We’re going to stop the madness for a minute and revisit what might have been the Golden Age of Fly Fishing in Dunsmuir – those heady days when you could walk into Dunsmuir’s Gandy Dancer Cafe and buy one of the world’s alltime great cinnamon rolls, or hammer one of their deluxe lunch wraps before heading out for the evening hatch.

Upper Sac regulars will be happy to learn Cindy Martel – the chef behind the Gandy Dancer’s radiantly perfect baked goods – just opened a new restaurant in Dunsmuir (The Wild Thyme), and in a clear sign from the gods, it’s located right next door to the Ted Fay Fly Shop.

Yes, Undergrounders, it appears Dunsmuir’s perfected the food & tippet stop.

Wild Thyme Restaurant
Hmmmm, Cuban Steak Sandwich. Show of hands: Who’s hungry?

While my taste in Dunsmuir restaurants runs largely to Burger Barn, the Wild Thyme’s menu sorely tempts the Underground’s taste buds.

The much-mourned Cinnamon rolls haven’t yet made a comeback (“soon” says Martel) and the menu’s in a state of flux (it’s only Day 2). Still, open from 7am to 3pm, they serve breakfast all day, and as god is my witness, I will have the Cuban Hash or coconut pancakes.

I wolfed down a Cuban Steak sandwich for lunch, and Gandy Dancer regulars will no doubt remember the much-loved Jerked Chicken sandwiches and wraps.

So when in Dunsmuir, your to-do list is now composed entirely of these three things: Fish. Sleep. Eat.

The Upper Sac Loses A Good One

Vince Cloward of the Upper Sacramento River Exchange is well known around fly fishing circles for all the work he’s done for the river, and it’s with a little sadness that we report he’s taken a job in Colorado Springs.

Vince was cool, and he was also a tireless worker on behalf of the river, and he’ll be missed.

See you in Dunsmuir, Tom Chandler.

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