I’m back. Well, the part that walks is back. The part that thinks is still somewhere over Greenland, though I remain optimistic that a mind/body reunion will take place sometime this week.

I’ll spare you the usual Underground diatribe against flying (though if we were meant to fly we’d have been born with our own flight attendant), but an observation is in order.

I don’t sleep on planes, so both ways I was sleepless for better than two full days.

If asked, I’d have told you I was surprisingly good; sharp even.

Mr. High Functioning Sleep Deprivation.

Then the L&T had asked me a simple question, and I consumed better than a half minute staring at her blankly while I puzzled out the words.

The not-so-complicated words.

Sharp as a tack.

Eventually I emerged from the fog; waiting for me was a pile of work and my big, expensive, fast dead desktop PC, which went belly up three days before we left (yes, somehow they know). Time was at a premium, so it stills sits beneath my desk, unworking and untouched while I work on the older backup PC.

A new motherboard is on the way, so by next week, I’ll be wasting the usual amount of time, but on a much faster machine.

Meanwhile, it’s spring in the mountains:

Snow in April

The warm, pleasant days of spring...

See you in the land of the sane (someday), Tom Chandler.