Cast and Blast on the Salmon River Fall Fish & Bird Hunt

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On Fri, Sep 29 2017 - Fri, Oct 5 2018
5 days
Trip Details
The Salmon River in Idaho is the largest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states. Our trip takes us through one of the deepest river gorges in North America and traverses 73 miles of river through three states; starting in Idaho, passing along the Oregon border and ending in the state of Washington. We float 55 miles through the rugged Salmon River Gorge to join the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Our drift boat guides competently navigate “The Slide,” “Eye of the Needle” and “Bodacious Bounce” - whitewater rapids that characterize the wilder side of the Salmon Canyon. From the confluence of these two majestic rivers, the Salmon and the Snake, we float the last 18 miles of our journey to take-out. 

Our fall trips offer both fishing and bird hunting on the Main Salmon and Cast and Blast Main Salmon Idahocan definitely be described as action-packed. Our trips are customized for our guests and can be more focused on fishing, hunting or both. We break camp and hit the river early each day to take advantage of consistently spectacular fishing for smallmouth bass, trout, and steelhead. With two fishermen in each drift boat, our guides travel through whitewater and find the quality fishing spots. Each of our professional guides are expert fishermen who provide equipment and helpful instruction with a personal touch to make each boat ride fun and unique. The camaraderie between our guests and the guides that develops over the five day trips enhances the trip immeasurably. 

Upland game bird hunting on these trips brings an additional dimension to this fishing trip. The Main Salmon Canyon is known for healthy populations of Chuckar and Hungarian Partridge. These fast-flying birds provide the ultimate challenge to upland bird hunters. Since the terrain can be rugged, drift boats provide ready access. Spend your day fishing until you spot or hear the birds, pull over for a hunt and go back to fishing. There is never a boring moment.

Watching and listening for Chuckars and Partridge as we float allows us to maximize the potential for a successful hunt. 

Hunting dogs assist in flushing and retrieving the birds as well and most of our guides have well trained hunting dogs who accompany us on the trips. Often termed “cast and blast,” our combination fall fishing and bird hunting excursions provides not just variety, but an excellent opportunity to engage in two of your favorite pastimes during the same trip.

Aren't much of a hunter? No problem! All of our trips are customized for our guests and these trips can be all fishing focused. The amazing scenery of this canyon provides an experience in itself. Add in the fun fishing, top quality camps and gourmet food and you are guaranteed a wonderful river experience!
River Accomidations
Each day, our camp gear and luggage are taken ahead where camps are completely set up before our guests arrive late in the day. Tents, cots, and sleeping pads are provided, as well as a portable toilet, hot shower and washing facility. Dining tables and chairs are set up for meals and our guides double as chefs. They are as skillful using a Dutch Oven and barbecue as they are in a drift boat. The meals are varied and delicious with a variety of meats, breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables each day.
Beyond the Banks
Hunting out of camp is a popular activity on these cast & blast trips. Hiking from camp in the mornings and evenings can prove worth it with a shot at a Turkey, Chuckar, Quail or other small game species.
  • Additional required 3% BLM use fee
  • Trips are available from the opening date of chuckar season through the middle of October.  Price includes all necessary fishing equipment, meals, full camp set up, BLM use fees and professional guides. A minimum of 8 guests required per trip. Combined group trips are possible for smaller parties.
  • The ultimate sporting combination! Steelhead fishing and hunting for chucker partridge.
  • Ride down the river in style and class in our classic McKenzie River style drift boats.
  • Beautiful desert canyons provide breathtaking scenery and great upland game bird habitat.
  • All inclusive.
What is Included:
Drinks & Snacks
Rod & Reel
On Fri, Sep 29 20175 days
On Thu, Oct 5 20175 days
On Sat, Sep 29 20185 days
On Fri, Oct 5 20185 days
Fishing Waters
While it may seem nonsensical to think of Marilyn Monroe and fly fishing in the same breath, the Salmon River and the “blonde bombshell” are permanently linked together in American ... morefolklore. Given it’s wild runs and deep canyons, the river acquired the moniker of the “River of No Return, and was made famous when Monroe and Mitchum starred in a 1954 film with the same name. In fact, the Salmon runs unobstructed for 425 miles, making it the longest free-flowing river within one state in the lower 48.

Not only are its rapids wild and untamed, the Salmon also travels through two nationally designated preserves, the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and the Gospel Hump Wilderness areas. Recognized for its scenic importance, Congress declared the 46 miles of the river from North Fork to Corn Creek as a national recreational river and the 79 miles from Corn Creek to Long Tom Bar as a wild river. At points along the Salmon its granite walls are one-fifth deeper than the Grand Canyon and over 180 miles of the river is more than one mile deep.

Fed by several tributaries such as the Yankee Fork, South Fork Salmon and Little Salmon, the river supports both cold and warm water fish including smallmouth bass, bull trout, sockeye salmon, Chinook salmon, squawfish, sucker and catfish. Legend has it that white sturgeon over 12 feet long and over 100 years old also inhabit these waters. The Salmon and Snake rivers provide critical habitat for steelhead trout and Chinook salmon. These fish require both salt and fresh water and use these streams to navigate from the rivers where they spawn, to the ocean where they spend their adult lives. The river offers high quality sport fishing for resident populations of cutthroat and rainbow trout as well as steelhead and mountain whitefish.
Like many western towns, Hailey came into being during the gold rush of the mid 1860’s, attracting speculators, adventurers and roust-a-bouts. While much of the city’s past is kept ... morealive by its Historic Preservation Commission, as indicated by its substantial list of National Registry Homes, the town is now a small gem with a sophisticated palate and yen for the visual and performing arts. Located east of the Smoky Mountains, often referred to as Idaho’s “forgotten mountain range,” the town is also known for its scenic beauty and year round, outdoor activities.


Friedman Airport is the airport of choice for both public and private flyers coming to Sun Valley to ski, fish or just have fun. Festivals and events take place throughout the summer and winter months, including an Arbor Day celebration, fiddler competitions, world-class skateboarding contests, antique fairs, and the Rough and Tumble, July 4th Rodeo. Its most unusual claim to fame may be the Sun Valley Bike Festival where cyclists race as they drag burning logs behind their bikes.

Once you arrive, whatever lodging you decide upon, and there is a plethora of choices, you will not be far from great fly fishing. The Big Wood River and Silver Creek are a stone’s throw away. In addition to myriad streams, there is Little Wood, Trail Creek, the Big Lost, Magic Reservoir, Mackay Reservoir, the Salmon River and the South Fork Boise to explore. For those who prefer cold mountain lakes, the list to pick from is long and inviting. For the truly dedicated and hardy, some of Wood River’s best fishing takes place in the winter months. What’s your reward for withstanding the cold? Hopefully, plump 14 to 18 inch rainbow trout.
Welcome to the best drift boat fly-fishing trips Oregon & Idaho have to offer! Join the Helfrich family for a drift boat fly fishing trip in Oregon or Idaho. Helfrich River Trips ... moreare known as the most deluxe trips offered in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. The vacation of a lifetime, these trips offer a wonderful experience for guests of all ages.

"History" and "tradition" are words that have different meanings to different people. To us, at Helfrich River Outfitters, they are extremely important because they represent much of what we stand for. The Helfrich name has been synonymous with river running since the mid 1920's.

We are committed to excellent service and the safety of our guests. With state-of-the-art equipment, delicious freshly prepared meals, and a friendly experienced professional staff, we are able to provide river experiences that are second to none.

Why Helfrich

When people ask who they entrust their river vacation with, HELFRICH River Outfitters comes up first every time.Not only are we the oldest and most experienced company on the rivers we specialize in, but our safety record has been flawless since the beginning.

In 1925 when Prince Helfrich first started guiding on the McKenzie, he had an edge on other fishing guides because he added value to his trips with extra things like frying the fish his clients caught on the river bank or bringing one of Marjorie Helfrich’s home made pies to share at lunch time. The concept of added value to our trips has continued for 87 years, and is adopted a Helfrich standard.

Now into our fourth generation, our trips continue to improve and evolve.We have and will continue to always make the trips the best that they can be for our clients. The safety and comfort of our clients is our first concern.

The experience of our crew members and their accommodating and friendly attitudes makes our guests know they are in good hands.
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made 14 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made 7 days before will be refunded 50% of the amount paid.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
Payment directly with Cast and Blast on the Salmon River Fall Fish & Bird Hunt.
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