Counter Instruction Manual W Schematics Digit Frequency Counter Frequency Counter Timer Counter Id Hp 5335A Universal 3Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5335A Hp 5335A Universal Counter 5335A Universal Counter 100 Mhz Universal Counter Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Racal Dana Counter Counter Timer Model Eip Model Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter Programmable Timer Counter Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Universal Counter Option Hp 5315A Agilent 53131A Ghz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Option Universal Counter With Option 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Timer Instruction Manual Counter Gpib Frequency Counter 10 3 Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5328A Universal Counter Counter Calibrated 5328A Universal Counter Microwave Frequency Counter Opt Counter 26 53131A Hp Agilent 53131A Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter 10Hz 5315A Universal Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter 10Hz Hand Tally Counter Hp 5315A Universal Counter Hp 5345A Electronic Counter 5345A Electronic Counter 225 Mhz 53132A Universal 100Mhz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Opt Rf Frequency Counter Hp 5314A Frequency Counter W Option Digit Hand Cw Microwave Pulse Counter Microwave Pulse Counter Frequency Counter With Option Counter-Timer Instruction Hp 5340A Electronic Frequency Counter Multifunction Counter Hp 5314A Universal Counter Digital Frequency Counter Counter Dc Frequency Counter Instruction Manual Counter 4 Digit 5300A Hand Tally Hp 5245L Eip 545A Counter Test Counter 10Hz Hp Agilent 5335A Hp Agilent 5345A Microwave Frequency Counter Option Microwave Frequency Counter W Option Frequency Counter Instruction Hp 5328A Frequency Counter W Opt Counter Instruction Manual Freq Counter Hp Agilent 53181A Hand Held Tally Counter Counter Power Meter Counter For Parts Or Repair 100Mhz Frequency Counter Heathkit Frequency Counter Agilent 53132A Racal Dana 4 Digit Counter Electronic Counter Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Power Hp 5340A Frequency Counter 5300A Measuring Universal Frequency Counter Timer Frequency Counter Test Counter 30 Day Warranty Time Counter Counter Led Hp Agilent 5328A Universal Counter Frequency Counter Ghz Universal Counter Opt 010 5334B Universal Counter Hp 5300A Measuring System 100 Mhz Frequency Counter 5334A Universal Counter Racal Dana 1992 Hp 5334A Universal Fluke 1953A Counter Power Fluke Philips Beckman Model Systron Donner Durant Counter Opt 010 Nanosecond Universal Counter Tally Counter Fluke Pm Time Interval Nanosecond Universal Instruction Manual W Schems Systron Eip Counter Measuring System Eip Microwave Universal Counter Timer Ghz Frequency Counter 1 3Ghz Frequency Counter Mhz Universal Counter 6 Digit Counter Led Counter Preset Counter Frequency Counter 225Mhz 1 3 Ghz Frequency Bk Frequency Counter 225Mhz Universal Counter Resolution Timer Counter Hp 5316A Hp 5316B Dana Manual Takeda Riken Frequency Counter 10 Hz 5316A Universal Counter Universal Frequency Counter 1 3 Ghz Universal Opt 011 Durant Eaton 545A Microwave Frequency Counter Frequency Time 53131A 225 Mhz Mechanical Counter 18 Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter 5316B Universal Counter Counter Operation Frequency Counter Model Hp Agilent 53132A Fluke 1900A Option 010 Fluke Counter Racal-Dana 1992 Nanosecond Universal Timer Counter 120Mhz 80Mhz Frequency Counter 5245L Electronic Counter Philips Pm Berkeley Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Mhz Frequency Counter 1992 Nanosecond Universal Counter Hp Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Manual Tally Counter Microwave Counter Power Meter Universal Time Interval Counter Counter W Option Counter With Option Counter Operation Manual Clicker Counter Veeder Counter Counter Timer Instruction Manual W Schematics Counter W Option 010 Vintage Veeder Root Eip Microwave Frequency Counter Hp 5245L Electronic Frequency Counter 10 Digit Counter W Opt 225 Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Hand Counter Ghz Counter 5300B Measuring System Hp 5315B Board Pulled From Working Counter 5245L Frequency Counter Counter 10Hz-18Ghz 5335A 200 Mhz Universal Counter Option 030 Hp 5345 Electronic Counter Hp Agilent 5334A 5385A Frequency Counter
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770) 253-6114, Search our eBay Store: Auction Terms | eBay Store | Contact Us We will be closed on: Dec 25. 2006, Dec 26. 2006, Jan 1. 2007, Jan 2. 2007, ... moreOn these dates we will not be answering emails or phone calls and we will not be shipping items. COMMENTED OUT- Click here to estimate shipping All international buyers must contact us for a shipping quote before bidding. See for details. Mailed Payments, Bank Wire Transfer, Visa& MasterCard, Buyer must call(770) 253-6114 before purchasing item to pay by Visa or MasterCard. If the buyer does not call. Payment by Visa or MasterCard will not be accepted. All international buyers. Including Canada and Mexico, must pay by Bank Wire Transfer. We do NOT accept escrow or ship COD. See for details. ADVANTEST R5372P MICROWAVE COUNTER WITH OPTION 01 This auction is for one Advantest R5372P. The Advantest R5372P is a high-resolution microwave frequency counter capable of pulse modulation measurements up to 18 GHz. Not only are measurements of aircraft. Harbor, river and fire prevention radar possible but also, the R5372P is capable of CW microwave frequency measurements, totalizing functions and PCM error bit totalizing. Using the A input which makes use of a reciprocal counting technique(10 mHz to 10 MHz) it is possible to perform pulse width or pulse repetition frequency measurements to a resolution of 10 ns. By using an external trigger signal, it is possible to measure a pulse modulated carrier frequency at any desired point(frequency profile measurement) These counters also provide high basic performance, typified by an input sensitivity of- 20 dBm at 18 GHz and 1 Hz resolution with a 1 s gate using a digital TRAHET technique. This unit has the following options installed: 01: GPIB Interface, Please note this unit has a bad counting light. Please refer to the pictures for details. This unit is in excellent physical condition and will arrive in the condition shown. It comes with a 14 Day Guarantee against being DOA from receipt. You are bidding on only wh
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EIP MODEL 588C PULSE/ CW MICROWAVE FREQUENCY COUNTER The 588 Pulse Microwave Counter covers the range from 950MHz(300 MHz optionally) to 26.5 GHz(110 GHz optionally) It can measure a minimum pulse of 50 ns to a maximum of CW. Minimum PRF is 1Hz. Resolution is 1kHz to 1GHz. A sectionalized 12 digit LED display provides a 9 digit frequency readout and a 3 digit pulse width or PRF readout simultaneously. For more information on this piece of equipment. Please click on the link below: Comes with 14 day Return Policy if not completely satisfied. For more info. Or to contact us, please feel free to visit our ME page Thanks for Looking 1339 FSR 12- ROW 5
For Parts Or Repair The Agilent 5350B provides fast and precise measurements from 10 Hz to 20 GHz and features microwave components that are integrated on a single hybrid gallium arsenide(GaAs) circuit for added speed and reliability. The 5350B distinguished by wide frequency coverage. Exceptional sensitivity, fast tracking, high measurement throughput, and wide FM tolerance. Built-in microprocessors provide math functions. Including measurement scaling and offset. Automatic amplitude discrimination measures the frequency of the highest-amplitude signal in a multi-signal environment. A full set of diagnostic routines provides general information and troubleshooting. The 5350B integrates easily into test systems. English-like commands simplify integration with other components. And the easy-to-read liquid crystal displays can serve as message ... morecenters for the system. Frequency range from 10 Hz to 20 GHz; directly measures without expensive mixers. Sensitivity to-40 dBm ensures accurate measurement of low-energy signals. Low kickback noise for sensitive environments; sleep mode reduces noise to-70 dBm. Fast acquisition time(60 ms in automatic. Fast acquisition tracking mode; 20 ms in manual mode) for improved throughput. Up to 120 measurements per second(100 in automatic mode) over HP-IB(fully programmable) Fast tracking speed allows effortless tracking of source drift to 1 GHz per second; ideal for measuring the response of voltage-controlled oscillator to voltage-source tuning. 3j.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bij%7Fil7g%3E3j-13f95423f16-0xfc-
You are bidding on an HP 53150A Frequency Counter capable to 20Ghz with option 001 Installed. This unit powers up and passes all of its self tests. I verified that the unit will give an accurate measurement of 2.7Ghz(I don't have a signal generator capable of going higher) and measures power correctly. I will guarantee the item for 10 days after you receive it. Some specs on the item are as follows: Agilent 53150A is a full-featured 20 GHz CW microwave counter and power meter that is perfectly suited for bench top or ATE environments. Yet is tough enough to handle the most rugged field applications. It offers high performance with an ultra-wideband input that covers the RF and microwave spectrum from 50 MHz to 20 GHz. Frequency and power are measured simultaneously with this same input. Ultra-wideband. Single input from 50 MHz to 20 GHz ... moreSimultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator Accuracy: +/1 LSD +/ residual stability +/timebase error x frequency) GPIB and RS-232 interfaces standard Winning bidder to pay $20.00 shipping. Inside the US(outside will be more) I accept Paypal, Cashiers checks and personal checks. Thanks and happy bidding!
Agilent/ HP 53150A CW Microwave Frequency Counter. 20 GHz AS-IS- Parts Unit- Limited Functionality Ultra-wideband. Single input from 50 MHz to 20 GHz Simultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator Accuracy: +/1 LSD +/ residual stability +/timebase error x frequency) AS-IS parts unit. Limited functionality. Channel 2 Frequency sensitivity is diminished, but will count up to 20 Ghz with a 0 dBm signal applied to channel 2 input. Front panel display is scratched, Agilent 53150A is a full-featured 20 GHz CW microwave counter and power meter that is perfectly suited for bench top or ATE environments. Yet is tough enough to handle the most rugged field applications. It offers high performance with an ultra-wideband input that covers the RF and microwave spectrum from 50 MHz to 20 GHz. Frequency and power are measured ... moresimultaneously with this same input. PO Boxes/APOs require USPS shipping. May experience longer lead times. 6.25% Sales Tax for shipping to Massachusetts Terms and Conditions Have a Question? Send us a message(Contact Seller) We are shipping from just north of Boston. MA in the United States. For international customers, do not assume a product will work in your country due to various International Voltage requirements. Ask first if you are not sure. Warranty(Refurbished Items/Open Box/Surplus) 5 day Right of Return. If the item is found to be defective. Contact us to be issued an RMA. Warranty Returns do not apply to listings that indicate: requires parts, needs repair, or as-is in the title and/or description. In case of returns, buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. Domestic or International) International Shipping Terms: International customers are responsible for all shipping charges. Including any duties or taxes that may be enforced by their respective country. International shipping charges paid do not include destination country importation fees including Custom Fees. Broker Fees, Duties and Taxes* USPS is the most economical shipping method for i
AGILENT/ HP 5361B COUNTER DESCRIPTION The Agilent 5361B Frequency Counter offers both high precision pulse and CW performance up to 40 GHz(20 GHz standard) With built-in frequency modulation profiling. The Agilent 5361B characterizes radar, EW, and communications systems or components. The counter makes complex measurements for the carrier frequency of agile signals, staggered PRIs, or the frequency transients in a pulsed or CW signal. It can be used to characterize radar pulses or test a Stable Local Oscillator(STALO) Functions for measuring step response, post-tuning drift, and settling time facilitate accurate and easy testing of VCOs and DTOs. The HP 5361B helps lower your equipment costs by eliminating the need for a separate CW counter. Pulse generator and computer, and is a cost-effective choice for manufacturing and R&D. High-speed ... morethroughput saves operator time, and periodic maintenance is limited to time base calibration. Features of the Agilent 5361B Counter include: Precise pulse measurements to 20. 26.5, or 40 GHz. PROFILE function characterizes frequency transients. Modulation(such as chirp) and linearity. Simple-to-use automatic functions include calibration. Pulse averaging, and measurement display. Scope-View provides confidence and easy setup for externally gated measurements. Fast track measures a signal sweeping up to 800 MHz per second. Low FM rate allows measurement of signals that vary slowly in frequency. This unit comes with the following options: 040- 40 GHz Frequency Extension, All of our equipment has been tested. Additional calibration may be available upon request! ~This sale includes all items shown. A power cord, and manual on CD(when available)~ PAYMENT AND SHIPPING INFO Warranty Info& Return Policy All goods or equipment sold by AxiomTest include a 30-Day Domestic Warranty. Warranty period starts the day the equipment is shipped. AxiomTest will at its discretion. Repair, replace, or refund the selling price for any malfunctioning equipment or goods, provided p
This Sale is for an EIP 548 Microwave Frequency Counter 10 Hz TO 26.5 GHz Opt 08 GPIB TESTED. TESTED by our Lab Technician and works well. Includes: Option 08- GPIB Manual on CD. The EIP 548 is a microprocessor-based. Heterodyne Microwave Frequency Counter operating from 10 Hz TO 26.5 GHz in three input bands. It features a 12 digit sectionalized LED display that makes it easy to determine frequency. Keyboard controlled frequency limit selection• 30 dBm sensitivity• 200 Watt(+53 dBm) peak damage protection• 10 dB automatic amplitude discrimination• 200msec acquisition time• Up to 800 MHz/sec tracking speed• 20MHz P-P FM tolerance up to a 10 MHz rate SOLD WITH A 14 DAY RIGHT OF INSPECTION Please CLICK HERE for our new eBay Manuals Store. First Choice Manuals" INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS SHIPPING COST NOTICE: Please request a shipping quote ... moredirectly from us. EBay's shipping calculator may be quoting incorrect rates. Please email us for a discounted shipping quote prior to bidding on an item. Our office hours are 9-5 M-F Eastern Standard Time. U.S. Terms& Conditions Emails Please use Ebay’s Message System to communicate with us. Ebay’s message center provides for the most effective communication. Emails sent directly can be overlooked or filtered by our server which only causes frustration to all parties. Answering Questions Avitar’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. We will answer questions during those hours prior to the end of the auctions. Questions received over the weekend or on holidays will be answered Monday morning. Shipping Notes Shipping costs are to the US(Lower 48 States) Local pick-up is available by appointment only. Alaska and Hawaii residents please e-mail for a shipping quote before bidding. Shipping& Handling All items are professionally packed to arrive undamaged. UPS is our standard domestic carrier. International bidders please note that we will use USPS Priority mail for smaller. Less expensive items. However, USPS has both
Agilent 53151A CW Microwave Frequency Counter. 26.5 GHz Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Used Agilent 53151A CW Microwave Frequency Counter. 26.5 Mhz. The Agilent 53151A is a full-featured 26.5 GHz CW microwave counter and power meter. It offers high performance with an extra-wideband input that covers the RF and microwave spectrum from 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz. This unit has minor scratches on the cover case. Overall it is in great functional and cosmetic condition. Passes all self tests. Pictures are actual of the unit. 30 days warranty! Includes: Agilent 53151A AC power cord Not Includes: No test probes No manual No front cover No accessories Features: Ultra-wideband. Single input from 50 MHz to 26.5 GHz, Simultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator, Accuracy: +/1 LSD +/ residual stability +/timebase ... moreerror x frequency) GPIB and RS-232 interfaces standard, We appreciate prompt payment and look forward to your business in the future. Payment is expected to be made within 5 days of the item being purchased(buy-it now-option) or winning your bid. Any item not paid for within 5 days. Will be re-listed and a NON-PAYING BIDDER report will be filed with eBay. Payment instruction will be sent to your email account that you have registered with eBay within minutes of placing your order. Please make sure your email address you have in your eBay profile is updated. Otherwise we will not be able to communicate. We accept the following payment method: PayPal Credit Cards via PayPal only International buyer payment must be direct wire transfer for all transaction above $500 USD We ship via FedEx. UPS and USPS Mon-Fri. No order will be shipped until full payment is made INCLUDING SHIPPING. Please allow one to five days for shipping after transaction complete. We will send you tracking number when available. We only ship to PayPal confirmed address. We don’t ship to P.O. Box or APO/FPO address. The shipping cost stated in this item is valid only for the 48 contiguous US state
Manufacturer: EIP, Model: 585B, Notes: Sample Rate" knob is damaged. Sold as-is. As pictured. Includes no additional accessories beyond what is pictured. If you need any further information about this item. Please ask any questions prior to purchase. ims.27616 loc.wr-22-a3
HP Agilent CW Microwave Frequency Counter Model 53152A to 46GHZ + OPT 001 Over Time Base Key Features& Specifications Ultra-wideband. Single input from 50 MHz to 46 GHz Simultaneous frequency and power measurement with analog peaking indicator Accuracy: +/1 LSD +/ residual stability +/timebase error x frequency) GPIB and RS-232 interfaces standard Description The Agilent 53152A is a full-featured 46 GHz CW microwave frequency counter plus power meter. It offers unmatched performance with an ultra-wideband input that covers the entire RF and microwave spectrum from 50 MHz to 46 GHz. Excellent working and good cosmetic condition. Both side handles are in good condition. Some scuffs and scratches associated with normal use. But nothing that affects performance. Guaranteed to work. Comes only with what is seen in photos plus a power cord. ... more800x600 Please see our great feedback and buy with confidence. Also. Please take a look at our other listings and store for more great deals on test equipment. We are Trading Assistants- Ask us how we can help you sell your items! Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4
Search our eBay Store! HP Agilent 5351B Automatic CW Microwave Frequency Counter 26.5GHz HP-IB SKU: JV-MAT-A-CWMICRO5351B Condition: Used Packaging: OEM Warranty: 30 day DOA Warranty This auction only comes with what is pictured or listed in the description. All parts. Accessories, cables, etc. are only included if pictured or listed in description. If in doubt, please contact us before purchasing. Click an Image to Enlarge HP Agilent 5351B Automatic CW Microwave Frequency Counter 26.5GHz HP-IB Model: 5351B· Unit powers on with functional display and responsive controls. The top cover of the unit is missing. Dimensions(L”xW”xH” 15.5*18*5.25 As a large liquidator for many vendors. Our rating system is as follows. On a scale from 1- 10. With 10 being in new or excellent condition, this item is rated as a 7. SEE PHOTOS. All images taken ... morein house of the unit(s) being sold. Except for multiple quantities where item received will be in similar or better condition. Please review images thoroughly before purchasing. Additional information may be found searching online. We do not have additional info. Only pictured items will be included. All parts. Including accessories and cables are only in cluded if pictured or listed in the description. All pictures are taken in house. If you require more information. Please contact the manufacturer and/or research online. As a large liquidator, we do not carry additional information beyond what has been provided to us above. This FDA DISCLAIMER is for MEDICAL DEVICES only and not for all our products: The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so. D0 N0T bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, we will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. This unit has been used. It has been cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines by the medical facility from which we rece
1-888-9WEC2IT(993-2248) Problem? EIP 585B RF Microwave CW Pulse Frequency Counter. 585 B[Tested] Item Description. Manufacturer EIP, Model Number 585B, Category Lab Equipment, Cosmetic Wear Some leftover sticker residue on front of unit. No damage to unit controls. Functional Condition Counter tested to receive 10MHz rear signal and responded properly. Items Included In Listing EIP 585B RF Microwave CW Pulse Frequency Counter. 585 B, Power Cord. Not Included Anything not pictured, TED911. Shipping charges seem too high? Please contact us through"ask a question" on the bottom of this ad with the item number and your postal code and we will investigate shipping charges.if you are an international buyer please provide city. Country, and postal code. Sorry, we do not use customer shipping accounts. Please note we only offer shipment ... morevia UPS unless otherwise specified. Want to pick up an item to save on shipping? Please let us know that you wish to pick up the item locally. Our hours for pick up are M-F 10-4pm. Please note. Virginia sales tax of 5.3% will be charged for all items locally picked up. We only accept Cash or Credit card payments for all local pick up purchases. Orders not picked up within 2 weeks from the date of purchase will incur a $10 per day storage fee. We have recently moved! Our new address is: C2 Management 351 Station Rd. Suite 8, Berryville, VA 22611. 540-955-5740. Buying more items from us? We offer a discount for additional purchases that can be shipped together. After the first won item please notify us that you are still not pay until you are finished bidding so that we can get you a combined shipping total. Please request combined shipping total. We allow up to 7 days for items to be added to an existing order. PLEASE NOTE: If you think an accessory should be with this item. And it is not pictured or not mentioned, it is NOT included. This Listing Was Sourced By
The HP 5343A Microwave Counter provides automatic frequency measurement to 18 or 26.5 GHz in a highly portable package. Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 520 MHz direct count. Sensitivity 50Ω: 10 Hz to 520 MHz: 25 mV rms. 1MΩ: 10Hz to 25 MHz: 50 mV rms. Impedance: selectable 1Ω. Coupling ac. Connector type: BNC female. Maximum Input 50 Ω: 3.5 V rms(+24 dBm) or 5 V dc. Fuse protected This unit is fitted with the following options: Option 001- Optional Time Base Option 011- Digital Input/ Output(HP-IB) Cable not included. Full spec. sheet can be viewed here- We have many test electrical items available. Please visit our shop for more. Please note as we are a business our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 08:00-17:00. Friday 08:00-12:00. Extra delivery charges will ... morebe applied for Channel Islands. Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles, Northern Ireland& Scottish Highlands. Should you require delivery to any of these areas please contact us before purchase. Will ship worldwide please contact us for a price. All our items are Ex-MoD Surplus and are sold as is basis without warranty. Calibration or test unless otherwise stated.
Used excellent condition EIP Model 25B 10Hertz to 20Gigahertz CW frequency counter. As seen in pictures unit works fine. Manual is included. The IFR service monitor in picture is not included in this auction. Unit is sold as is. No warranty expressed of implied. Manufacturer-PHASE MATRIX. INC Low starting price of $49.95 Shipping to lower 48 states USA only.
HP Agilent 53150A CW Microwave Frequency Counter 20Ghz Opt H02 Unit powers on and passes self test. I do not know how to test further. Assume the unit to be out of calibration and in need of calibration. PAYMENT We accept payments in US Dollars through Paypal Please allow extra days to clear the fund if you pay by an eCheck If you prefer to pay with a Visa. Mastercard, or American Express card please contact me after the auction ends We will hold your order pending receipt of your payment for up to 5 days if no immediate payment is required If the payment is not received in 5 days the sale will be cancelled and the item will become available for sale WARRANTY AND RETURNS We guarantee our items not DOA unless otherwise stated in auction. We ask that you please contact us first if you would like to return a purchase. If you have any issues ... moreor concerns with your purchase please contact us. We will do our best to make it right. Returns for defective items are accepted within 30 days of receipt. We offer an exchange or money back. Shipping for returned items that are not defective is the responsibility of the buyer. We ship exactly as described in auction. If manuals. Software, packaging etc. are not mentioned or pictured, they are not included. Returned items must be in the same condition as they were shipped. SHIPPING We ship 1-2 business days after cleared payment(excluding holidays and weekends) Shipping is via UPS Ground. If a fast service is required please contact us for a shipping quote. If you need a different method of s hipping please contact us before auction ends and we will do our best to accomodate you. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS We ship internationally on a case by case basis. If you are an international buyer please contact us before buying or bidding on any of our items. We will not ship internationally unless we are contacted first. Import duties. Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's c
We are a committed eBay seller offering IT equipment at competitive prices. We want to work hard to gain your trust and satisfaction. We will stand behind any equipment we sell. We take the time to make sure any equipment we list is evaluated and tested. When possible, by our qualified IT technical staff. We are here to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed buying decision. Our number one goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. We will ship International based on your preferences. Please contact us with any questions. Issues or concerns. We thank you for your interest! THIS UNIT CAME FROM A WORKING FACILITY. THE UNIT WAS POWERED TESTED. THERE MINOR SIGNS OF USE BUT OVERALL IS IN GOOD CONDITION. PLEASE SEE PICTURES FOR OVERALL CONDITION. The device is in very good condition. It has been inspected and ... moreappears to be in working condition. Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions. 1071)