I’m completing the Underground’s Trilogy of “here comes the massive, drought-ending storm” posts by noting it’s sunny outside. And in point of fact, it’s been sunny outside.

So much for the end of California’s drought.

Even the Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center — whose job actually becomes a lot easier when there’s no snow — is basically sobbing:

Short term and long term, it doesn’t look good. I’m sorry. Find the person closest to you, grab their hand, look them deep in the eyes and say, “It’s going to be okay…”. Thats about all the advice I can offer at this point for all that are drooling for winter, myself included!

Through his tear-stained keyboard, Ranger Nick Meyers goes on to note that we’re looking at several more weeks of dry, warmer-than-normal weather.

It’s never pretty when grown men cry.

Because the Underground occupies a leadership position in the online world, I’m forced to punish the forecasters responsible for this weekend’s abject weather failure.

Accordingly, I’ve issued an order to have their weather fingers chopped off.

Not because they failed to make the right forecast (they’re only human after all), but because they failed to make the snow fall.

It’s accountability at that level that separates the Underground from the other online weather sites. After all, they’re only willing to meekly report the weather.

We’re willing to make the weather our bitch, eventually forcing it to rain.

See you wearing a phalange necklace, Tom Chandler.