Curtis Knight of CalTrout unloads on the critics of Klamath River dam removal in this Siskiyou Daily Op-Ed piece, and I think it’s worth reading.

Essentially, it’s time for the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and the other folks to stop living in fantasy land:

  • Yes, the coho are damned well native to the Klamath watershed
  • No, ranchers and others don’t lose irrigation water as the dams don’t provide any
  • Yes, dam removal will bring 4600 jobs to the area over a 15 year span
  • No, this isn’t a United Nations plot to steal your land
  • Yes, removing the dams will help salmon populations
  • No, the dams provide almost no flood control, so the county won’t wash away
  • Yes, more fish = more fishermen, who spend money
  • No, this won’t “devastate” the county’s economy

Trust me; way more to come on this one, which has truly stretched my mind’s ability to accommodate the fantasy lives of the local politicos.

See you fighting the good fight, Tom Chandler.