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5 Best Utah Rivers for Summer Fly Fishing

4/27/2017 5 minutes

Just a few hours’ drive from the acclaimed Mecca of fly fishing, Utah is an often-overlooked goldmine for serious fly anglers. Abounding with wild rivers and striking scenery, it’s a paradise for solitude seekers and nature lovers. Despite hot weather in the summertime, cool water running through layered canyons keeps fisherman comfortable and trout active. When spring runoff winds down, fish rise to encounter abundant insect hatches with eager force. Here’s a few of the top rivers to get in on the amazing Utah fly fishing experience:   

Weber River

The Weber is a gem all year-round, and summer brings the height of a thrilling dry fly season where imitations of hoppers, ants, and beetles bring aggressive strikes. Broken into three sections by two reservoirs, the Weber is a tailwater fishery with well-regulated temperatures and flows that make for excellent fishing conditions.

Starting in the Uinta Mountains, the Weber runs through rugged terrain, gathering speed as it winds its way to the Great Salt Lake. In the summer months, green drakes, yellow quills, and little yellow stoneflies are commonly used to bring out the best this river has to offer. The Weber is a favorite among local anglers and fishing guides and provides a less-crowded alternative to some of Utah’s more popular rivers.

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Ogden River

No matter where you fish on the Ogden river, you’ll be in for a unique experience. For some local residents, the river runs through their backyard! In between residential areas, developed urban fisheries provide fishing access from right in the middle of town.

Elsewhere, solitude-seeking anglers can find more wild scenery and bigger fish higher up Ogden Canyon. The river begins its course high in the Wasatch range and brings its cool, steady torrent to water the valley below. Game fish include the native Bonneville cutthroat trout, brown trout, and mountain whitefish. In the summertime, this river comes alive with a variety of insect hatches and hungry trout!

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Provo River

If you’re a visiting angler, then this river should be on your tour list. The Provo River provides a classic Utah fishing experience and is packed with massive browns and a variety of other species. At some points, there are as many as 3,000 trout per mile! As one of Utah’s blue ribbon trout fisheries, the Provo is renowned for incredible fishing, and anglers gather from all over the state to experience the river’s bounty.

The Provo ranks among the finest western trout streams and offers spectacular scenery along with great fishing. The Middle Provo features stunning mountain vistas and seven easy access points between Jordanelle Reservoir and Deer Creek Reservoir. Though there are a few stretches of private property and pasture lands to avoid, it’s tough to find an unfishable spot anywhere on the river.

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Duchesne River

Settled in alpine territory and lined by towering pine trees, the wild Duchesne River offers a truly picturesque opportunity to revel in Utah’s natural beauty. Trickling down from high in the Uinta Mountains, it gains momentum as it winds through 115 miles of rugged landscape. The Duchesne is a major tributary of the Green River.

Late summertime brings opportunities for stoneflies as well as hopper imitations and other terrestrials. Anglers can expect to find decent sized brook and brown trout, as well as cutthroats and rainbows throughout. Public access signs mark out the access sites along SR-35 that break up large areas of private land. See where to access the Duchesne River with Yobi’s Map of Access Sites.   

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Strawberry River

The Strawberry River starts in the Wasatch Mountains and flows through Strawberry reservoir and on until it joins the Duchesne River east of Duchesne, Utah. It runs through a red sand stone canyon with dense foliage producing scenic views all along its banks. For 8 miles below Soldier Creek Dam, the river is highly protected and accessed only by a trail running along the northern bank. This stretch is one of the most productive brown and cutthroat trout fisheries in the state.

During the summer months, the Strawberry River provides cool relief to hot weather and the fish are attracted to abundant hatches of caddisflies. Though much of the river is surrounded by private lands, the Central Utah Project has helped to acquire narrow easements for access between private lands for fishing. If you know where to go, the Strawberry River can yield some of the most secluded and scenic fishing experiences in the west. Visiting anglers will appreciate the character and beauty this river has to offer.

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Park City is located about 32 miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City along Interstate 80. It takes only about 35 minutes from the SLC Airport. The town's population is approaching ... more8,000. The town retained that great western flair and caters to an enthusiastic ski crowd in the winter. You'll find nice hotels and a great selection of over 100 restaurants and bars for just about any budget. Park City's rugged beauty is complemented by open air concerts, numerous spas and health clubs, plays, independent film screenings, a series of world-class events and festivals. Flyfishing on several rivers and reservoirs is close by and Yobi Adventures offers a number of experienced guides that will make your experience a great one.
Provo is the third-largest city in the US state of Utah, located 43 miles south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front. Provo is the largest city and county seat of Utah County. ... moreIt lies between the cities of Orem to the north and Springville to the south. With a population at the 2010 census of 112,488, Provo is the principal city in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area, which had a population of 526,810 residents at the 2010 census. It is the third-largest metro area in the state behind Salt Lake City and Ogden-Clearfield.
Fishing Waters:
Fishing Waters
The Duchesne River is a trout fishing treasure. Several Blue Ribbon stretches produce some beautiful Brown, Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. The Duchesne is a tributary of the Green River ... moreand is easily accessible from Salt Lake City or Park City Utah. The Duchesne River and its tributaries provide miles of fly fishing opportunities. The river is split into three sections, North Fork, West Fork and the Duchesne. The West Fork and the Duchesne river are considered one of Utah's blue ribbon fisheries. Native stands of cottonwood trees and willows grow along the river banks, while sagebrush and rabbitbrush fill the un-irrigated bench tops.

The West Fork flows approximately 16 miles from its head waters. This upper portion has public access through the Ashley National Forest. The lower portions of West Fork to the North Fork confluence flows through private property. There is however public access along the the lands that surround the river through private lands. At several good sized pull outs along SR-35 these access points are marked with small brown signs. The North And West Fork contain Bows, Browns, Brooks, Cutts, and Whitefish. Hatches include Caddis, Stones, and Western Green Drakes. Flies with good catch records are Para-Adams # 16 to 20, Sparkle Dun, olive # 14 to 22, Pheasant Tail Nymph # 18, BWO, olive # 18, CJ Nymph, copper # 14 to 18, and Black Wooly Bugger # 8.

The upper river flows through alpine meadows and forested canyons holds native Cutts and Wild Brooks. It slows and meanders through farmland and pastures in the lower reaches of Tilly Valley and is home to skiddish and Bows and Browns. From June to mid July large stones, green drakes and PMD’s are active. Weighted nymphs would be successful. Streamer action is good here also during high water.

Most of the public access to the main Duchesne river has been closed. Acquired public access from the North Fork confluence to just below the Sand Creek bridge allows fishing on approx 3.5 miles of the Duchesne river. There is no public access to the Duchesne river below the town of Hanna.

In the river you'll find stoneflies, caddis flies, mayflies, diptera larva, water beetles, amphibians, dace, sculpin, small trout, white fish and suckers.

Via highway, Salt Lake City is 114 miles, Vernal is 58 miles, and Price 54 miles away. In the summer months I-80 east will take you from Salt Lake City to exit 148 Heber/Vernal. US-40 leads you to the Park City/Kamas/Francis exit. Turn left onto SR-248 towards Kamas/Francis. Approx 11.4 miles turn right onto SR-32. Follow SR-32 through town to a four way stop. Turn Left onto SR-35 and continue over Wolf Creek Pass and the river off to your right on the other side.

In the winter months continue on US-40 to Fruitland Utah. In Fruitland take a left on SR-208 towards Tabiona Utah. From SR-208 turn left on SR-35. Past Hanna Utah you will encounter fishing access locations.
The Strawberry river flows into Strawberry Reservoir and out through Soldier Creek Dam. The first 8 miles below Soldier Creek Dam are BLM land. This stretch is one of Utah's most productive ... morebrown and cutthroat trout fisheries and is accessed by a trail that runs along the north bank. The Strawberry river has a population of Bear Lake Cutthroat that have migrated from Strawberry Reservoir into the stream.

12 miles below Soldier Creek Dam the river runs by the Strawberry Pinnacles where it is joined by the tributaries Avintaquin Creek and Red Creek. The narrow canyon that the river runs through is characterized by high, steep cliffs and dense foliage. The river flows into Starvation Reservoir before it joins the Duchesne River east of the town of Duchesne, Utah.

This water upstream from USFS 124 (Bull Springs Road) to its headwaters has strict regulations, including some sections that are closed year round to protect spawning cutthrowat and Kokanee Salmon. Check current fishing regulations before you go. Below the road to the top of the reservoir is closed to fishing all year. However, don't snub your nose at the section below the reservoir. Great fishing is to be had here.

Strawberry Bay Campground is located on the shore of beautiful Strawberry Reservoir at an elevation of 7,200 feet. The campground is set among rolling sagebrush covered hills next to Strawberry Reservoir. Most campsites offer sweeping views of the reservoir and surrounding hills. Small pine trees dot the campground but provide very little shade.

Starvation Reservoir offers 3,500 acres of fishing four miles northwest of Duchesne on Highway 40. A 54 unit campground, sandy beach, modern rest rooms, showers, group-use area, and fish cleaning and sewage disposal stations are available. Primitive camping is allowed at designated areas around the reservoir.
Game Fish Opportunities:
The Provo River features a premier blue ribbon trout fishery close to Utah's major cities. Brown and rainbow trout mature to record lengths in the Provo, with a most fish running 18 ... moreinches or bigger. In some areas the Provo offers 3,000 or more trout per mile. As a result, the waters of the Provo River provide exceptional recreation.

The Provo River flows through Utah County and Wasatch County, Utah. It rises in the Uinta Mountains at Washington Lake and flows about 70 miles southwest to Utah Lake at the city of Provo, Utah. The main branches of Provo River are the North Fork Provo River and the South Fork Provo River. In the Provo you'll find: Brown Trout, Common Carp, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, Walleye, and White Bass.
Game Fish Opportunities:
/ Angler
1 - 3 anglers
4 hours
I really enjoy fishing the Weber River because it is only 15 minutes from downtown Ogden in Utah. Most of the fish you will catch in the Weber River will be 12-20 inch brown trout. ... moreThe Weber River is a great dry fly fishery and the nymphing up there is really good too.

And if your looking for a good place to stay, I have usually referred my clients to the Ogden Marriot, and they seem to like it quite well.
/ Boat
1 - 2 anglers
4 hours - 1 day
The Strawberry starts above Strawberry Reservoir and enters into Strawberry Reservoir. It leaves the Berry Patch and empties into Starvation Reservoir, then joins with the Duchesne ... moreRiver below the town of Duchesne and Becomes the Duchesne River. The sections I guide on are the “Wild Strawberry” from strawberry reservoir to Starvation, and Below Starvation Reservoir. Both are very different and offer a different reward to anglers.

The Wild Strawberry

Cascading down from Strawberry Reservoir the Wild Strawberry is home to beautiful mountain trout. Rainbow, Brown, and gorgeous cutthroat trout live in this little tail water and love large dry flys. Fishing season here is June till October according to snow levels. You will not find a prettier place to wet your line then this stretch of river.

Fish usually average 8-14 inch’s with fish up to 20 inches available. A pure dry dropper stream that is a blast to fish. When going here plan on leaving early to get a good section of stream to fish. The fish are very spooky and do not respond to pressure well.

Strawberry River: Below Starvation Reservoir
Being a Fly Fishing Guide you get to explore new areas to find large fish. No other place in Utah has larger Brown Trout on a consistent basis. This area Produces large fish. But beware. Many of anglers here reports and come expecting much only to get their butt kicked by these wary fish.

Sight fishing and stalking skills can be the difference between a 20 fish day and getting skunked. I will show you how to find these fish, how to approach them, what to use, and how to land a brown over 20 inches. With browns over 26″ being caught every year this area holds some true pigs.

I guide on this section of Strawberry River year round and can help you catch a large Brown Trout. It will take work and some learning, but you will not be disappointed with the results. Plan on catching 2-8 fish during the day, but at least one of those will be over 20 inch’s.
/ Boat
1 - 3 anglers
4 hours - 1 day
Fishing Waters:
We offer professionally guided Utah fly fishing trips 12 months a year, on rivers, streams, and ponds near Park City, Utah. Whether you’re here playing golf in the summer, playing ... moreon the ski slopes during the winter or attending the Sundance film festival we have a great alternative for you. Come spend a day you won’t forget fly fishing with our guides.

Provo River is one of the best known fly fishing rivers in Western United States. It is only 20 minutes from Park City and 45 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. This Blue Ribbon River provides excellent fishing year-round. It originates in the high Uinta Mountains, and is divided into three distinct sections; the upper, the middle, and the lower. The three sections are separated by two reservoirs, the Jordanelle and Deer Creek. Because of these reservoirs the middle and lower sections of the Provo river are classic tail-water fisheries, where the upper is more of a free stone river. These tail-water sections are managed for trophy trout. The water is almost always clear and fishable, and the fish numbers are truly impressive. There are many access points along the 25 miles of river, so if you have any limitations this is a great choice. With its close proximity to Park City this river is ideal for half or full day trips.
Based in Vineyard, Utah our company has bloomed and developed. Our company is small but has a big love for the world of fly fishing. Jordan and Sarah Gillespie are both experienced ... moreanglers with over 14 years of serious Fly fishing experience. They would rather be out chasing trout more than anything else.
Fly Fishing Guides for Utah’s Green River and Surrounding Areas WRF Guides is a Fly fishing family that promotes tradition, ethics, conservation and knowledge. We feel we have an obligation ... moreto share our knowledge with our friends and to learn from one another in order to continue our progression. We strive to provide a flyfishing experience that inspires our customers to become great fly fishers as well as stewards of the river.

Come experience this unique dry fly fishery with our guides on an unmatched scenic river.
Park City Fly Fishing Company guides have over 40 years of experience guiding in the Park City area and through out Utah. Within 30-minutes drive of Park City there is one of the widest ... moreselections of world-class trout fisheries in the world. There’s the Lower Provo River, Middle Provo River, Weber River, and for those seeking variety, a little farther away, the Upper Green and many other secret spots that hold big fish.

Anglers new to the world-renowned Provo River (as well as our many other local blue ribbon fisheries) are shocked at the size and quantity of fish. With over 40-years combined experience, our guides know preparation is key to having a great day of fishing. Whether you’re new to fly fishing or very experienced, our guides are dedicated to getting you on the most productive water, with the right flies, using the best technique.

Our goal is to give you an experience of a lifetime that keeps you coming back year after year.

“The look on someone’s face when they land their first 20-inch trout is what gets us up before dawn checking river conditions and tying flies.” – Jeff Harwin, Owner and Head Guide


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