Bull Tahr

Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) are large goat-like animals, native to the central Himalayan ranges of India and Nepal. In New Zealand tahr can be found in the central Southern Alps between about the Rakaia and Whitcombe valleys in the north to about Lake Hawea in the south.

Tahr are popular with recreational and tourist hunters; their horns – and sometimes the male’s striking mane – are sought-after trophies. Tahr are generally found in the alpine grassland zone, where they graze on snow tussocks, alpine herbs and sub-alpine shrubland plants.

Tahr are social animals and form easily recognisable groups. Adult females, yearlings and kids gather together, mature males over 4 years form bachelor groups, and younger males hang out together in separate, smaller groups. Males mix in with the females in their range over the winter breeding season but during the summer months they often travel long distances away from the female groups.

Tahr and chamois were introduced to this country in the early days of European settlement for sport – to create a hunting resource for residents and tourists. Both animals have found the Southern Alps of the South Island ideal habitat.
Known as the ‘King of the Mountain’ Bull Tahr posses a long winter cape like no other Alpine animals. Tahr hunting is similar to that of many sheep hunts around the world in that there ... moreis a lot of glassing from distance to first locate a mature Bull, but then ascertain his trophy potential. In the earlier months the Bulls will be down low seeking reprieve from the sun as they grow out there manes. We hunt exclusive on large high country Stations (ranches) that have excellent mountain roads and high numbers of Tahr which means we can cater all levels of hunters. Because of this we do not hunt on government land or helihunt, in 2015 we had 100% success on our 32 Tahr hunts with 6 Bulls pushing 14 inches. If you truly value sheep hunting and the mountains and scenery that go hand in hand with this big game hunt, then you will love hunting with us. The rut starts around late May–end of July.

New Zealand Safaris hunting properties are all within 15–45 mins of both our lodges with the option to stay in one of our cabins which puts you right in the heart of the hunting.

Additional animals and days maybe added to this hunt, non hunters are welcome and we can add in some sight seeing during the hunt so you can take in this beautiful part of the world.

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