Found via those industrious types at MidCurrent, the San Diego Union is reporting that Alpers Owens River Ranch is being sold, and that fly fishers will no longer have access to this pay fishery once the sale is final.

For those not familiar with the California fly fishing scene, the Owens River Ranch was a famous private stretch of the Owens River where a dry fly/wet fly fishing ethic was strictly enforced by the owners.

Owned by the Alpers family, who will continue to operate the Alpers rainbow trout hatchery, the Owens River Ranch featured some cool rustic cabins and some fairly educated trout.

A mainstay among many Sierra anglers — some of whom had been fishing the thing for 30 years or more — the closure is the result of the sale of the ranch to neighbors.

So long Owens River Ranch. It’s been a good run, and a lot of us will miss you.