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Find Fort Collins on the Cache La Poudre River along the Colorado Front Range. Fort Collins is situated about 65 miles north of Denver. With a population just shy of 160,000, it is the fourth most populous city in Colorado Fort Collins is a midsize college town and home to Colorado State University. In and around Fort Collins are many experienced guide services that will introduce visitors to the Cache La Poudre and the many creeks and rivers within easy driving distance.
To locals in Fort Collins Flyfishing is a lifestyle. Within easy reach are the Big Thompson River, Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain Nation Park.
Fishing Waters
The Cache La Poudre river headwaters are at Poudre Lake in the northern part of Rocky Mountain National Park. The river descends eastward in the mountains through the Roosevelt National ... moreForest in Poudre Canyon. It emerges from the foothills north of the city of Fort Collins and flows on to Greeley. The Poudre River Trail follows the river for 11 miles through the national park where it changes to trail 944 finally becoming the Big South Trail. The Poudre river first meets Highway 14 at the bridge by the Big South Trail head.

From its headwaters, through the city of Fort Collins, the Cache la Poudre River contains abundant populations of self-sustaining wild trout. The vast majority of trout that live within the river system are brown trout. The Cache la Poudre River remains open in certain areas year-round. Special regulations have been designated for certain stretches of the Poudre by the Colorado Division of Wildlife. These regulations include the use of flies and artificial lures only and specify strict catch and release designations. Brown trout spawn in the fall and rainbow trout in the spring. Because of marginal flows and water quality the trout populations in the lower stretches of the Cache La Poudre have been fairly low in recent years and self-imposed catch and release is highly encouraged.

Along the river you will find the state fish hatchery and the Mishawaka Amphitheater on the Cache la Poudre river. There is no better way than kicking back after a long day of fishing with live music, a few beers, and the river as a backdrop.

The fly patterns that local fly shops invented specifically for the cache La Poundre are endless and to get acquainted with the river you do best by booking one of the local experienced guides that will show you the magic of this river.
Game Fish Opportunities:
The Big Thompson is one of Colorado's finest streams. It flows from Forest Canyon Pass through Forest Canyon where it picks up volume as it is fed my numerous mountain creeks. It becomes ... morefishable at Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park, about six miles below its headwaters. From Moraine Park wade and explore the many braids and channels. Delightful trails up and down river lead to fantastic flyfishing experiences.

With its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Big Thompson river just below the town of Estes Park is a classic canyon trout river. This 30-foot-wide trout stream is best described as pocket water and riffles, which makes for great walk-wading fly-fishing. Between Estes Park and Drake the Big Thomson is special regulation water. You'll find wild rainbow trout in the 10-14 inch categories (stocking by the state stopped in 1994) and some brown trout. Below Lake Estes at Estes Park classic tailwater flows are well controlled with fairy stable discharge except for the annual runoff between March and April. From Estes Park the stream flows down to Loveland. The tailwater operates very stable for a dam.

The North Fork Big Thompson River also begins in Rocky Mountain National Park from where it flows along highway 43 east, through the town of Glen Haven and merges with the Big Thompson River in the town of Drake, in the Big Thompson Canyon.

Trout on the Big Thomson can be fincky and will not just take any dry fly you present. Light leaders, tippets and good presentation is called for. Flies should match the surprisingly large number of insects in the Big Thompson or aproximate what's about to hatch. The Big Thomson flows along the busy highway 34 which can make parking a bit crowded at time. However, this water should be well worth your time. On the Big Thomson it pays to visit with a guide the first few times. Local experts will provide you insight to the local hatch and provide instruction for how to fish the Big Thomson for a most productive experience.
Game Fish Opportunities:
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