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New Name* We list items under to better explain our products and our eBay Store where we have over 800 books listed and over 6.000 feedbacks. Missouri ... morePioneers Volume III Audrey L. Woodruff and Nadine Hodges. 142 Pages. 8.5 x11, Index, Perfect Bound, Reprint, New Condition This is one volume in a thirty volume set of records that contains the county and genealogical records for the entire state. These records are a series of books designed to make early records of prime importance available to those interested in Missouri genealogy. Each set of records are complete within the single volume. Each volume has it's own surname listing of the names within that volume. This publication includes the following: Map of the State of Missouri showing the counties. Jackson County- Abstracts of Wills& Administrations 1828-1848 Southeastern Missouri- Notes from the Missouri Herald 1819-1820 Lincoln County- 1821 Assessment Listing Saint Genevieve County- Whitlow Estate Monroe County- Early Settlers Andrew County- Emigrants to California& Oregon in 1852 Barry County- Marriages 1837-1854 Washington County- 1850 Federal Census Index Cooper County- Index to Deed Books A& B- 1819-1827 Vernon County- Index to Earliest Wills& Administrations- 1855-1888 1860 Mortality Schedules for Vernon. DeKalb, Gentry, Dent, Dallas, Pemiscot, Wright and Texas Counties Surnames ABBOTT. ABERDICK, ABERNATHIE, ABERNATHY, ABLE, ACRE, ADAIR, ADAMS, ADAMSON, ADKINS, AGNEW, AIKEN, AILSTOCK, AKERS, AKINS, AKISON, ALBRECHT, ALCAZER, ALCORN, ALDRIDGE, ALEXADE, ALEXANDER, ALLEN, ALLISON, AMBRUSTER, AMES, AMLIN, AMOREAU, ANDERSON, ANDREWS, ANTHONY, APPLEGATE, ARDRY, ARM, ARMITAGE, ARMOUR, ARMSTRONG, ARNHART, ARNLY, ARNOLD, ARTHUR, ASHBURY, ASCHER, ASH, ASHBROOK, ASHERBRAND, ASHLEY, ASMUTH, ATCHISON, ATKINSON, ATTERBURY, ATWOOD, AUBUCHON AUGDON, AULL, AUSTIN, AVERY, AWNOR, AYRSMAN. BABB. BABBITT, BADGER, BAGBY, BAILEY, BAILY, BAKER, BALDOCK, BALDSIN, BALER, BALES, BALL, BALLENGER, BALLEW, BAMMER, BANE, BANKS, BANSF