The Joggobot’s designed to serve as a robot running buddy and follow you wherever you go, but there’s no reason you couldn’t adapt one of these for use on the river — your own robotic fly fishing buddy.


Meet your new robotic fly fishing overlord...


Sure, it’s odd. And yes, your friends — who are intolerant of even cell phones on the river — will probably try to beat you with sticks.

And sure, one day it could achieve sentience and turn on you like some Stephen King-ish fishing buddy, eventually exterminating all mankind from the planet’s surface.

For the opporunity to be the coolest kid on the river, I’m willing to take that chance.

The Joggobot is designed to follow a runner wearing a specially tagged shirt, so getting one to follow a fly fishermen should be simple. (How fast can anything in rubber pants really move?)

We’ll just key it to follow every badly dressed, beer-stained, mismatched set of clothing it sees.

Added Benefit: I could add a live satellite uplink camera to one of these, then charge the Undergrounders for going fishing with me. I can already picture my legions of paid followers breathlessly waiting for me to tie a triple surgeons knot or move upstream (or show any signs of life whatsoever).

It’ll be just like a golf tournament, only interesting.

See you hovering over your clearly-less-visionary-than-mine heads, Tom Chandler.