It will ship the following day. We are closed on the weekends and holidays so payments received after 8am on Fridays will ship by 3pm on Mondays. 4. Where is the tracking information? Once it is entered into the UPS/USPS system. The tracking# is automatically sent to your ebay messages. Please look there 5. What if I change my mind on the purchase? If it is sold with a warranty. You can return it to us for a full refund of the purch
This unit shows some signs of wear but as you can see by the pictures it has not been abused. I bought this new and used it for fifteen years in a communication repair shop. When I retired I put it in storage thinking I would work part time later on but that didn't happen. The counter is working but I have no way of checking the frequency converter. The frequency converter is from 50mc to 500mc. Sale is as is.
HP Hewlett Packard 5245L 5245 Electronic Frequency Counter
This is a used HP Hewlett Packard 5245L 5245 Electronic Frequency Counter. It is in great working condition as shown. Buyer to pay high bid amount plus $19.99 lower 48 US Shipping by paypal within 7 days of the end of the auction. I will ship international but you must email BEFORE bidding for shipping rates as they will be higher. Thanks and happy bidding!
HP 5245L ELECTRONIC COUNTER WITH MODEL 5253B FREQUENCY CONVERTER(No power cord unless requested. We recently purchased 3 power cords@ $25.00 ea. if interested must make a request and we will sell one at the same price we paid. We have a large inventory of Broadcasting equipment to liquidate due to the passing of the Owner/Engineer. The reason for"No Returns" is due to the liquidation process of the Estate.As with all our electronics this item is being sold"AS IS" Although. If there is a problem with anything we will do our best to rectify the situation. We have sold many capacitors, tubes, test equipment& other items without a single complaint) Thank you for your interest and have a great day! Now that ebay is charging a 10% final value fee on shipping charges. Folks like ourselves that made NO money on shipping are ... morenow having to pay the price for those that did. Which means. unfortunately that cost will be passed on to you the consumer in order for us to at least make a small profit on our listings. Check out my!
HP 5245L Electronic Time Counter + 5253B Frequency Converter Hewlett Packard
HP 5245L Electronic Counter Time Interval Unit Hewlett Packard. Nixie Tubes. I was told this item works. But I have no idea how to test it. Power cord not included. Cosmetic condition is Very Good. Customer Service Guaranteed. Very heavy item.
HP HEWLETT PACKARD 5245L ELECTRONIC UNIVERSAL COUNTER WITH CONVERTER 5255A GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK! UP FOR SALE IS AN HP HEWLETT PACKARD 5245L ELECTRONIC UNIVERSAL COUNTER WITH CONVERTER 5255A. UNIT WAS POWERED ON AND ALL THE NUMBER DISPLAY TUBES WORKED AS WELL AS THE KNOBS AND BUTTONS. SEE PICTURES FOR MORE DETAIL. PLEASE VIEW THE PICTURES BELOW TO SEE THE ACTUAL ITEM/S YOU ARE BUYING. ONLY WHAT IS PICTURED IS INCLUDED. IF IT IS NOT PICTURED. IT IS NOT INCLUDED. Please view Our eBay auctions for plenty more equipment. Save on Shipping Local pickups are free and welcome! International Buyers We may allow international purchases for certain items Buying Terms: Do not assume anything. If the description is not clear enough. Please let us know. Please ask any questions you may have BEFORE buying. On rare occasions we reserve the ... moreright to substitute an equivalent item(same exact model) instead of the actual one pictured. Guarantee Terms: This item is guaranteed. If it does not perform as described above. You may qualify for a refund. In such a case, you must contact us within 5 days of delivery. Return shipping is at the buyer's cost and is the buyer's responsibility. Return Policy: Read the description and view the pictures thoroughly. If anything is unclear. Simply email us and ask questions before buying. If you purchase an item in error, you may return it provided you contact us within 5 days of delivery. You will be refunded the purchase amount, less a 10% restocking fee. We cannot refund shipping due to customer error. Payment Terms: Payment is due within 7 days. If paying with PayPal. Your order must ship to the exact address on your payment. Shipping Terms: Shipping quoted is for shipping and handling in the Continental U.S. only(excludes Alaska and Hawaii) Most Orders will ship via FedEx. Some times we use other methods such as USPS. Only orders totaling $250 or more will require signature upon delivery. Most items ship within 2 business days. Local pickups a
We Ship via FedEx& the USPS& only within the UNITED STATES. Here is an excellent condition Hewlett Packard Original Service Manual for the 5245L Electronic Counter. Comes from a smoke free home. Free Shipping! ALASKA AND HAWAII MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEES) I use FedEx and the USPS for shipping. Most Items will be shipped via FedEx on Saturdays. Very small items will be shipped via the USPS within 72 hours upon receipt of payment. Large items can not be shipped to P.O. boxes. The tracking# of your item will always be provided after the item has been delivered to FedEx or the USPS. Any purchase over $250.00 will require a signature upon your delivery. Local Pickup is encouraged. Contact me to resolve any questions before bidding. Will ship only within the United States& to a Confirmed Paypal address" If the winning ... morebidder has not paid for the item or made contact with me within 5 days. I will file a“non-paying bidder” report with eBay, then offer the item to the 2 nd bidder or simply relist the item. Please. Do not bid unless you intend to pay. Thank You!
HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter w/ 5257A Transfer Oscillator
You are bidding on(1) HP Hewlett Packard 5245L Electronic Counter Including a 5257A Transfer Oscillator We rigged a power supply to Test Tested and it Powered Up Fans runs smoothly and lights counter lights lit up Looks like 1 capacitor has been replaced at some point This came from Emory University Does not include a power cord Shipping weight is 35 lbs
HEWLETT PACKARD HP ELECTRONIC COUNTER MODEL 5245L- SOLD AS IS This is a fixed auction for a Hewlett Packard Electronic Counter. Model: 5245L Item specifications: Brand Hewlett Packard Model 5245L with 5253B Frequency Converter More information and specs can be found here: This unit was tested: Does not read input or check mode SOLD AS IS This unit is exactly as pictured. Expedited and Next Day Shipping Services: We utilize UPS for all overnight and next day delivery services. If you would like your purchase expedited. Please let us know before 2PM US/EST on the day of purchase. If you would like to have us ship on your UPS account, just provide us with your account number during checkout or give us a call. Special exceptions can be made for customers with FedEx accounts if we are notified ... morein a timely fashion. Frieght Shipping: If the auction states"freight" as it's shipping service please contact us prior to bidding for an accurate shipping price. If you purchase an item marked as"freight" we will automatically invoice our lowest commercial shipping rate to your"ship to" location utlizing our network of carriers. If you wish to send your own truck or carrier. Just let us know and we will provide shipping dimensions. We will load your truck or carrier free of charge at our loading dock. International buyers are always welcomed. If the shipping price isn't listed as"calculated" please contact us prior to bidding for an accurate shipping price to your country. The buyer is responsible for their own countries custom and tax fees. We always combine shipping to give you the lowest possible cost. We pride ourselves on our customer service. And we want to make this eBay transaction as enjoyable as possible. If you run into any problems with your order, please let us know so we can do our best to satisfy your purchase. Please feel free to call us between 9:00-5:00 EST Monday-Friday at 800 826 3433 if you have any questions.
This item is non-operational. Or its operational condition cannot be determined. PLEASE REFER TO PICTURES. Unit does not come with accessories unless noted in description. HP HEWLETT PACKARD MN: 5245L ELECTRONIC COUNTER WITH. TIME INTERVAL UNIT MN: 5262A. FOR PARTS ONLY* Condition: USED& UNTESTED. UNIT POWERS ON BUT HAS BAD CRYSTAL OVEN. FOR PARTS ONLY* Estimated Packed Shipping Weight: 37.00 lbs. Notice Regarding Freight: Please wait for an invoice with shipping charges. Only items pictured are included- If a part is not pictured. Or mentioned above, then it is not included in the sale. For multiple listed items. The pictured serial number is not necessarily the one that will be sent. Sold AS-IS. No Warranty, No Returns- Does Not Qualify For 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Shipping Notice: Additional shipping charges may apply; pending ... morelocation. Size and weight of the item(s) Lister: JN Can't find the answer you're looking for? contact us! Business Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm(PST) Monday to Friday We are closed on Weekends and all major US holidays. Warehouse Delivery Hours: Will-Call Hours: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm(PST) Monday to Friday 8:00AM- 12:00PM(PST) 12:30PM- 3:30PM(PST) Monday to Friday. Email Address: Please Use The eBay Messaging Service, Phone: 408-762-7290, Fax: 408-283-9004, Physical/Mailing Address: Prism Electronics Corp. 18305 Sutter Blvd. Morgan Hill. CA 95037 USA Location visits by appointment only. Payments are expected in a timely manner. Please contact us in the event that payment cannot be made within seven days as payment arrangements can be made. We accept: PayPal. All Major Credit Cards Through PayPal. And Bank Wire Transfers in USD(There is a $25 wire transfer fee) Will-Call items must be paid in full by PayPal or cash with exact change on pickup. We cannot process the order until we receive tax from shipping address within California or a copy of your California Resale Certificate A 8.75% Sales Tax applies to all purchases in CALIFORNIA. All items will be securely package