It’s not as if I’m supremely confident or anything, but I figure I’m a lock to win a three-man Creek Company pontoon boat.

After all, my slacker overemployed readers are too lazy busy to go to the Creek Company Web site and register to win the thing, so the final drawing will simply be a contest between me and a few other layabouts.


Still, in case you’ve got a few minutes, the Creek Company is running an email list building exercise — which could generate a little upside for you (a $2K boat).

Win it, and hell, you could chuck your job and become a bitter, underpaid, unloved successful fly fishing guide. Winner!

While You’re At It

Don’t forget to enter in HMH’s drawing for a free Spartan fly tying vise and tube fly converter. It’s a killer vise and no, you’ll never, ever beat the price.

At the Underground, the insatiable greed well-being of our readers is foremost in our thoughts each and every day. Every day.

See you stuffing freebies down your pants, Tom Chandler.