If the wind’s right, the smoke from the Bagley fire — a 30,000+ acre wildfire burning right towards the McCloud River — makes it smell like the neighbors just torched off a big pile of leaves under the window.

CalTrout’s taken notice of the fire (they’re concerned about the loss of vegetation and the potential for sedimentation), and they’re probably right about the need to perhaps look elsewhere if you were thinking of fishing the McCloud this weekend.

(There is no truth to the rumors I’m just saying all this to drive away the flatlanders and get the whole river to myself, though it’s not a half-bad idea.)

Here’s the Incident web page.

Here are the current forest road closures

You can see an updated version of my screengrab firemap here

McCloud/Bagley Firemap

The McCloud/Bagley Firemap (click image for bigger, readable, up-to-date version)

See you through the smoke, Tom Chandler.