It’s Monday, which means those who fished over the weekend are looking for ways to lick their wounds, while those that didn’t fish are wishing they had those wounds.

We’re talking sore legs from wading, sore elbows from casting, sore butt from falling, bruised egos from not catching fish, a hangover from too much cheap beer, and a sore tongue from lying about it all.

Just the normal aches and pains, though I suffered the slings and arrows of a couple drive-by e-mailers relating to my Columbia/Snake Rivers dam post, one of whom accused me of being — and I quote — “a Goddamned Fin Hugger.”

It’s almost certain to become a staple here on the Underground.

Poets come in all shapes and sizes, my gentle readers. Enjoy the poets among the Underground’s Monday Morning Link Party.

Single Smashed Barb

Singlebarbed is offering what we’ll politely call a series of (ahem) unique insights into fly fishing, including a post about finding the future Mrs. Right and also a hilarious bug identification graphic. Sure, we’re a little afraid of the guy (especially once we found his homage to Hunter S. Thompson), but “weird” definitely has its uses. It’s possible I’m a little weird too.

Yellowstone Roundup

Meanwhile, if you’re not fishing the Yellowstone park area — but wish you were — a visit to the Yellowstone Fly Fishing blog is just the answer. He posts more fishing information than we can shake a high modulus rod at, and we’ve gotta wonder how he finds time to fish (we suspect powerful illegal stimulants).

Stuck in a Rutter

Meanwhile, we hope Ian and Charity Rutter are reading the above-mentioned Yellowstone blog; they’re heading west any day now.

Before going Ian found the time to post actual useful “how-to” information, like this beaut on fly fishing the Smokies in the fall, and even a useful streamer tutorial.


This always well-written blog recently featured a series of pictures and a very short poem — both well worth your time. We still love pretty much everything Tamanawis writes — we’re just trying to figure out how to get him to do more of it.

And while you’re blog surfing that side of the Atlantic, pop into Alistair’s Urban Fly Fisher for an account of… a cow drooling on his car. We don’t get a lot of that here in Siskiyou county, so we thought we’d point out the very real danger to other fly fishers. You’ve been warned.

Hack, Hack

Meanwhile, Oregon’s Fish Hack continues his Monday morning Haiku series, and while poetry isn’t one of our strong suits, his hilarious stories are worth the rhyme, err… time.

Grits & Bamboo

While the rest of us are surfing the Internet in search of fly rod deals and underwater porn, the Grits blog is building a bamboo rod. Sure, we detest that kind of industry in a fly fisher, but don’t judge him harshly — he’s the kind of guy who accomplishes things, but that’s no reason to shun him.

(This lesson in embracing diversity brought to you by the Trout Underground.)

That’s it for now. More to come, including the Underground’s First Real Estate post. Don’t miss it.

See you in the cubicles, Tom Chandler.

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