One of the benefits of life as Fly Fishing’s Most Beloved Blogger are the freebies sent in an attempt to curry favor. For example, I drive a free $190,000 Bentley Continental on fishing trips because Bentley is praying I’ll mention it on the Underground.

Last week I flew on Snoop Dogg’s private jet doing Jello shots off a supermodel’s stomach — all because Snoop hoped the Underground could help with his rebranding problem.

So it should come as no surprise that after I mentioned the tasty new powdered peanut butter food-like product called PB2, the manufacturer — sensing a golden opportunity — immediately shipped the following:


You heard me. Free PB2. Living large…

A whole jar of each.

I can almost feel the Undergrounder’s envy bleeding through the monitor.

Free PB2.

But because I’m a benevolent King of All Fly Fishing Media, I’m going to give you a gift.

But first, let’s set the scene.

You endure that hot, wearing hike to a remote alpine Brookie lake. Once there, you pull out a package of rich, tasty PB2 powder, which you mix with clean, pure alpine lake water.

Your fishing buddy — gnawing on dried wheatgrass jerky — looks stunned and envious. (To relax him, you might want to show him your cell phone photos of naked supermodels.)

But it gets better.

You realize a beer would taste awfully good with that PB2.

Which is when you reach in and pull out the Condensed Beer Concentrate.

Condensed Beer

You heard me — beer concentrate

I’ll say that again: Condensed Beer Concentrate.

Is this a great country, or what?

Where else could a poor-but-honest blogger — working from his basement — drive a Bentley, pour powdered peanut butter on supermodels while they pleasure him, and also pass along news of mankind’s greatest achievement ever (so far this week)?

Nowhere else, that’s where.

See you in my Bentley, Tom Chandler.

(Beer via The Goat blog)