Intrepid Underground Director of Seismic Environmental Events and Wanton Thrillseeker Sully will be present at the blessed event: the breaching of Milltown Dam.

(He’ll be on the bluffs on the far side of the river from the Web camera).

Milltown Dam breaching

I don’t know why they don’t organize these events as fundraisers; instead of tamely breaching the dam with heavy equipment, why not auction seats at the bombardier’s station of a B-52?

There — for a hefty added fee — you could even stencil your own message on a "dumb" bomb and push the button to drop it on the dam (the Underground votes for "Dam this, baby.").

Figure a dozen bombs would do the job at a nice, round $20K a bomb. Yeah, we’re talking revenue.

Once again, the Underground leads the way in innovative, environmentally related fundraising concepts.

You can watch it happen (10:30 PT, 11:30 MT) by clicking here.