Almost two weeks ago the Swift Water Rescue Team was called to a rescue on the Financial section of the Upper Sacramento, which turned out to be a fly fisherman who bent or broke his ankle.

Rather than drag him back across the river, they winched him up to a hovering helicopter and flew him to Redding.

Now I read about a Colorado angler who broke his leg and found himself stranded for six days on a remote stream until rescued.

We’re concerned.

Whatever happened to the days of yore, when “fly fisherman” still had “man” in it?

When you could sever your spinal cord while fishing a remote backcountry stream, yet drag yourself out of the wilderness (all uphill through snow drifts) on the bloodied stumps of your fingers, fighting off a pack of rabid grizzlies with only your clippers and a spare spool of tippet?

Rescue? We don’t need no stinkin’ rescue (include your least believable self-rescue story below).

Let’s be careful out there, Tom Chandler.