Counter Instruction Manual W Schematics Digit Frequency Counter Frequency Counter Timer Counter Id Hp 5335A Universal 3Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5335A Hp 5335A Universal Counter 5335A Universal Counter 100 Mhz Universal Counter Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Racal Dana Counter Counter Timer Model Eip Model Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter Programmable Timer Counter Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Universal Counter Option Hp 5315A Agilent 53131A Ghz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Option Universal Counter With Option 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Timer Instruction Manual Counter Gpib Frequency Counter 10 3 Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5328A Universal Counter Counter Calibrated 5328A Universal Counter Microwave Frequency Counter Opt Counter 26 53131A Hp Agilent 53131A Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter 10Hz 5315A Universal Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter 10Hz Hand Tally Counter Hp 5315A Universal Counter Hp 5345A Electronic Counter 5345A Electronic Counter 225 Mhz 53132A Universal 100Mhz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Opt Rf Frequency Counter Hp 5314A Frequency Counter W Option Digit Hand Cw Microwave Pulse Counter Microwave Pulse Counter Frequency Counter With Option Counter-Timer Instruction Hp 5340A Electronic Frequency Counter Multifunction Counter Hp 5314A Universal Counter Digital Frequency Counter Counter Dc Frequency Counter Instruction Manual Counter 4 Digit 5300A Hand Tally Hp 5245L Eip 545A Counter Test Counter 10Hz Hp Agilent 5335A Hp Agilent 5345A Microwave Frequency Counter Option Microwave Frequency Counter W Option Frequency Counter Instruction Hp 5328A Frequency Counter W Opt Counter Instruction Manual Freq Counter Hp Agilent 53181A Hand Held Tally Counter Counter Power Meter Counter For Parts Or Repair 100Mhz Frequency Counter Heathkit Frequency Counter Agilent 53132A Racal Dana 4 Digit Counter Electronic Counter Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Power Hp 5340A Frequency Counter 5300A Measuring Universal Frequency Counter Timer Frequency Counter Test Counter 30 Day Warranty Time Counter Counter Led Hp Agilent 5328A Universal Counter Frequency Counter Ghz Universal Counter Opt 010 5334B Universal Counter Hp 5300A Measuring System 100 Mhz Frequency Counter 5334A Universal Counter Racal Dana 1992 Hp 5334A Universal Fluke 1953A Counter Power Fluke Philips Beckman Model Systron Donner Durant Counter Opt 010 Nanosecond Universal Counter Tally Counter Fluke Pm Time Interval Nanosecond Universal Instruction Manual W Schems Systron Eip Counter Measuring System Eip Microwave Universal Counter Timer Ghz Frequency Counter 1 3Ghz Frequency Counter Mhz Universal Counter 6 Digit Counter Led Counter Preset Counter Frequency Counter 225Mhz 1 3 Ghz Frequency Bk Frequency Counter 225Mhz Universal Counter Resolution Timer Counter Hp 5316A Hp 5316B Dana Manual Takeda Riken Frequency Counter 10 Hz 5316A Universal Counter Universal Frequency Counter 1 3 Ghz Universal Opt 011 Durant Eaton 545A Microwave Frequency Counter Frequency Time 53131A 225 Mhz Mechanical Counter 18 Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter 5316B Universal Counter Counter Operation Frequency Counter Model Hp Agilent 53132A Fluke 1900A Option 010 Fluke Counter Racal-Dana 1992 Nanosecond Universal Timer Counter 120Mhz 80Mhz Frequency Counter 5245L Electronic Counter Philips Pm Berkeley Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Mhz Frequency Counter 1992 Nanosecond Universal Counter Hp Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Manual Tally Counter Microwave Counter Power Meter Universal Time Interval Counter Counter W Option Counter With Option Counter Operation Manual Clicker Counter Veeder Counter Counter Timer Instruction Manual W Schematics Counter W Option 010 Vintage Veeder Root Eip Microwave Frequency Counter Hp 5245L Electronic Frequency Counter 10 Digit Counter W Opt 225 Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Hand Counter Ghz Counter 5300B Measuring System Hp 5315B Board Pulled From Working Counter 5245L Frequency Counter Counter 10Hz-18Ghz 5335A 200 Mhz Universal Counter Option 030 Hp 5345 Electronic Counter Hp Agilent 5334A 5385A Frequency Counter
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Up for sale is 1 pcs TFC-2700L Frequency Counter 10Hz to 2700MHz. Description: Three ranges of TFC-2700L can measure input frequency from 10 Hz ~ 2700 ... moreMHz bandwidth, The inner termperature-offset oscillator(TCXO) insure the test accuracy during a long time operation. It is also adapt to low frequency test and get a reletive exact test result because of Hi-frequency processor. Specification: Display: 8 bit green digital LED display Strobe: Hz.KHz,MHz,GHz red LED indicator. Frequency range: 1 0Hz ~ 2700 MHz Strobe time: 0.1sec.1 sec.10 sec. Analisis ratio: 1 nHz( Accuracy: 1 ± time base erre Input characteristics A Range:10 Hz ~ 20 MHz( 20 mVrms) 1MΩ B Range:100 kHz ~ 120 MHz( 50 mVrms) 1MΩ C Range:80 MHz ~ 2700 MHz( 20 mVrms) 50Ω Attenuator A Range: × 1 B Range: × 10 Time base characteristics: Frequency 20M(PTX0. Termperature-offset oscillator) Temperature stability ratio: ~ 50 ℃) Power dissipation: 220 V ± 10% 15W(110V+/10% Need to modify and 1week lead time, USD10 modification cost. Weight: Approximate 2.2 Kg Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

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HEWLETT PACKARD 5381A 80MHZ FREQUENCY COUNTER This unit was tested with a ~5MHz input. My pulse generator is not calibrated. Therefore between my uncalibrated generator and the uncalibrated 5381A, there could be some variance. There is some discoloration on the front face plate. If you have some cal stickers to apply. This will not be as noticable, but the important aspect is that the unit is working. The ON/OFF button sticks a little when you want to turn it OFF, but by pulling on the button a little, the button will come out and the unit will turn off. Does not come with power cord or cables.
Good Hewlett Packard 5381A 80MHz frequency counter. Calibrated and certified, includes an N.I.S.T.traceable Certificate of Calibration including the buyer's name, standards used, environmental conditions, etc. This counter will display seven digits. Small signs of previous usage do not affect unit's operation or readability. This counter's small size. High stability, excellent sensitivity and reliability and low cost make this item a very good value. Why should I buy from you when I can buy from others for less? Good question. You're looking at an item listed by Teletek. Our starting price is typically higher than many similar items on ebay. The answer is. Maybe they're really more expensive than we are. Teletek is an N.I.S.T.traceable calibration lab which has been in business for over 30 years. Every calibrated item ... morethat we list on ebay has been inspected. Reconditioned, calibrated and certified, and will ship with a certificate of calibration which will show the date of calibration, standards used, environmental conditions, etc. with the date of calibration within the past 30 days as of the ship date to you. Any item we sell on ebay is returnable for any reason within 30 days of your receipt. With your full purchase price refunded, no questions asked. So if it's described as calibrated and certified by us there will be no"as-is" descriptions. No"we plugged it in and it powers up" descriptions, no"it came from a working environment" words and no"we don't have the time and expertise to test this item" statements from us, because all of those words may translate to"this is a piece of junk, and we don't sell junk. Bottom line is. If you buy the same item from someone else for half as much as we're asking, did you save anything when you find out that it doesn't work properly? Teletek: 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Period. At Teletek our motto is: YOU CAN BUY FOR LESS. BUT YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER FOR LESS. 100% satisfaction guarant
Fluke 1900A- 5hz to 80Mhz Frequency Counter! actually runs 1 hz to 110Mhz(see video test) CALIBRATED with RUBIDIUM STANDARD! Calibration tested on Video to within.6 Hz& In Excellent/ Full Working Condition! Bright. Shiny case. Clean faceplate. Looks great! Great performance! Please watch the calibration video and see just how nice this unit is! It is rated to 80Mhz. But performs to about 110Mhz. On the low end it is rated at 5hz.But it measured down to the 1hz. Measures period, has totalizer(counts events) with 6 bright LED digits. The period measurements are measured in microseconds from 1Mhz down to 5Hz, giving you much resolution at low frequencies. The unit was allowed to remain on overnight to stabilize in temperature. The calibration was made once the Rubidium Standard achieved lock. The unit was adjusted to within.6hz of the 10Mhz ... morefrom the Rubidium standard during calibration. It was then tested 24 hours later and displayed 10Mhz to better than.6Hz. So stable. Let it warm for 24 hours for greatest accuracy. An excellent piece of equipment for any electronics workbench! SPECIFICATIONS: range 5Hz to 80Mhz Gate times- 01s. 1s, 1s, 10s range provides for resolution to 100hz. 10hz, 1hz, 1hz respectively time base- short term +/ 5 x 10(8) Temperature +/ 2(10-6) 20deg C to 30 deg C period measurement of frequencies 5Hz to 1Mhz Totalizer to 999999 Autorange available attenuator decrease by 10 1Mhz low pass filter selectable for low frequency measurement AC coupled max input voltage 250v peak max to 1Khz. 20v to 80Mhz 6 digit LED display- Bright and Red! Comes with: Detachable power cord. Test Leads and a user/calibration manual! The"Buy It Now" price provides you the chance to guarantee yourself one of these units at a competitive price. Once bidding has started. The"Buy It Now" is usually no longer available. The photos and video are of the exact unit being bid upon. The other equipment is being used to demonstrate the calibration. Please study them carefully and make your d
B+K MODEL 1805: 80MHz Frequency Counter- Instruction Manual w/parts list& schematic. Product#17366 Manuals in good used condition. 14 day right of return. General description: B+K MODEL 1805: 80MHz Frequency Counter- Instruction Manual w/parts list& schematic. Product#17366 We have in stock over 70.000 manuals for test equipment. If you don't find what you need, please give us a call. For questions or additional information. Please contact our Customer Service department at: 1-800-527-4642. Items may be listed on multiple sites. Availability is subject to prior sale. Warranty: 30days Return Right: 14day Payment Options We accept: PayPal(preferred) Major Credit Cards(additional Information may be required) Wire Transfer Texas residents Only: Sales tax will be charged(Please contact Tucker Electronics at 1-800-527-4642 before making ... morepayment) Shipping Information We ship via Fed Ex or USPS. Approx Weight: 1 lbs. Boxed Dim: 15x12 in. Envelope. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: USPS INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS MAIL CAN TAKE FROM 4 TO 5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. LIMITED TRACKING AVAILABLE AFTER IT LEAVES TEXAS UNTIL IT ARRIVES AT DESTINATION. DO NOT ORDER BY THIS METHOD IF YOU EXPECT DELIVERY IN 5-10 DAYS. YOU NEED TO ORDER BY USPS PRIORITY MAIL WHICH IS CONSIDERABLY MORE EXPENSIVE. BUT QUICKER. E-MAIL US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR NEED A QUOTE ON PRIORITY MAIL. Auction Sales Policy We will contact the winning bidder via e-mail with 2 business days after the auction has ended. Winning bidders must confirm their order within 3 business days after notification. Additional instructions for completion of sale will be included in the e-mail notification. Payment must be received within 7 business days after the order is confirmed. Or the winning bid will automatically be voided. Exceptions to this rule will be made on an individual basis. Please contact us within 3 business days if you need special arrangements. Tucker Electronics phone: 1-800-527-4642) Any and all state and local sales. Use, excise, privilege, and similar taxes
LEADER LDC822 DIGITAL FREQUENCY COUNTER 80MHZ I prefer bank transfer. Paypal, but will accept money order, cashier's check. I'm not always sure of the value of the items I sell. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at. If you live outside US please email me first for shipping cost before bidding. Sorry. I do not accept personal checks or credit cards. You have 3 days to send the payment. If you live outside US please email me first for shipping cost before bidding(Customer is responsible for all shipping charges(Tax or any cost to ship the unit to your country) There is no warranty for shipping outside United States. Customs and import duties may be applied to International orders when the shipment reaches its destination. Such charges are the responsibility of the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. Contact ... moreyour local customs office for details. We are not responsible for any direct. Indirect, punitive, or consequential damages that arise from improper international shipping practices. Nice unit. Unit apprears as you see in the photos. May need some calibration/adjustment work.unknown. This is a used item. Removed from service in a manufacturing plant. However. I'm unable to do extensive testing for lack of having the proper equipment and knowledge. Therefore. It's being sold AS-IS. No refund and no returns. Please ask questions before auction ends. Please bid accordingly! I'm not the original owners or operators of this equipment. This unit was bought from a manufacturer that closed or ended production. Power cords. Accessories, probes, manuals, software, etc. are not included unless specifically stated. If you have any questions please email me at
tsunami wake electronics View Our Other Items- Visit Our eBay Store- View Our Feedback HP Hewlett Packard 5381A 80MHz Frequency Counter Condition: Used Description: This item is used and is in good condition. It has been tested and appears to be accurate. The readout matched the counter on the function generator used for testing. The input uses a BNC connector. Test Leads are not included. Items Included Items Not Included HP 5381A Freq. Counter, Power Cord Test Leads, Accessories. Manuals, or other items not pictured, Payment Information Shipping Information Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal, Payments must be received within 7 days. We do not accept payment from outside the US. Orders will ship after payment has been confirmed. We do not ship outside the US. We can't combine shipping on items with free shipping. We do not ship outside ... morethe United States. Shipping insurance included for FedEx shipments. Warranty& Return Information All items sold are listed as accurately as possible and will shipped as described and pictured. Items listed AS-IS will be specified in the description and cannot be returned. All other items include a DOA warranty. Warranty does not cover mishandling. Misuse, or accidental damage caused by buyer. If the item you have ordered is damaged or not as described. Contact us within 7 days to request a return. All returns are carefully inspected upon receipt before issuance of refunds. Credits, or exchanges. In the event that a suitable replacement is not available. A refund will be issued. Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.
Fluke 1900A Multi-Counter with Case. The 1900A Frequency Counter operates in a frequency range of 5Hz to 80MHz. It performs period. Period averaging, and totalize measurements. Sensitivity: 15 mV rms(typically) Sold"As Is Where Is"
Fluke Universal Frequency Counter Three Channel DC-80MHz tested and working. Good working condition. Tested with a frequency generator. Rubber feet are original and in good condition. Angle tilt support/bracket original and in good condition. Looks to be similar to Fluke 1952A but cannot find model number. May have been on the back side and was scraped off– see photo. AC cord in good condition. Please see photos and ask questions if needed before bidding. Combined shipping is available when possible/ practical.
IID:11999/AJ Your satisfaction and 5-star ratings are our top priority! Please CONTACT US with any concerns. We will work to ensure your purchasing experience is worthy of your 5-star ratings and positive feedback. Condition Used, Removed from a working environment, See below for warranty info Specifications Make: Leader, Model: LDC-822, What's included Item as pictured, What's NOT included Anything else, Difficulties communicating? We will receive messages sent through eBay. But respond directly to your email. Check your spam folders, especially Gmail users. Before you assume we aren't responding to your messages. More information is available below. Special requests- Do not include shipping instructions. Make special requests, or send any other messages with your payment or while completing your purchase on eBay. Payments are ... moreprocessed automatically, and we will not see it. Send any such requests in a separate email after your purchase. Thank you. Please take a moment to view other items in our. Thanks! Warranty& Returns: If we made a mistake. We'll fix it. Depending on the item, we may exchange it, replace it, offer replacement parts, or issue a refund(after the item is returned, of course) Sometimes we may request pictures or other information in order to help us help you. If you aren't happy with your item. And we didn't make a mistake, you may still return it within 30 days. We will refund payment for the item only, which does not including shipping charges, which are paid to the carrier. We reserve the right to deduct a restocking fee of up to 15% for any non-defective returns. See full terms below. Your satisfaction and 5-star ratings are our top priority! Please with any concerns. We will work to ensure your purchasing experience is worthy of your 5-star ratings and positive feedback. Items excluded from our standard warranty& return policy are: Items advertised"as-is" Items that you attempt to service or repair. Or that you take to any third party service provid
Frequency Counter You are bidding on one Hewlett Packard 5381A 80MHz Frequency Counter. Item is used in good condition and comes with power cord. Unit shows signs of cosmetic wear including scratches and scrapes that will not affect the unit's function. Front overlay is bubbled up(see pictures for detail) Unit powers on but we are unable to test it further. Input Power: 48-440 Hz 30 VA Max. 500 mAT 100/120V 250 mAT 220/240V. Shipping: Free shipping represents shipping within the lower 48 States ONLY. Insurance included. All others will be charged according to their location. Sales tax of 8% will be charged to New York State residents and businesses We at eTech Surplus strive to honestly and accurately describe each item we sell. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and ... moreeasy and manage your active items.
Fluke 1952A Universal Frequency Counter This auction is for a USED Fluke 1952A Universal Frequency Counter MANUFACTURER'S DESCRIPTION: The Fluke 1952A is a compact three-channel counter capable of measuring frequency. Period, A-B time intervals, etc. EQUIPMENT CONDITION: Tested by our Lab Technician- Tested and working! Overall condition is good. see photos. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Detachable power cord ACCESSORIES. BATTERIES& MANUALS: All items are sold without manuals or accessories unless pictured or specified in our description. If the item you are purchasing has batteries. Assume the batteries are old and need to be replaced unless we state that we already did so. Please contact us for a quote if you would like the batteries to be replaced prior to shipping. WARRANTY: AS-IS ALL ITEMS: We offer a seven day right of return on ALL ... moreitems if they have been grossly mis-described or mis-represented. AS-IS LISTINGS: We do not offer any guarantee of functionality on As-Is listings. If we have listed the item as having been tested by our technician and found to be working. That is strictly the opinion of the technician at the time of testing and does not constitute a warranty. If we list the item as untested with the ebay condition code“USED” this does not constitute a warranty that the unit is in working condition. Ebay unfortunately does not have a category for“untested” which would better fit these auctions. If our auction listing says the item is Untested and As-Is/ No Returns. That is the way we are selling the item regardless of the condition code. RIGHT OF RETURN(ROR) Items offered with a right of return may be returned if the buyer finds the item to be defective within the time period specified for returns. We may repair. Replace, or refund returned items at our discretion. Freight charges are non-refundable. Please contact us via ebay messages prior to returning any item. We do not take returns because the buyer has changed his mind. Or found the item to be unsuited to the purpose for which it was purc
This listing is for a Fluke 1900A Frequency Counter 5Hz-80Mhz 25mV RMS Sensitivity. The unit powers on. Display is OK and buttons respond well. No further testing has been conducted. Unit is in good physical condition and has visible cosmetic damage(refer to photos for details) Comes with power cord. PARTS SWAPPERS PLEASE NOTE THAT WE TAMPER MARK ALL OUR ITEMS. Hover To Enlarge. This is the re-marketing arm of IERC and. As a result, most items that are being sold are not items that we have used internally. We do test the items to the best of our ability and state the known condition as we understand it to be. We do not always have the means to test certain items. Our reputation is very important to us. We do our best to honestly represent all listed items and ship within the designated times whenever possible. Please do not make assumptions ... moreas to what may or may not be included in the auction All items unless otherwise stated are sold as is. Do not hesitate to send us any questions or concerns. ASK before you bid. We will do our best to promptly and fully answer these queries to make your eBay experience with us as pleasant as possible. Items include only what is shown in the pictures and or or stated in the auction. We may occasionally use stock photos on multiple items. We treat our buyers with respect and expect to be treated in a similar fashion. Buyers who are cooperative working through issues should they unfortunately arrise will be treated very well. Please read. Understand and agree to the terms of sale listed below BEFORE you bid on our products. Bidding on any product is considered a bidding agreement that the terms below have been read and agreed to. If you have any questions you must contact us prior to bidding. Unless we have been contacted in advance. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. Sorry No local pickups. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We ship on your behalf using Canada Post Expedited Service once weekly only. Please deal with the courier directly regarding estimated delivery times. We do not accep
This Sale is for an HP 5381A RF Frequency Counter 80MHz 1MΩ. TESTED by our Lab Technician and works well! The HP Model 5381A Frequency Counter is a direct-counting frequency counter that has a range of 10 Hz to 80 MHz. Seven display digits is provided. Front-panel controls allow a selection of gate times and attenuation factors of the input signal. A rear-panel connector and associated selector switch allow connection of an external time base oscillator. This feature also allows ration measurements to be made by the counter. SOLD WITH A 14 DAY RIGHT OF INSPECTION! Please CLICK HERE for our new eBay Manuals Store. First Choice Manuals" This item is NOT FOR EXPORT. U.S. SALES ONLY. Diversion is subject to civil and criminal Penalties. Terms& Conditions Emails Please use Ebay’s Message System to communicate with us. Ebay’s message center ... moreprovides for the most effective communication. Emails sent directly can be overlooked or filtered by our server which only causes frustration to all parties. Answering Questions Avitar’s business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time. We will answer questions during those hours prior to the end of the auctions. Questions received over the weekend or on holidays will be answered Monday morning. Shipping Notes Shipping costs are to the US(Lower 48 States) Local pick-up is available by appointment only. Alaska and Hawaii residents please e-mail for a shipping quote before bidding. Shipping& Handling All items are professionally packed to arrive undamaged. UPS is our standard domestic carrier. International bidders please note that we will use USPS Priority mail for smaller. Less expensive items. However, USPS has both size and weight restrictions as well as insurance limits that vary from country to country. Any item that exceeds the aforementioned parameters will be shipped via Federal Express. We will pass along our substantial Federal Express discount and are happy to quote shipping cost to potential bidders prior to bidding. Ple
Fluke 1900A Six-Digit Multi-Frequency LCD Digital Counter 5Hz- 80MHz 15mV This unit has been tested to power on with a working LCD display. The buttons are responsive. No further testing has been conducted upon this unit. A standard power cable is included. And the unit comes with a 30 day warranty. Please read the following terms of sale carefully. These terms constitute a legally binding agreement( contract) between the seller and buyer. By bidding on. Or purchasing, the product posted in this eBay listing, the winning bidder agrees to and accepts all of the terms of sale stated below. TERMS OF SALE: Only what is shown in the eBay photo and mentioned in the listing is included. Anything else should be understood to not be included. For sale is for the eBay item only. No service or tech support are included, but if you have a question feel ... morefree to ask and we'll answer if we can. All sales are final. Please understand that this is an auction/liquidation environment, not a retail store, so make sure the item is right for you, before bidding. PAYMENT: We accept payment by Paypal. And we only ship to the address which the buyer provides within the Paypal payment, no exceptions. If you would like to pay with a non-Paypal payment method. Please contact us before bidding to see if we can arrange something. Buyers are given 7 days from winning bid to pay. And payment is expected of all winning bidders If no payment is made within 7 days. An unpaid item reminder will be filed with eBay, and the buyer forfeits the auction win. We are required by state law to collect sales tax on all items shipping to a CA address. CA sales tax may be waived at our discretion. But only with a valid CA resale certificate- please contact us for resale exception*before* sending payment. DOMESTIC(US) SHIPPING: Local pickup is normally not available; exceptions are sometimes made. But only for higher-value orders. Please contact us first to see if we can make this arrangement for you, don't assume that we will be able to. We charge flat
BK Precision 1820 Universal Frequency Counter(6 Digit) As seen in the photograph the unit appears to be functioning. I am not familiar with this unit but am willing to test within reasonable means upon request(with detailed instructions included) I will include a scanned(PDF) copy of the original instruction manual VIA CD at no extra charge with this purchase. The unit does not come with a power cord. A power cable was used from another piece of equipment that I own for testing purposes. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. More detailed photographs can be sent upon request. Sold"as is" No warranty. Happy Bidding!
RDR ELECTRONICS WILL ONLY SHIP TO U.S. ADDRESSES. FOREIGN BIDDERS WILL BE APPROVED TO BID ONLY AFTER PROVIDING A U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS! Auction consisting of: 1- B+K Precision 80MHz Frequency Counter Model 1805 8 Digit Tested! This auction is for a used B+K Precision 80MHz Frequency Counter Model 1805. It has some smudges and scuffs here and there. But it is in pretty good overall condition. We tested it throughout its range and all looked ok. No power cord, cabling or manual come with this unit. SPECIFICATIONS Freq. Characteristics Accuracy: 1.0sec +- Time Base Accuracy. +- 1 count. Resolution: 0.1Hz to 1,000Hz switch selectable. Period Characteristics: Frequency Range of Period Measurement: 5Hz to 2Mhz(200,000 ms to 0.5uS) Pulse Width: 250nS Min; Input Characteristics Impedance: 1M ohm. Coupling: AC. Filter: Low pass filter, 100kHz cutoff, ... moreswitch selectable. Connector: BNC. Time Base Characteristics Type: Crystal oscillator. Freq: 10 MHz. Setability: +-0.1 ppm. Display Characteristics display: 8 LEDs: 0.43" seven segment digits. Display Update Time: 0.2 sec plus user selected gate time. General Power: AC Operation: 108v to 132 VAC. Dim. HxWxD) 8.25 x 29.4 x 19cm" Wt: 2.75lbs. 1.25kg) Included: AC cord, manual, diagram. We have a great starting bid and we are including a 30-day warranty on this sale! Only what is listed above and/or shown in the pictures below are included in this auction. Item weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. Used condition. This item is being sold with a 30-day warranty. Unit does not come with its AC power cord! Check the shipping calculator for S/H cost to your ZIP code. Item will be insured for the bid amount. To view all of our current E-bay auctions click on our RDR-Electronics Items for Sale Page link below! Click on any image for a more detailed view. Click on any image for a more detailed view. Terms and Conditions: There is no need for us to email you after the auction ends. Simply pay the amount of the winning bid plus the S/H indicated by the shipping calculator for yo
This is a used Fluke 1900A Frequency Counter in GREAT Condition! The case is also in Excellent condition. This counter was tested and works fine! It comes with an AC Power Cord. 0fe.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d70f%2B%3E0fe-1479c6d5159-0x106-
Fluke 1900A Multi-Counter Portable Frequency Counter 5Hz to 80MHz Clean Working Offered here is a used Fluke 1900A Multi-Counter frequency counter. It was recently surplussed by the State of Louisiana and is in good working condition. There is a 14 day return period for this piece but there is no extended warranty beyond that period. The unit has been cleaned and sanitized and is in good cosmetic condition. Please email us any questions and thanks for looking at our listings. You may be interested in. About Electronics We purchase our electronics from a number of sources. In most cases these pieces come from surplus auctions and business liquidation auctions. These pieces are often used but in working order. We try to describe these items as best as possible and when possible test them to ensure they are in working order. However. As these ... moreitems are used we do not offer any kind of extended warranty with them. We do generally offer a 14 day return period unless otherwise stated. It is not our goal to sell you broken equipment and we will take returns on items that are broken if we stated that they are working. We are reasonable when it comes to returns and we want our customers to be happy. SHIPPING When possible we can combine shipping if you buy more than one item. Please email us to inquire about combined shipping. We can ship outside of the United State on many items. But please email us before bidding on a large item if you are located outside of the United States. We ship all of our items with either the United States Postal Service or Federal Express. We provide tracking information when we ship items. All of our items are very well packed using new boxes and quality shipping materials. We take pride in our packing and you can expect your purchase to be well packaged. PAYMENT We accept payments with either PayPal or via our merchant credit card service. We can accept Visa. MasterCard or American Express. If you wish to pay with a credit card please email us to make payment arrangements. You may be intere
good working counter bench tested.unit only as shown nothing else included.
You were bidding on used HEWLETT PACKARD HP 5381A 80 Mhz Frequency Counter. This is older production years unit but fully operational and being calibrated until recent years. Being on(powered on) for two weeks and did not show any problem with readout. The actual picture shown unit with frequency input connected to the oven 10.000000MHz ±50 Ppb oscillator. The counter is on INTERNAL reference. Some cosmetic wear on the case and front panel(front panel peeling) A few permanent marker notes on the case of the unit.Rear feet has broken piece. The power cord and reference oscillator are not included. Returns are accepted. Buyer will pay return shipment. Will ship to Continental US ONLY. Thank you for bidding. Shipping is FREE.