Yukon Territory

Grizzly Creek Lodge offers world class fishing trips in the last true wilderness area on earth. 
  • Amazing fishing, expect 50 trout per day per angler
  • Great hospitality and amazing food
  • Rugged wilderness in the Yukon
Our Exclusive 7 Day Fly Fishing Trip is the ultimate in Yukon Fishing. Each fisherman will get their own exclusive guide to help catch a Trophy Lake Trout. Eager anglers can expect ... moreupwards of 50 Lake Trout per day. We offer this exclusive trip to only 4 fishermen per year in 2017. The trip dates are June 1st-7th and then June 7th-14th. These are the best fishing days of the season and are reserved for this exclusive Canadian fishing adventure.
  • Hot breakfast, lunch, and dinner with all the trimmings
  • Remote wilderness lake and river fishing
  • Catch Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Giant Lake Trout
Enjoy a week in the rugged Yukon wilderness. Our 2 to 1 fisherman-to-guide ratio means you'll have the guidance and expertise you expect from a worldclass Canada Fishing Adventure. ... moreYou can spend your day catching trophy canadian lake trout and giant norhern pike on flies, or go on the pursuit of arctic grayling to reel in an amazing catch. Our guides have the experience and patience to help you catch your next Trophy Fish. Come as clients, leave as friends.
  • 4 Nights Lodging
  • All meals, guiding, and room service
  • Excellent fly fishing in the remote wilderness
The finest fly-in fishing in Canada! Spend five days trolling or casting for big lake trout, fly casting for arctic grayling on the Smith River, or fishing for huge northern pike at ... morea hike-in Yukon lake. There are many adventures to choose from each day! Twenty years of experience helps us deliver the best fishing experience, evidenced by the fact that 70 percent of our clients are repeat customers.
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