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Ennis is about fifty miles from Bozeman, but if you’ve never been in a 1983 Chevy pickup navigating the winding, lonely highway that cuts through the dry foothills connecting ... morethese two Montana towns, the drive seems a lot longer. It’s just enough time to forget where you’re headed or wonder why you’re traveling in the first place.

Archie had come to depend on those fifty clicks. He did the drive most days, even in the winter when the road got icy. It gave him time to think and sing along to the cassettes stuffed into his glove compartment. Today it was Social Distortion, Merle Haggard, Radiohead and a few others.
Your perfect day in the gardens starts with a hearty breakfast at the Pharmacy located on Main Street. Order the Indian fried bread as a side. Try to get there about 8am and give yourself ... moreabout an hour. From breakfast to fishing it’s just a skip and a hop. Stop by Pic-a-nic Basket at 97 1st Street, Ennis Mt and get your bagged lunch. They make great lunches for your day in the water.
You have arrived in Ennis and are anxious to get fishing. Don't forget to get your fishing license before you go out on the water. Below is a list of companies in downtown Ennis where ... moreyou can get your fishing license.
Everyone familiar with the Madison valley knows it is no stranger to gale force winds. At some point it becomes no fun for even the most ardent fly fisher when the line fails to turn ... moreover, line starts pooling, flys come at your face with the speed of a bullet, and your leader resembles a bird’s nest more than something to catch fish with.
You’ve just spent a great day. The weather is perfect and there are but a few hours of daylight remaining. Whether you were out earlier in the day or spent the day with non-fishing ... morerelated pursuits, you know that itch.
About 30 minutes south of Ennis, Montana the Madison river winds itself in wide loops around boulders and grass covered banks. Stop by the fly shop and pick up a small selection of ... moretasty treats. The area you’re going to is dry fly fishing heaven so make sure you’re stocked up.
We haven’t yet decided if Ennis is a fly fishing town with a drinking problem or a drinking town with a fly-fishing problem. Given that we have more fly shops than bars it must ... morebe the former. There are actually 4 fly shops in town.
Sitting here watching it snow outside, wind about 40 mph out of the north. Hard to imagine, but my mind still turns to fly-fishing. It may be nasty now but in a few days’ temps ... moreare supposed to soar into the high 30s, low forties. That ought to clear the ice out of the water, and might even be enough to get the fish “sparking.”
Looking for some blue ribbon trout fishing? Montana is home to some of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. With so many to choose from, which ones are the best to plan a trip ... morearound? Here are our top eight fly fishing rivers.