The weather hasn’t cooperated with California’s fly fishermen, but that doesn’t mean the rivers haven’t been fishing well.

In fact, fans of the McCloud River should have noticed the flows are a basically fishable 370 cfs at Ah-Di-Nah, and the Upper Sacramento River is hanging in there around the 2000 cfs mark (high, but not impossible).

Once the weather warms (hint: that’s not happening this weekend), those numbers will become a distant memory.

If you decide to ditch the responsible adult portion of your life and fish the McCloud this weekend, keep two things in mind:

  1. Flows could change at any minute
  2. A cold, wet storm is coming, so better bring the warm clothing

Special Bonus Rumor

It’s possible someone — perhaps even an eyewitness — told me multiple mayflies were hatching on the McCloud, and that the fish were on them.

Then again, he also told me it was happening in a specific section, which suggests hiring a guide if you want the real skinny.

Go fish, Tom Chandler.