It’s nice to know the Orvis gang maintained a sense of humor after I made sport of their new blog in my (MegaProTurboExtreme) post; after receiving my Orvis 6wt (sent back for some “Oops, my fault” work), I noticed it had been personalized:

MegaProTurboExtreme Orvis fly rod

You should be so lucky to own a fly rod this good...

Frankly, I think everyone should own a fly rod that’s MegaProTurboExtreme good (though it would tend to reduce the number of excuses available to skunked fly fishers).

I suspect the intervention of Orvis social media guru James Hathaway, who warned me retribution would someday appear, and it seems he’s a man of his word.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t escalate (after he receives the dead fish I just shipped him).

See you laughing, Tom Chandler.