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Addictive Angling Colorado is dedicated to offering premier Colorado Fly Fishing Guided Trips and Colorado Fly Fishing Lessons. Whether you are visiting from out of town looking to try something different, or an avid angler looking to chase down your trophy trout, Addictive Angling Colorado offers Guided Fly Fishing trips near Denver and Colorado Springs. We are a great option for beginners or novice anglers looking to try something different while visiting from out of town on vacation or just want to explore one of the great activities Colorado has to offer. Colorado Fly Fishing Guided Trips with Addictive Angling Colorado can also cater to the most experienced of fly fishermen. Some of these individuals come out looking to catch a trophy trout, or just want to spend the day casting dry flies to rising fish on one of the many rivers found in Colorado. Regardless, of age or skill level our passion to put you on the fish and make an unforgettable experience comes second to none. Our Colorado Fly Fishing Guided Trips and Lessons take place on the South Platte River in Colorado, close to both Denver and Colorado Springs, and offer not only supersized trout, but also fish that willingly take a fly and make a fun day for the whole family. So whether you are a first timer looking to feel a trout on the other end of the line or a seasoned enthusiast who enjoys watching trout sip dry flies, we can accommodate. Guided Fly Fishing Trips near Denver or Colorado Springs give anglers the option to fish for trophy trout on a Dream Stream Guided Fly Fishing Trip or near Deckers without traveling far from their hotel or home. All of our Colorado Fly Fishing Trips and Colorado Fly Fishing Lessons are catch and release, making sure that the resources we enjoy today, are there to grow bigger tomorrow. Fly fishing in Colorado is a great opportunity to have some fun on the river, while taking in the breathtaking scenery that our great state has to offer.
Fishing Trips
/ Boat
1 - 3 anglers
4 hours - 1 day
Addictive Angling Colorado Guide Trips take place on the South Platte River. The South Platte is one of the most well known trout rivers in the United States. The South Platte begins ... morewest of Denver as a small, meandering mountain meadow stream. As the South Platte flows east, it pours into a series of Reservoirs. Starting with Antero Reservoir and flowing into Spinney Reservoir, the Upper South Platte River located in South Park, Colorado, provides anglers with ample opportunities to catch Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Snake River Cutthroats. From Spinney Reservoir the South Platte flows for 5 1/2 miles before it meets Elevenmile Reservoir. This stretch is known as the Dream Stream due to the large trout that call this section of the river home. Below Elevenmile Reservoir the South Platte River flows through Elevenmile Canyon. This beautiful boulder filled canyon offers amazing fly fishing for anglers looking to wet a fly close to Colorado Springs. Eventually, the South Platte flows further downstream into Cheesman Reservoir. Below Cheesman Reservoir exists another beautiful Canyon. Cheesman Canyon Trout are some of the smartest and most beautifully colored fish in Colorado and will test the skill levels of even the most experienced fly fishermen. Downstream of Cheesman Canyon is one of the most popular stretches of the South Platte River. The Deckers area provides easy access and many miles of Public Water fly fishing full of trout eager to take a fly. Below Deckers, the river continues into Strontia Springs Reservoir before it once again flows through yet another beautiful canyon and finds itself flowing into Chatfield Reservoir on the South West Corner of the Denver Metro Area. After the South Platte leaves Chatfield it continues is journey North East until it eventually meets up with the North Platte River. Whatever stretch you decide to fish, the South Platte River offers some of the best fly fishing in the country.
Phil is the head of Addictive Angling Colorado and a full time Colorado Fly Fishing Guide. Phil began guiding full time on the South Platte River while he was attending the University ... moreof Northern Colorado. Growing up in Colorado Springs, Phil was never far from the South Platte River and the other great fly fishing opportunities that Colorado has to offer. Phil loves sharing his passion for fly fishing with men, women, and children of all ages and skill levels. Focusing on sight fishing and targeting large trout, Phil's enthusiasm for teaching is what makes him a top notch professional. Phil also serves as a contributor with American Angler Magazine and enjoys spreading his knowledge of the sport through print. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler, spending a day with Phil will always be a great experience.
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