Small stream brown trout

A Zogtrout for the caveman in all of us.

I made it into my “Hail Mary” alpine stream (well, the lower access), but had to shovel a little snow to do it. Sadly, once in, I discovered it was over its banks. By a lot.

Without a trout to satisfy Zog the Fly Fishing Caveman, I headed for the backup stream, which was pretty damned close to perfect. On the second cast, I caught the above-pictured brown trout.

Zog happy.

Spent the rest of the day idly throwing the dry and running down my list of new stretches of water to try.

Tried them I did. Caught fish I did.

This, I think, is going to be an interesting year.

More when I get time to write it.

See you on the new water, Tom Chandler.