You’re unlikely to see a review of the Fly Fishing Film Tour on the Underground (there isn’t a stop closer than 3.5 hours away, and if I was going to drive that far, I’d drive somewhere and fish), but let’s give credit where it’s due – they do know how to put together a first-class Media Kit (yes, that’s a sixer of India Pale Ale):

The 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour Media Kit

Now that, Undergrounders, is a Media Kit.

The fly fishing video world is still in something of an infancy; some productions are frankly brilliant (Felt Soul, Steve Apple, a few others, we’re looking at you), but too many lack insight or point of view (beyond “Zog say fish porn good“), and some are little more than rock sound tracks accompanied by mediocre video.

Still, good is good, and anything that spotlights the best video out there deserves support.

You can find their tour schedule here (interestingly, they’re playing in Fryeburg, ME – the tiny town that Nestle bludgeoned with a lawsuit and five appeals).

Again, you probably won’t see me there (that drive thing again) – and I’m not wearing the hat, which is kinda ugly (any takers among the Undergrounders?) – but I promise the Fly Fishing Film Tour I’ll drink the beer before I review the DVD.

See you on the silver screen, Tom Chandler.