Sure, I spanked Sage for the unspeakably hyped copy announcing the release of their ONE fly rod, so it’s only fair they get a pat on the back for announcing their new Circa slow-action fly rod in… human terms:

Sage CIRCA – Fly Fishing with Advanced, Slow-Action Performance. from Sol Duc Buck on Vimeo

Sadly, they passed on a sure thing when they ignored the genius displayed in this Emmy Award Winning* video script, but I admit to really liking the Hal Riney, “Morning In America” feel of Sage’s ad.

And they only threatened to go off the rails once when Siem says “The CIRCA is definitely going to bring new life into the sport of trout fishing.”

Well, those who have been fishing (or producing) really nice slow-action rods for a couple decades might disagree, but otherwise, kudos to the skinny pole builders from the Northwest.

See you at our power lunch, Tom Chandler.
(*Not an Emmy Award Winning script)