I’m typically lukewarm about promoting fly fishing videos on the Underground (and for all sorts of reasons I am not going into here). That said, Felt Soul Media may just be the best video guys going in fly fishing.

Their Red Gold documentary on the Pending Pebble Mine Disaster was stunning, and at the very least, their movies are produced with a minimum of the posturing and other obnoxious behavior that mars so many other videos.

Plus, their films are things of beauty.

Here’s an excerpt from their forthcoming “Eastern Rises” documentary about their trip to Kamchatka. Stowing away on this voyage is On The Rise host Frank Smethurst, who – despite still being left-handed – manages to lay his grubby mitts on a few really nice trout, including a special breed of ocean-going char that you have to see to believe (too bad you don’t).

Plus, you see bigfoot. Really.

Today’s Bonus Quiz Question For the Undergrounders: If felt soul bans are enacted across most of the fly fishing world, will Felt Soul Media be forced to change their name to Studded Rubber Media (which suggests a whole different genre of filmmaking…)?

See you in Kamchatka, Tom Chandler.