Like any taxpayer, the Underground is happy to see his hard-earned tax dollars being put to their best possible use, and at this point, I’ve gotta say I’m not that happy.

Mount Shasta Brewery

I learned (via the Sacramento Bee) that the Weed-based Mt. Shasta Brewery is in trouble with the Feds because his bottle cap contains the words “Try Legal Weed.”


Weed brewer Vaune Dillmann faces possible sanctions or fines from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau if he continues to brew and sell beer with bottle caps printed with the label “Try Legal Weed.”

Bureau spokesman Art Resnick said Monday that the bottle caps tell consumers to support an illegal drug – a policy that violates rules of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau as well as the agency’s predecessor, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Does anyone else notice that saying “Try Legal Weed” is specifically NOT supporting the use of an “illegal” drug? How about the Undergrounder Hordes band together and buy a “basic English literacy” text for Bureau Spokesman Art Resnick?

The Underground’s Director of Libertarian Political Crusades (SLF) is no doubt formulating an angry letter to the Feds, and frankly — once we’ve removed the threatening language — it’s one I’d be willing to sign.

The beer — if you haven’t tried it — is sublime. Brewed only 25 minutes north of the Trout Underground/Man Cave World Headquarters, I’m a huge fan of the Shastafarian Porter, and the quality of this stuff makes it easy to “buy local” (as mandated by the economically literate L&T).

I spoke to the folks at the brewery, and while there’s no letter-writing campaign in place, I did suggest the creation of a “Protest Brew” — a beer perfectly suited to slaking the thirst of Thomas Paine wannabes worldwide. (Can I get an “amen” from the Undergrounders — or maybe just a burp?)

This one’s picking up steam really, really quickly, and because Good Beer is one of the things truly worth fighting for (I’d say it’s a critical underpinning of Contemporary American Society), the Trout Underground — clearly the world leader in fly fishing blog-based protection of your sovereign first amendment beer drinking rights — will stay on top of it.

UPDATE: As of Thursday AM, this story was spreading quickly across the US, and had even landed in the International Herald Tribune (pub’d in France).

See you at the keg, Tom Chandler.

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