The Redding Record-Searchlight has reported a train derailment in the Upper Sacramento River canyon, and while it’s the kind of news that causes me to suck in a little more air than normal, this time we seem to be OK.

Four boxcars derailed under an I5 overpass just north of Pollard Flat (one of them apparently hit the support pillar). One ended up in the river, but according to the Record-Searchlight, it was carrying scrap paper. The other three cars were empty.

(The Undergrounders who fish the Upper Sac a lot might want to test their memory and place the derailment on the river using these pictures.)

Everybody knows this river was largely sterilized by a derailment and metam sodium spill in 1991, and there have been several derailments since.

I believe this is Union Pacific’s major North/South train corridor, so train traffic is heavy. And not to put too fine a point on it, I5 runs up the canyon too.

Lots of traffic. Lots of trains. Lots of risk.

In other words, give the Upper Sac a hug next time you fish it.