Counter Instruction Manual W Schematics Digit Frequency Counter Frequency Counter Timer Counter Id Hp 5335A Universal 3Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5335A Hp 5335A Universal Counter 5335A Universal Counter 100 Mhz Universal Counter Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Racal Dana Counter Counter Timer Model Eip Model Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter Programmable Timer Counter Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Universal Counter Option Hp 5315A Agilent 53131A Ghz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Option Universal Counter With Option 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Timer Instruction Manual Counter Gpib Frequency Counter 10 3 Ghz Frequency Counter Hp 5328A Universal Counter Counter Calibrated 5328A Universal Counter Microwave Frequency Counter Opt Counter 26 53131A Hp Agilent 53131A Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter 10Hz 5315A Universal Hp 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter 10Hz Hand Tally Counter Hp 5315A Universal Counter Hp 5345A Electronic Counter 5345A Electronic Counter 225 Mhz 53132A Universal 100Mhz Universal Counter Universal Counter W Opt Rf Frequency Counter Hp 5314A Frequency Counter W Option Digit Hand Cw Microwave Pulse Counter Microwave Pulse Counter Frequency Counter With Option Counter-Timer Instruction Hp 5340A Electronic Frequency Counter Multifunction Counter Hp 5314A Universal Counter Digital Frequency Counter Counter Dc Frequency Counter Instruction Manual Counter 4 Digit 5300A Hand Tally Hp 5245L Eip 545A Counter Test Counter 10Hz Hp Agilent 5335A Hp Agilent 5345A Microwave Frequency Counter Option Microwave Frequency Counter W Option Frequency Counter Instruction Hp 5328A Frequency Counter W Opt Counter Instruction Manual Freq Counter Hp Agilent 53181A Hand Held Tally Counter Counter Power Meter Counter For Parts Or Repair 100Mhz Frequency Counter Heathkit Frequency Counter Agilent 53132A Racal Dana 4 Digit Counter Electronic Counter Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Power Hp 5340A Frequency Counter 5300A Measuring Universal Frequency Counter Timer Frequency Counter Test Counter 30 Day Warranty Time Counter Counter Led Hp Agilent 5328A Universal Counter Frequency Counter Ghz Universal Counter Opt 010 5334B Universal Counter Hp 5300A Measuring System 100 Mhz Frequency Counter 5334A Universal Counter Racal Dana 1992 Hp 5334A Universal Fluke 1953A Counter Power Fluke Philips Beckman Model Systron Donner Durant Counter Opt 010 Nanosecond Universal Counter Tally Counter Fluke Pm Time Interval Nanosecond Universal Instruction Manual W Schems Systron Eip Counter Measuring System Eip Microwave Universal Counter Timer Ghz Frequency Counter 1 3Ghz Frequency Counter Mhz Universal Counter 6 Digit Counter Led Counter Preset Counter Frequency Counter 225Mhz 1 3 Ghz Frequency Bk Frequency Counter 225Mhz Universal Counter Resolution Timer Counter Hp 5316A Hp 5316B Dana Manual Takeda Riken Frequency Counter 10 Hz 5316A Universal Counter Universal Frequency Counter 1 3 Ghz Universal Opt 011 Durant Eaton 545A Microwave Frequency Counter Frequency Time 53131A 225 Mhz Mechanical Counter 18 Ghz Microwave Frequency Counter 5316B Universal Counter Counter Operation Frequency Counter Model Hp Agilent 53132A Fluke 1900A Option 010 Fluke Counter Racal-Dana 1992 Nanosecond Universal Timer Counter 120Mhz 80Mhz Frequency Counter 5245L Electronic Counter Philips Pm Berkeley Model Hp Agilent 53131A Universal Frequency Counter Mhz Frequency Counter 1992 Nanosecond Universal Counter Hp Agilent 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter Manual Tally Counter Microwave Counter Power Meter Universal Time Interval Counter Counter W Option Counter With Option Counter Operation Manual Clicker Counter Veeder Counter Counter Timer Instruction Manual W Schematics Counter W Option 010 Vintage Veeder Root Eip Microwave Frequency Counter Hp 5245L Electronic Frequency Counter 10 Digit Counter W Opt 225 Mhz Universal Frequency Counter Hand Counter Ghz Counter 5300B Measuring System Hp 5315B Board Pulled From Working Counter 5245L Frequency Counter Counter 10Hz-18Ghz 5335A 200 Mhz Universal Counter Option 030 Hp 5345 Electronic Counter Hp Agilent 5334A 5385A Frequency Counter
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For the very best stability and performance an OCXO is desirable but originally very expensive. Each kit contains all of the required components including ... moremounting hardware. OCXO Oscillator Kits. The kits are all through-hole mounted components, so only modest soldering skills are required.

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Agilent/Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter w/Ops & Svc Manual *Exc. Cond!*
Agilent/HP 5315A Universal Counter Measures Frequency. Period, Time Interval, Time Interval Average, Time Interval Holdoff& Ratio Switchable Attenuator 8 Digit Resolution Fully Tested! Excellent Condition! Includes Op/Svc Manual& Power Cord! Sold As-Is
HP 5315A. Free priority delivery within USA. Please use eBay contact seller message format for quote to other zones or any questions. 36`.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*70%60%3E36%60-13eae5a82b0-0xfa-
HP Agilent Hewlett Packard 5315A 100 MHz Universal Counter with Manual
HP 5315A Universal Counter With Operating and Service Manual This test equipment was my late father's. A Professional Engineer. It is being sold for the the purpose of disposing of his estate. It passes all self-tests. Unit in photo measuring signal from function generator is actual one being sold, function generator not included- see separate listing) Payment and Shipping: Payment via PayPal is due within 2 days of the close of the auction. Local pick up is available and free. Item will be shipped via standard ground shipping within 48 hours of receipt of payment. For express shipment. Please add $20.00. Guarantee Terms: This item is guaranteed to power on& has no known functional Issues. 14 day DOA guarantee.
YOU ARE BIDDING ON A HP AGILENT UNIVERSAL COUNTER MODEL 5315A WITH OPT 3 CHANNEL C( 1GHz) SOME DETAILS: The 5315A Universal Counter measures signals over 0.1Hz to 100MHz range. The unit measures Period: 10 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval: 100 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval Average: 0 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval Delay: holdoff. Variable delay of nominally 500?s to 20 ms between START(channel A) and STOP(channel B) and Ratio: 0.1Hz to 100MHz, both channels. A totalize function with manual or external gating is also provided. All measurements, except totalized, have up to 8-digits resolution. Two channels provide time interval measurements. LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. WE OFFER A DOMESTIC DOA WARRANTY AND A POWER CORD. THANKS FOR LOOKING Froo | Froo Cross Sell. Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, ... moreeBay Apps, eBay Application. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bi%3Ahtpqto%3E%7B-13f3872bf53-0xfa-
Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter R71
Description This listing is for a used Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter. It does power on and works came from a working inviroment. It is very nice condition other then the Handle that was broke then tapped up. Please view pictures closely. Item pictured is what is being sold. Basic Specifications: Input Impedance: 1M/ Frequency Range: DC to 100MHz- 5 nsec Minimum Pulse Sensitivity: 10mv RMS Sinewave to 10MHz- 25mv RMS Sinewave to 100MHz- 75mv PK-PK For 5 nsec Pulse Dynamic Range: +2V to-2V Trigger Level: Variable to + 2V X Attenuator Sensitivity Control: Provides Continuously Variable Sensitivity Reduction with Fixed Trigger Level. Normally OV DC Payment We require IMMEDIATE PAYMENT for all" Buy It Now" Listings. If payment is not received by the within 24 hours after listing has been closed. We will file for cancellation ... morebased on eBay's"Buy It Now" Policy. The item will be put back into stock and relisted on eBay. Payment may be made through PayPal. Or email us to request direct payment using VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS on our own merchant account. There will be no sales tax charged on your purchase. Shipping Our normal shipping method is UPS for all Destinations in the USA. However. There are times when we ship using USPS. We do not ship or sell to International Countries. So please do not ask, thank you. NOTE: If you want to ship on your company UPS Account. You must make arrangements prior to paying the invoice from eBay. Email us to request to ship on your own UPS account. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs. Including any applicable insurance, taxes, tariffs or duties. Goods typically ship three to five business days after receipt of payment. Terms of Sale Please look over the photos carefully and do not assume anything about the item(s) included in this listing. The photos show what is included in this listing. Unless otherwise stated. If it is not in the photos or in the description it is likely not included. The pictures in this listing maybe
HP 5315A Universal Counter, Powers on
Powers up. Not tested for function No power cord as-is
HP 5315A-Universal Counter-L31
On eBay for 16 years! We are a trusted seller with 100% feedback approval& high star ratings in all categories. We are honest in our listings. We ask that you read the ad carefully. If you are not sure about an item please ask questions before bidding. To ask a question please scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left side and click on the"ask a question" link. We rarely answer questions on weekends and during holidays, we will reply first thing next business day. Thank you for looking at our items. Dan Batson, DGD Inc HP Universal Counter. This item is in good cosmetic condition. Unit powers on and all knobs and buttons operate smoothly. This item has been tested by a professional and is guaranteed to work correctly. Item is sold as described. We have Fedex pickup daily. We pack and ship your item no later than the ... morenext day. Buyer pays shipping. We ship via Fedex Ground. Items are insured for their purchase price. Payment due within 3 business days of auction end. Unpaid item filed with eBay after 7 days(if you contact us we can work with buyer) We accept payment and credit cards thru PayPal. If you require different payment modes please email. Damage policy: We do our best to package your item so if it is dropped or mishandled it will still arrive in working condition. We have very few claims due to our careful packing procedures. If item is damaged. Contact DGD Inc immediately and keep all packing materials. Refund policy: Items must be checked and tested in a reasonable amount of time after delivery. If a refund is requested. Items must be shipped back IMMEDIATELY for refund. If we accept Canadian and International shipments on this item. There is an extra charge for documentation and customs paperwork. Canadian shipments add $5.00 paperwork fee. International add $10.00 if I ship thru USPS, if shipping other than USPS there is a $25.00 paperwork fee. This is due to customs invoices and time it takes to get shipping quotes. If there is a shipping cost shown in the auction, it is for
Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter - HP Frequency Counter to 1Ghz
Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter- HP Frequency Counter to 1Ghz Here is an HP Counter with two options. Option 001 is the temperature compensated time base and option 003 is the pre-scaled option allowing measurements to 1 Ghz. We tested this using an HP generator and it is working fine.
HP 5315A Universal Counter with 1Ghz Option
HP 5315A Universal Counter with 1Ghz Option Here is a great frequency counter that will work to 1 Ghz and also has the temperature compensated time base(TXCO) Test and working in great condition.
UNIVERSAL COUNTER/ HEWLETT PACKARD 5315A/ COMPTEUR UNIVERSEL The equipment or the item has been plugged-in and is functional. However no further testing was done because we do not have the necessary knowledge. The item is sold‘as is’ L’appareil ou l’objet a été mis en marche et est fonctionnel. Cependant. Aucun autre test n’a été effectué puisque nous n’avons pas les connaissances nécessaires. L’Item est vendu‘tel quel’ Payment: Please through either PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER. Bank details will be given after auction. Please pay within 7 days of auction. Please note that applicable taxes will always be added to the amount. If needed. Please note that customs clearance fees will be added to the amount. Shipping: WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES OR LOSS OF PACKAGES DUE TO POSTAGE. ALL ITEMS ARE VERY WELL PACKED ... moreSO THERE SHOULD BE NO PROBLEMS. We will only ship to the buyers REGISTERED ADDRESS on Paypal if paid with Paypal. Otherwise Ebays registered address. ALL OUR SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURN Items are described to the best of our ability& knowledge. If you are unsure of any information OR pictures. Please contact us. DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING. Warning buyers: Before you bid: Please remember that your bid is a legally binding contract. If you are not sure what this means please read eBay's terms and conditions. Please thoroughly look through the photos; you buy what you see on the photos. If you have any questions or doubt. Please contact us before bidding. Paiement: S'il vous plaît. Soit par Paypal ou virement bancaire. Les coordonnées bancaires seront données après l'enchère. Vous devez payer dans les 7 jours de la vente aux enchères, dans le cas contraire les transactions et la livraison ne pourront être effectué. Veuillez prendre note que les taxes applicables seront toujours ajoutées au montant. Si nécessaire. Veuillez noter que les frais de dédouanement seront ajoutés au montant. Livraison: NOUS NE SOMM
HP 5315A Universal Counter (broken handle)
HP 5315A Universal Counter(broken handle) Used Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Part# 5315A Type: Universal Counter Enclosure: External Compatibility: Please check prior to purchasing Please note that the handle for this unit is broken. This unit has been tested to power on only. No further testing has been done- PLEASE READ OUR RETURN POLICY COMPLETELY BEFORE PURCHASING FROM US. If you have any questions about this item. Please email us prior to purchase, otherwise buyer holds all responsibility What you see in these photos is what will be shipped to you I will describe how we list items and process DOA returns so that everything is clear. Before we list an item we power test it if it requires power. If it is a motherboard we test it while in the system before dismantling, if it is a peripheral device that we can test on or in a system we do. ... moreAll devices that require a special device or specialty experience that we do not have our testing begins and end with power testing. After testing we inspect for physical damage or inconsistencies. If there is any wear outside of the normal of a used item we either mark the item to note its damage or wear in the listing or we scrap it. We then place a number of company marks on the board with invisible ink and place security seals on the board to discourage tampering or desoldering of components. IF YOUR ITEM IS DOA YOU MUST CONTACT US THROUGH EBAY MESSAGING TO GET AN RMA# IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE THE ITEM BACK FROM THE BUYER WITHIN 10 DAYS OF ISSUING AN RMA# WE WILL DECLINE YOUR REQUEST FOR REFUND OR EXCHANGE When a buyer initiates a DOA claim we issue them a RMA number and await the return. When the return arrives we inspect the item for our invisible company markings and inspect the security seals for tampering. If either of these are missing or if the seals have been tampered with the warranty is void. we then check the item to see if it works and that all the components are in working order. If the item is DOA or not as listed we will exchange the item for o
(ot 22) Hewlett Packard HP 5315A Universal Counter
This unit is in pretty good condition with just some scuffs and scratches. The unit powered on without issue. But I have no other way to test the unit so I am selling it as is. Here is a link for more information: Thanks for looking! If you have any questions. Just send me an email(please note we are not able to answer questions on Saturdays, but they will be answered on Sunday) Thanks again and take care! NOTE ON SHIPPING: Shipping is quoted for the contiguous 48 states. All others and international bidders pay actual. Just email me for a quote. Buy it Now items will be shipped within 3 business days of completed payment. NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: All customs fees. Duties, import taxes, and related charges are solely your responsibility to pay. We have no ability ... moreto estimate those cost so please contact your local post office prior to bidding to understand your financial responsibilities upon arrival. The number code in parenthesis at the beginning of the title is an internal company inventory code. It is in no way affiliated with the actual title. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. Prompt. Friendly, and accurate service is our focus.
HP/Agilent 5315A 100Mhz Universal Frequency Counter
You are bidding on a used HP/Agilent 5315A Frequency Counter w/option 001(internal TCXO oscillator timebase) As seen in the pictures. The handle is broken but the unit is electronically sound. Comes with a power cord and BNC cable shown in picture. The HP/Agilent 5315A is a low-cost portable bench version of the 5316B high-performance universal counter. Unique counting circuitry gives the best of both reciprocal and conventional frequency counting. Full frequency range(to 100 MHz) on both input channels provides frequency. Period, ratio A/B, and totalize A by B measurements. The 5315A is suited for maintaining and calibrating all types of electronic equipment in the field. Its tough. Lightweight polycarbonate case and optional battery pack make it convenient to use anywhere. Exceptional resolution at both low and high frequencies Three time-interval ... moremodes solve more problems Flexible signal conditioning optimized for both frequency and time interval measurements Selectable gate time from 60 ms to 10 s 100 MHz A and B input channels. Proven reliability and excellent RFI protection Exceptional Resolution Below 10 MHz. The counter measures the input signal period, then computes and displays the reciprocal frequency with 7 digits of resolution in one second for signals as low as 0.1 Hz. Above 10 MHz, the counter automatically performs as a conventional counter. Three Time-Interval Modes The 5315A offers 100 ns single-shot time-interval resolution. Time-interval averaging boosts performance to 10 ps resolution. A time-interval delay ignores spurious signals that would normally cause the counter to trigger. Flexible Signal Conditioning Choose ac or dc coupling. A sensitivity control(variable attenuator) and a switchable low-pass filter. Both channels have trigger level controls with easy setting. Guaranteed against being"DOA" Questions welcomed, serious bidders only please. US high bidder will enjoy"Free shipping" includes tracking/confirmation no. through US postal service priority"insured&quo
HP Agilent 5315A Universal Counter 100MHz 220V Warranty!
Up For Sale: 1 Used. HP Agilent 5315A Universal Counter 100MHz 220V Operated. Guaranteed to work. Sold with 14 days Warranty. Shipping by Express mail to Worldwide. Thanks for looking. Buy with confidence. TERMS& CONDITIONS If you choose to bid on this item. You are agreeing to the terms and conditions below: PAYMENT: Please pay immediately after the auction has ended. METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept PayPal only. We will wait for payment to be clear before shipping out your item. SHIPPING: All goods are sent in secure packaging. The shipping from Israel usually takes 7-21 business days and sometimes there might be unexpected delays which we can no control. We use registered airmail which is very reliable service. We pack our items professionally. We provide the best quality shipping available. Using professional shipping materials. Your ... moreitem is usually shipped the next business day at the latest. We ship to WORLDWIDE. Accept for a few countries) We will gladly combine multiple items to save you on S&H fees when possible. If you have or expect to win multiple items. Please email us as soon as possible and list the item#s you have and/or expect to win and we will send you an invoice after all items have ended. RETURN POLICY: If you have a discrepancy with the item once it has been shipped to you. Please let us know, we will try to help you out. Our clients are our Top priority; we want to make sure that you are more than satisfied. If you have any questions just ask, we are nice and friendly and will be glad to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. Sales Tax: All Buyers from Israel- Must add VAT(Ma'am" Customs/Taxes/Duties: If your customs office/government charges additional taxes you are responsible for those. We have no way to know if. When or how much that will be. Please consult your local customs office or government for more information. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with this product. Please send it back for ex
HP / Agilent 5315A Universal Counter 100 MHz TESTED
HP/ Agilent 5315A Universal Counter 100 MHz TESTED An HP/ Agilent Universal Counter. Model: 5315A, 100 MHz, The PDF datasheet for this model is available. Please take a look at all of the provided photos before placing your bid to thoroughly inspect the lot contents and condition. Item Condition: Used- We fully tested this item and it is in perfect working order. Return Policy: We are offering the buyer a TWO WEEK(14 day) right of return for testing and inspection. Buyer will be responsible for the cost of return shipping. Listed for M.A. by G.L. Located at: EB15-B-2 Shipping weight is 7lbs. 0oz, shipped from our warehouse in California. zip 90221) Default Shipping Service: UPS Ground California residents will be charged 9.00% sales tax. Tennessee residents will be charged 9.00% sales tax. We have offices in both California and Tennessee ... moreand are required to charge tax to any shipment sent anywhere in either state. We accept the following methods of payment: For foreign orders we accept PayPal. We reserve the right to refuse other payment types at our discretion. We make our decision on a case by case basis. Due to previous problems with some foreign credit cards. After your item has shipped. We will email you the tracking info. ATTENTION FOREIGN BUYERS We will not make false statements on Customs Documents. When you buy an item it will not be listed as a"gift" It will be valued at exactly the price you paid. YOU must be aware that customs duties(Import Taxes) could be due when the shipment enters your country. YOU are responsible for those duties/taxes; know your own country's rates/policies before you buy. Due to the various levels of service and care provided by the different postal services around the world. We cannot guarantee delivery outside the United States. Insurance is strongly suggested or may be required. If the item is returned/rejected from your country for any reason. We are happy to refund the cost of the item only, less any eBay fees and shipping costs. If you still want the item,
Hewlett Packard Model 5315A Universal Counter - Please read.
This is a very nice HP 5314A Frequency Counter with one issue. It passes all self checks as can be seen in the pictures. When turned on. It displays“8” in all the digits. After about 1 second, it changes to“000” as per the manual. In the“Check” position, it shows 10.0000 Mhz, which tests the 10 Mhz time base oscillator. The problem is that it will NOT count when a signal is applied to the input. This seems to indicate something is wrong in the input circuit. The manual gives trouble shooting information, but I do not have an Oscilloscope capable of testing it. If you have an oscilloscope with at least a 20 Mhz capability(preferably 50 Mhz) and the ability to trouble shoot. This could make a very nice and stable Frequency Counter for you. The exterior looks almost new. It is very clean with no scratches, etc. I will include a manual on CD ... moreROM. Please ask any questions before bidding. All sales final. No warranty, no returns. Shipping to mainland USA only. Thank you for looking.
HP 5315A Universal Counter, DC-100 MHz
U are bidding on a Hewlett Packard 5315a Universal counter that does power up
Hewlett Packard ( HP ) Model 5315A Universal Counter. Nice & Clean
Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter(HP) You are bidding on a Hewlett Packard model 5315A Universal Counter. The unit powers up and looks good. As all the stuff seems to function as it should. However, I have no way of testing it beyond that. This unit is from a retired engineer's personal collection which he purchased new and has had little use. Check out my other items!
HP 5315A Universal Counter Hewlett-Packard Portable
HP 5315A 1 GHz Universal Frequency Counter w/ Option 003 Channel C & 001 TCXO
HP 5315A 1 GHz Universal Frequency Counter w/ Option 003 Channel C& 001 TCXO Click on images to enlarge Condition: Used in Good Cosmetic Condition, Tested and guaranteed working(pdf 24.91 MB) The HP 5315A is a low-cost portable bench version of the 5316B high-performance universal counter. Unique counting circuitry gives the best of both reciprocal and conventional frequency counting. Full frequency range(to 100 MHz) on both input channels provides frequency. Period, ratio A/B, and totalize A by B measurements. Includes option 003 1 GHz C channel extends the frequency range for navigation and communications applications. Includes Option 001 TCXO Exceptional resolution at both low and high frequencies, Three time-interval modes solve more problems, Flexible signal conditioning optimized for both frequency and time interval measurements, ... moreSelectable gate time from 60 ms to 10 s, 100 MHz A and B input channels, 1 GHz C channel, Proven reliability and excellent RFI protection, Exceptional Resolution, Below 10 MHz. The counter measures the input signal period, then computes and displays the reciprocal frequency with 7 digits of resolution in one second for signals as low as 0.1 Hz. Above 10 MHz, the counter automatically performs as a conventional counter. Three Time-Interval Modes, The 5315A offers 100 ns single-shot time-interval resolution. Time-interval averaging boosts performance to 10 ps resolution. A time-interval delay ignores spurious signals that would normally cause the counter to trigger. Flexible Signal Conditioning, Choose ac or dc coupling. A sensitivity control(variable attenuator) and a switchable low-pass filter. Both channels have trigger level controls with easy setting. Froo | Froo Cross Sell. Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application. Item Condition& Return Items that are Tested and fully functional we back with a 14 day return. If we say the item worked and it doesn't contact us to start a return and once we check it o
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Up for sale is a used HP 5315A Universal Counter. Not tested. Made in USA. Power cord not included Serial#1928A01666 108-126V CONDITION: Powers on. But shows all 8s across the face. ERROR light is also on. Will need repair or re-calibration. International Buyers– Please Note: Import duties. Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding or buying. We do not mark items as"gifts. Payment Terms PayPal, Shipping Terms USPS- inkfrog terapeak. Analyzing"Smart Counters" only at inkFrog inkFrog Analytics.
HP 5315A Universal Frequency Counter TCXO includes manual
This 5315A has the high stability(TCXO) time base option installed- the picture shows the counter measuring a 10MHz signal from a precision frequency source(GPS disciplined oscillator) I have owned this counter for the last 10 years and it has been in a non-smoking environment during this time and it works great; The handle rotates properly to allow for carrying the counter or supporting it for bench operation. As shown in the picture. The plastic end cap is missing from the Channel B sensitivity knob and has a few minor scratches in the case. The auction includes an AC line cord and a paper copy of the operation/service manual.
#B619 Hewlett Packard HP 5315A Universal Counter LED Display
WE BUY OBSOLETE AND EXCESS INVENTORY! This is a used Hewlett Packard(HP) universal counter. Model no. 5315A. This unit has been power tested to power up and responds to actions of buttons and knobs, no further testing has been performed. Comes with power cord, unit is missing handle. Need to contact us? We are open 8-4:30 PST Mon-Fri. Our phone number is 858-658-9207. Buyer to pay shipping and handling. unless listed above as local pick up only) We DO consolidate shipping on multiple item purchases! Please see shipping calculator below to calculate your shipping costs. CA. buyers. Please remember to include 8% tax with payment! WE ONLY SHIP TO U.S. and CANADA! Shipments are by UPS only. Unless otherwise listed above or if another option is available on the shipping calculator. Sorry, but all Canada shipments are UPS only and for Canada customers ... morethere will be additional duties, brokerage and taxes due upon receiving your package. We do not know what those charges will be. Please Note: UPS does not ship to APO or PO Box addresses. So we will need a physical shipping address. Items are to be paid for within 5 days of winning bid. If sold for local pick up. Must be picked up also within the 5 days of winning bid. We can ship 3rd party billing to your UPS account number also! Just let us know your UPS account number after winning the bid! Email us for s&h quote if there is no shipping calculator. Please make sure to view our page before bidding. We accept paypal payments. See our terms of sale page for additional payment options. TERMS OF SALE
Agilent HP 5315A Universal Counter w/ Options 001 and 002
Please check other items in our Store. Agilent HP 5315A Universal Counter w/ Options 001 and 002 Unit powers on and appears to be functional. We do not have the equipment to fully test the unit so it is being listed for parts as described. Some cosmetic damage see photos. Terms and Condition Terms of Sale Our items have been tested and are in working order. Items are as described. Most are in“USED” condition, or are for“parts or repair” anything not stated in the description is considered untested. Items don’t include any additional parts. Cables or accessories(unless otherwise stated in the description) Any batteries with products are not warrantied. We list only what we know about the items and cannot make any guarantees about any other information. Payment We only accept Pay Pal payments. Payments need to be received within 3 days after ... morethe close of an auction. We will automatically open an unpaid item case after the 4th day of non-payment. Unless payment arrangements are made. Shipping We ONLY ship to the 48 continental United States. Your order will be shipped via Federal Express Ground within 3 business days after we have received your payment. Items paid for on certain holidays. A large number of outgoing shipments, other shipping requirements, and/or other factors may delay shipment. We do not ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO. Tracking numbers are entered into the eBay online record after unit ships. Information about tracking will appear after items are picked up by a shipping service. Returns If you feel your item is defective please contact us via eBay’s email system. There will be a restocking fee of 20% for items returned with compatibility issues. If an item you receive is different than we've described it here. We will refund your money upon its safe return. Any return shipping/handling costs associated with returns is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Any refunds are available only if the item you receive is grossly misrepresented. Or if any item advertised as
HP Universal Counter (DC to 100MHz) model 5315A
This vintage HP Universal Counter(DC to 100MHz) model 5315A is in good working and cosmetic condition. I was able to satisfactorily measure several different frequencies. No other testing was performed! This item is being advertised under the category of“Used” even though it may not meet all of the parameters in the original specifications for this item. If something should arrive not as advertised please contact me before leaving feedback. This item it is being Sold AS IS! If you have a question concerning this item please feel free to inquire through the EBay question dialogue. Shipping will be within USA only. No international shipping. Payment by PayPal only!
HP 5315A UNIVERSAL COUNTER- MODEL 5315A W/Power Cord Up for sale is a HP 5315A UNIVERSAL COUNTER- MODEL 5315A W/Power Cord. Power test equipment only. Comes untested due to lack of time and/or knowledge of this item. No further testing performed to know item's functionality. Item shows signs of wear and tear. Please review the pictures for more details. Thanks! Happy Bidding! Included: Regular Power cable Condition: Powered On Warranty: 14 Day Warranty. No warranty on shipping charges. A lot of items we receive and sell our staff has nominal knowledge on or time to fully test each item. As a result we like to pass the savings on to our customers and sell at below cost. Majority of our items come from a working environment. We strive to list each listing accurately and post several pictures to give our customers a good idea on what they ... moreare bidding on. If for any reason you have a problem or concern with an item you purchased from us please contact us and let us try to resolve it. Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST Contact: Via eBay message. We will get back with you within 1 business day. Shipping: FedEx Ground/Home Delivery from 30084. Item shipped to confirmed Paypal address only. No exception. Signature needed on items over $100. Please contact us prior to paying for combined shipping. Payment: Paypal Only Tax: Georgia Residents 7% Pick Up: Free; By appointment only. Please contact us prior to paying for your item. We are here for long run. So please give us 5 star rating or contact us to resolve any concerns you may have!
Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter w/Option C
Up for auction is a used HP 5315A Universal Counter. This one has the Channel C option. Power cord is included. Powers up and functions excellent.
HP 5315A UNIVERSAL COUNTER PARTS: CHANNEL A& B INPUT BOARD This listing is for a Channel A& B input board from a HP 5315A Universal Counter Tested and working on a good counter. The trigger level controls are working fine as are the switches. You will receive the EXACT item shown in the picture. Thanks for looking! gsrx_vers_566(GS 6.7.1(566)
HP 5315A UNIVERSAL COUNTER PARTS: COSMETIC FRONT PANEL- NICE! This listing is for a HP 5315A Cosmetic Front Panel Looks to be in very good condition. If yours is scratched or dirty. This would be a nice replacement. Its easy to do. Just take your counter out of the case and remove all knobs. There are 3 nuts that hold the face on so remove those, replace and you are done. You will receive the EXACT item shown in the picture. Thanks for looking! gsrx_vers_566(GS 6.7.1(566)
HP Agilent 5315A 100MHz LED Display Portable Dual-Channel Universal Counter
Search our eBay Store! HP Agilent 5315A 100MHz LED Display Portable Dual-Channel Universal Counter SKU: JV-BIN-A-5315AGILENT Condition: Used Packaging: OEM Warranty: 30 day DOA Warranty This auction only comes with what is pictured or listed in the description. All parts. Accessories, cables, etc. are only included if pictured or listed in description. If in doubt, please contact us before purchasing. Click an Image to Enlarge HP Agilent 5315A 100MHz LED Display Portable Dual-Channel Universal Counter Model: 5315A Unit powers on with working display. All testable controls are responsive. Unit Dimensions(L" x W" x H" 11 1/4 x 9 1/2 x 4 approx. As a large liquidator for many vendors. Our rating system is as follows. On a scale from 1- 10, with 10 being in new or excellent condition, this item is rated as a 8. SEE PHOTOS. All ... moreimages taken in house of the unit(s) being sold. Except for multiple quantities where item received will be in similar or better condition. Please review images thoroughly before purchasing. Additional information may be found searching online. We do not have additional info. Only pictured items will be included. All parts. Including accessories and cables are only in cluded if pictured or listed in the description. All pictures are taken in house. If you require more information. Please contact the manufacturer and/or research online. As a large liquidator, we do not carry additional information beyond what has been provided to us above. This FDA DISCLAIMER is for MEDICAL DEVICES only and not for all our products: The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so. DO NOT bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, we will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item. This unit has been used. It has been cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines by the medical facility from which we
HP 5315A Universal Counter w/ Options 002 Battery & 003 C Channel
Click here to visit our store GWS_INC Item Specifications Condition Item: HP 5315A Universal Counter w/ Options 002 Battery& 003 C Channel Model# 5315A Includes: Power Cord Not Included: Cables. Manuals or any other Accessories This counter powers on(power cord included) NO further testing was done. This item is sold AS IS or for Parts-Unknown Condition. Cosmetic Condition Used: Unit has some signs of wear- Scratches. Sticker residue, scuff marks(Please see pictures for details) Additional Info The item pictured is the item you are bidding on. 11-4) Please do not send us any messages with an offer for an item or asking us to add a"buy it now" option. Those messages will go unanswered. Thank you Shipping Fees: Free! eBay Policies Feedback All buyers please be aware of eBay’s Purchasing Conditions prior to placing any bid or purchasing ... morean item through"Buy it Now" You are responsible for reading the full item listing. Including any instructions the seller provides, before making a bid or commitment to buy. Unless otherwise stated, by making a bid or commitment to buy an item on eBay, you are committing to buy the item from the seller listing the item. If you make a commitment to buy or your bid is the winning bid or is otherwise accepted, you enter into a legally binding contract with the seller and are obligated to purchase the item. Please click here to see the eBay policies: Our goal is to give you the best online shopping experience…period! We leave positive feedback for all buyers. Once you have paid for your item in full. If you are not satisfied with any part of your experience with us, please give us a chance to remedy the situation. Do not leave us negative/neutral feedback without communicating with us beforehand. In most situations, we will resolve the issue to ensure that you are 100% happy from purchasing from us Contact Us Prior to placing a bid on an auction item or purchasing a“Buy it Now” item. Please feel free to contact
Agilent HP Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter Frequency OPT-001
Agilent/ Hewlett Packard 5315A Universal Counter Option 001- TCXO Up for auction is a nice frequency counter made by HP. It came out of a working lab and seems to function ok. I fed a 1kHz signal into it and it looks to be very accurate. If you have any questions please feel free to ask any time during the auction and I will reply as soon as possible. USA shipping only for this auction.
HP 5315A universal frequency counter with options 2 & 3 1Ghz channel C
Up for grabs is an HP Hewlett Packard 5315A with options 2& 3. Option 2 is the battery and option 3 is the 1Ghz channel C. The display is crisp& bright. Any picture with a fuzzy or dim looking display is due to my lack of camera skills. I have the unit displaying a few frequencies(see pictures) The counter is missing the carrying handle/stand. Since I do not have the ability to test every range and function& due to age. I am selling this unit AS-IS. I guarantee that it will not be DOA and as described& shown in the pictures. It does not come with any cords or leads and the auction is for the HP 5315A only. If you are interested. Good luck!
Agilent HP 5315A Universal Counter Frequency 5315 A
Agilent HP 5315A Universal Counter Frequency 5315 A Power cord included. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BY EBAY! DON’T ASK ME ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COST. BECAUSE WE DON’T KNOW EBAY PRICES) PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ARE GOING TO PAY– NON PAYING BIDDERS WILL GET NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OR REPORT TO EBAY! ===PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM BEFORE THE AUCTION ENDS!=== PAYMENTS: For eBay listings we accept PayPal only. UNPAID CASE OPEN AUTOMATICALLY AFTER 4 DAYS Our prices are already heavily discounted and not subject to negotiation. For 20+ item orders. Please contact us for bulk pricing. SHIPPING: Packages are not shipped on Saturday or Sunday. Transit time varies and depends on the carrier. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by carriers. Most shipments are sent out within ... more1 business day after payment is confirmed or cleared. Unless stated otherwise in the listing. RETURNS: Buyer will pay the return shipping cost regardless any reasons. No exception. All returned items must be received in same condition to receive refund. No exception.
HP Agilent 5315A Universal Counter ** Tested Good ** 75985-442
U.S. PAYPAL ONLY HP Agilent 5613A Frequency Counter* Tested Good* 76020-442 Has orange labels on the front and top as shown. I tested this item using a Protek Sweep/Function generator. I set the frequency to 25KHZ. 50KHZ, AND 99KHZ. I am selling theHP Agilent 5315A Frequency Counter only. The function generator is not included. No cables. Cords, adapters, or manuals are included. All of our items are U.S. Government excess. This item was removed from service in good working condition. This unit is being sold to be in good working condition. If the winning bidder is not satisfied He can return it for a refund. The winning bidder must pay all return shipping costs. All return shipments must be insured. Please read our policies. Payment, and shipping information before placing your bid. It is important! Where our items come from: All of our ... moreitems are Government/Corporate surplus and we have no knowledge of their prior use. Expect normal wear marks. Scratches, scuffs, and residue on any item we list as used. Policies: We will not issue a“Buy it Now” or end any of our auctions early; we will only end an auction early if there is an error made on our part and we must correct it. If you wish to cancel a transaction after the auction has ended, a $5 restocking fee will be assessed. On Laptops: If you are looking for a laptop that is ready to be used right out of the box. Our USED laptops are NOT what you need. You will need to be able to buy and install parts and load software to be ready for use. Some of our laptops will have an inventory number in small white paint on the bottom. We list them honestly and we list how we tested the item. But you are still taking a chance by buying the items as we are not experts on anything. Since we are a business. Emails will only be checked from 10a.m. to 6p.m. Monday through Friday. Due to contractual obligations. We will not be able to accept returns on items. Please read th
HP 5315A UNIVERSAL COUNTER 108V-126V 003 C Channel
Has general signs of normal wear and tear which may include scratches. Scuffs, dirt, sticker residue etc on the exterior casing. PLEASE REFER TO PICTURES. Unit does not come with accessories unless noted in description. HP. 5315A. UNIVERSAL COUNTER 108V-126V 003 C Channel. Condition: ~ Used. Item is tested to Power On. Estimated Packed Shipping Weight: ~7 lbs. Notice Regarding Freight: Please wait for an invoice with shipping charges. Only items pictured are included- If a part is not pictured. Or mentioned above, then it is not included in the sale. For multiple listed items. The pictured serial number is not necessarily the one that will be sent. 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee(See Details Below) Shipping Notice: Additional shipping charges may apply; pending location. Size and weight of the item(s) Lister: AR Can't find the answer you're ... morelooking for? contact us! Business Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm(PST) Monday to Friday We are closed on Weekends and all major US holidays. Warehouse Delivery Hours: Will-Call Hours: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm(PST) Monday to Friday 8:00AM- 12:00PM(PST) 12:30PM- 3:30PM(PST) Monday to Friday. Email Address: Please Use The eBay Messaging Service, Phone: 408-762-7292, Fax: 408-283-9004, Physical/Mailing Address: Prism Electronics Corp. 18305 Sutter Blvd. Morgan Hill. CA 95037 USA Location visits by appointment only. Payments are expected in a timely manner. Please contact us in the event that payment cannot be made within seven days as payment arrangements can be made. We accept: PayPal. All Major Credit Cards Through PayPal. And Bank Wire Transfers in USD(There is a $25 wire transfer fee) Will-Call items must be paid in full by PayPal or cash with exact change on pickup. We cannot process the order until we receive tax from shipping address within California or a copy of your California Resale Certificate A 8.75% Sales Tax applies to all purchases in CALIFORNIA. All items will be securely packaged or palletized and shipped via the best and most economical way possible. We typ
HP Universal COunter 5325A - 5315A usz
We are a new eBay seller offering IT equipment at competitive prices. We want to work hard to gain your trust and satisfaction. We will stand behind any equipment we sell. We take the time to make sure any equipment we list is evaluated and tested. When possible, by our qualified IT technical staff. We are here to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed buying decision. Our number one goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. We will ship International based on your preferences. Please contact us with any questions. Issues or concerns. We thank you for your interest! The device is in very good condition. It has been inspected and appears to be in working condition. Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions. 337)
Agilent/Keysight/HP 5315A universal counter with Channel C, 1 GHz, NIST-cal'd
Why should I buy from you when I can buy from others for less? Good question. You're looking at an item listed by Teletek. Our starting price is typically higher than many similar items on ebay. The answer is. Maybe they're really more expensive than we are. Teletek is an N.I.S.T.traceable calibration lab which has been in business for over 30 years. Every calibrated item that we list on ebay has been inspected. Reconditioned, calibrated and certified, and will ship with a certificate of calibration which will show the date of calibration, standards used, environmental conditions, etc. with the date of calibration within the past 30 days as of the ship date to you. Any item we sell on ebay is returnable for any reason within 30 days of your receipt. With your full purchase price refunded, no questions asked. So if it's described ... moreas calibrated and certified by us there will be no"as-is" descriptions. No"we plugged it in and it powers up" descriptions, no"it came from a working environment" words and no"we don't have the time and expertise to test this item" statements from us, because all of those words may translate to"this is a piece of junk, and we don't sell junk. Bottom line is. If you buy the same item from someone else for half as much as we're asking, did you save anything when you find out that it doesn't work properly? Teletek: 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Period. At Teletek our motto is: YOU CAN BUY FOR LESS. BUT YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER FOR LESS. Good Hewlett Packard 5315A. Calibrated and certified, includes a N.I.S.T.traceable Certificate of Calibration at no extra charge. An additional free N.I.S.T.traceable calibration will be performed on this unit for the successful buyer within one year of purchase. And an additional Certificate of Calibration will be provided at that time. Eight-digit display is easily readable with no segments missing. The HP 5315A is a compact 100 MHz counter capable of measuring frequencies from 0.1 Hz
This unit is in really nice condition. It has been tested and is fully functional. It is a 2 channel with a trigger gate. Measures frequency and total count. Sold as is with no returns. Oscillator not included. Look at our other listings as we are liquidating our test gear and tools. These are items that have been used in our business and well cared for. Items will be well packaged and insured for the full sale price. We will combine shipping with other items whenever possible. Please ask about combined shipping rates. Items can also be picked up in Lake in the Hills. IL. By appointment. a;06d2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28%3Ea%3B06d2-14bb5ec0db6-0x116-
HP 5315A Universal Counter 100MHz, 7 Digit, 60mS-10S, TESTED
Here is a HP 5315A Universal Counter. It has been thoroughly tested by our engineer and is guaranteed to be in fine working order and very good cosmetic condition with a few marks. As shown in the photos. Only the HP 5315A Universal Counter is included in this auction. No cables. Devices or accessories. Details: The Keysight 5315A is a low-cost portable bench version of the 5316B high-performance universal counter. Unique counting circuitry gives the best of both reciprocal and conventional frequency counting. Full frequency range(to 100 MHz) on both input channels provides frequency. Period, ratio A/B, and totalize A by B measurements. Features: Exceptional resolution at both low and high frequencies. Three time-interval modes solve more problems. Flexible signal conditioning optimized for both frequency and time interval measurements. Selectable ... moregate time from 60 ms to 10 s. 100 MHz A and B input channels. Optional 1 GHz C channel. Proven reliability and excellent RFI protection. Exceptional Resolution. Below 10 MHz. The counter measures the input signal period, then computes and displays the reciprocal frequency with 7 digits of resolution in one second for signals as low as 0.1 Hz. Above 10 MHz. The counter automatically performs as a conventional counter. Three Time-Interval Modes. The 5315A offers 100 ns single-shot time-interval resolution. Time-interval averaging boosts performance to 10 ps resolution. A time-interval delay ignores spurious signals that would normally cause the counter to trigger. Flexible Signal Conditioning. Choose ac or dc coupling. A sensitivity control(variable attenuator) and a switchable low-pass filter. Both channels have trigger level controls with easy setting. Here is a link to the info page with documentation at Keysight's website: See our ebay store for more great deals. Many loads. Attenuators, cables, manuals and other equipment available. Click here to Be sure to sign up for our Ebay Newsletter under the'Email Subscriptions' heading for special ebay-only offers