In 2007, the Underground boldly pointed the Undergrounders towards those parts of the country overrun with single women (or men), noting sadly that few concentrations coincided with what you’d call heavy-duty trout fishing.

Today – thanks to the aimless Web surfing humanitarian efforts of Alert Underground Reader Ian, we’re again poised to provide the information the Undergrounders really need:

A map of the USA showing you where there are more bars than grocery stores.

Found on the Flowing Data site, let the red dot clusters help you plan your next fly fishing trip.

Sure, I delayed writing a detailed article on how to tie a triple surgeon’s loop in order to post this, but I think the beer-bellied Undergrounders will agree: this is actionable fly fishing information you can really use.

For example, high concentrations of red dots suggest those fly fishermen with a taste for post-hatch adult beverages will want to plan fly fishing trips to the upper midwest, or even (surprise!) Montana.

On the other hand, those with “food is love” issues will want to plan trips to grocery-heavy areas, so their daylong skunkings can be met head-on not with alcohol, but a shopping bag full of Twinkies and Moon Pies.

Once again, we steal the best stuff we can find and post it do the heavy lifting so our readers have to do little but eat, breathe, and maintain a stock of toilet paper.

See you in a bar, Tom Chandler.

(Found on the FlowingData blog)