The Way Upstream blog (written by — I think — Patagonia’s Fly Fishing Product Manager) wants your input on fly fishing wader design.

Namely, how to make ’em better:

I’m beginning some new product development and want to include you in the process. I’m looking for your thoughts, ideas and comments about waders. This is a conversation that I’d like you to consider open and ongoing.

You can read the entire post at: Way Upstream: Come on in the water’s fine

I know it’s a shocking thought — that anyone cares what the misfits at the Underground think — but there it is in black and white.

My suggestion?

Deliver the waders with a few pinhole leaks already in place. This short circuits the agonizing wait for the inevitable first pinhole leak — and the decidedly ice-waterish sensation that comes with it.

Those who fish the Upper Sacramento know that it’s home to teeming masses of wild blackberry bushes, and if you fish a bunch (and get off the beaten paths) you’re going to enjoy a pinhole.

It’s like trying to slowly work your way into a cold swimming pool. Just dive in and get it over with.

Are you with me? And is it possible you’ve got a better idea? (The mind reels, but…)

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