I just spoke to someone who just came off the Bagley/McCloud fire (he goes back tomorrow and he’s not an official spokesperson, so let’s classify this as informed gossip).

The fire has burned to the McCloud River pretty much all the way down to Gelman Road, and crews are in place to protect the Nature Conservancy cabins (on the west — unburned – side of the river).

He suggested more than 2000 people are working what he called a “very active” fire, the only saving grace being the lack of any real winds in that canyon.

“If it got windy, it’d jump the river and just burn and burn” he said. They’re even bulldozing secondary firebreaks on the west side of the McCloud.

In other words, the Bagley fire is still burning, all the roads are closed, and let’s hope for low winds.

The official incident page essentially says they’re making a stand at the McCloud, but are planning for the worst:

Continue to patrol and secure direct and indirect fireline. Prep contingency lines and improve existing lines. Crews will also remove snags along the McCloud River along the west flank. Indirect line construction will continue southwest from Bald Mountain to the McCloud River Club. Additional burnout operations will be conducted if conditions are favorable and may include firing operations on the west flank near Claiborne Creek and the McCloud River Club. Continue patrolling and holding the contingency line along the south flank near Wheeler Ranch.

See you in Nomex, Tom Chandler.