Tomorrow, Older Bro and I head into the hills for what I’m calling the Second Leg Of Our Google Earth Small Streamfest 2012 World Tour, and yes, we’re selling t-shirts in the lobby.

Trips like this generate enough hope to power a small city, though all that wattage rubs against the very real possibility of abject failure and disappointment, so you wouldn’t normally make a big public deal about it (like posting it on a blog or anything).

Still, we’re planning to confirm a couple places we have been, try a couple we haven’t, and also to fish some of our “normal” spots. (Hey, we know there are fish there, so why not?)

Because you’re fishing and looking instead of just fishing, you don’t catch as many fish on these trips as you could, but I see it as an investment; fewer trout now mean more places — and more trout — in the future.

And unlike your 401k, it’s an investment that’s probably on solid ground.

Since I’m posting this late on a Friday afternoon on Pacific Standard Time (thereby ensuring it’ll be read by upwards of three people), I’ll stop here, except to note that looking for new fish and new water in your own neighborhood offers the best of all worlds.

You’re dealing with few exotic diseases and a minimal carbon footprint, yet unlike that spot halfway around the world, there’s a chance you’ll make it back next weekend.

See you on the map, Tom Chandler.